The Brilliant Fighting Master
1039 The Spirits of the Great Sovereign
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1039 The Spirits of the Great Sovereign

Fan Tianyin knew what he was thinking. She explained to him thoughtfully, "It was decided this afternoon. I was about to tell you."

Jiang Chen's knitted eyebrows smoothed, but he was still a bit puzzled.

It was not difficult to understand that those forces, big or small, wanted to curry favor with Mr. Wolong, but they did not have to make such a big effort to deploy a practicing room. Besides, Tianyin was already very close to illuminate the First Constellation Palace. And he had an immortal elixir for her.

"I don't understand why, either, but my master would not harm me," Fan Tianyin said.

Jiang Chen did not think Mr. Wolong would harm Tianyin, either, but he wanted to be there, just in case. Before he requested that, Qing Xian told him Mr. Wolong would like to see him.

So, the three came to a big house. This was the biggest house in Qingtian City. It was temporarily used to accommodate Mr. Wolong and other big shots. Jiang Chen perceived countless dreadful energies in the house as soon as he walked into the room where they met Mr. Wolong.

"Tianyin, have you learned what I taught you?" Mr. Wolong asked.

"Yes." Fan Tianyin answered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen had learned what Mr. Wolong had taught her on their way here. Mr. Wolong had taught Tianyin to combine the holy pulse and the Constellation Sea while illuminating the First Constellation Palace. In this way, Fan Tianyin's body would have some changes, but, of course, in a good way.

"Wait outdoors."

Waving his hand, Mr. Wolong added, "Jiang Chen, you stay here. Let's have a talk."

Then Fan Tianyin and Qing Xian walked out of the palace. As soon as the door was closed, a restriction was switched on, so the two women would not know what was happening in the room. However, it was their master, whom they trusted, so they did not feel worried.

"Jiang Chen, you are very smart. So, I won't beat about the bush. I'll just be straight with you," Mr. Wolong said.

Jiang Chen realized things were not going to be simple. He focused to listen to Mr. Wolong.

"The representatives of those giants have been in Qingtian City for almost five days. You know why?"

Without thinking, Jiang Chen was about to say they were waiting for the new master's answer. However, he hesitated, since he intuited things were not that simple. Although a Martial Arts Saint was important, those big or small giants were not the Yao Family or forces on spirit-level continents like the Tianyi Holy Land. It did not make any sense that they had been waiting for an answer for five days.

Some people said that those big shots had been pissed by Mr. Wolong's arrogance. Putting aside whether the news was fake first, Mr. Wolong had stalled for five days, and if he refused so many forces again, things would be difficult for him as well in the future.

"They are here for Tianyin," Mr. Wolong said.

Jiang Chen was greatly surprised. He had never thought about that.

"In their eyes, Tianyin isn't just my apprentice."

Jiang Chen recalled Ye Tian's love at first sight. It seemed to make sense at the moment. However, he still had no idea why Tianyin would have such a great charm.

"It's related to the Sacred Zone." It seemed Mr. Wolong was determined to keep shocking Jiang Chen this day. What he had said made Jiang Chen go pale again.

"Senior, I'm confused," Jiang Chen said.

Mr. Wolong was struck dumb. Then he let out a long sigh. He also realized he had not explained things clearly. "Tianyin has experienced reincarnation. She has the spirit of the Great Sovereign." He was much more straight this time, but it was still very shocking.

Jiang Chen knew perfectly well what reincarnation was.

But the spirit of the Great Sovereign? That was ridiculous.

If the Great Sovereign could reincarnate, the saying "All are ants below Sacred Lords" would not even have appeared.

"500 years ago, a person called Long Xing had a great skill. He could interpret mysteries of nature. He found the spirits of the Great Sovereign by destiny. The spirit doesn't mean soul. It's more like a resource that can make people become Martial Sovereign. Long Xing intended to use these spirits to create Great Sovereigns, but, back then, the Nine Realms couldn't afford the great consumption of so many Great Sovereigns. So, those candidates went into reincarnation through the spirits.500 years have passed. There are abundant spirits in the current Nine Realms. Today's Nine Realms can be compared to the Sacred Zone. These spirits of the Great Sovereign will awake too."

Mr. Wolong had now told him everything. He waited there patiently for Jiang Chen to digest all of the information.

"It's impossible." Jiang Chen seemed to refuse to believe it.

Interpreting mysteries of nature? By destiny? The spirits of the Great Sovereign?

If Long Xing really had existed, why hadn't he heard about this person?

"What was that for? To bring the Great Sovereign into existence? That was all? The Nine Realms was already dominated by humans. It was unnecessary to do that." Jiang Chen raised his doubts. This Long Xing's plan sounded too unrealistic.

People come in droves with an eye to benefits; people go there in a bustle with an eye to benefits. Benefits are the biggest driving force. They are what decide everything in the world. What this Long Xing did was too idealistic.

He wanted the human forces in the Nine Realms to put aside prejudices and hatred and share all resources, so that they would eventually stand at the peak of all races. It sounded inviting, but it was not plausible, because there is no absolute fairness. Due to unequal distribution, those whose benefits were harmed would go against all of this.

Unless the Nine Realms was under the rule of some tycoon.

The thing was, if that Long Xing really could create so many Great Sovereigns, it meant he already had paramount power. Jiang Chen could not believe it. It was mainly because he was in the Sacred Zone 500 years ago. He was living in the Over Cloud Palace. His father was one of the Four Sages. He could not have heard nothing about such an important thing.

"I know it's difficult for you to understand. In fact, I can't explain everything about it either. I'm just justifying myself. That's the best I can do."

Mr. Wolong sat back into his chair. He said, "It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. The thing is as soon as Tianyin illuminates her constellation palace, she will wake up."

Jiang Chen was shocked. He understood that Mr. Wolong was not telling him this to convince him, but was telling him to get prepared for the upcoming change. He could not help but want to see Fan Tianyin.

"Do you want to stop her illuminating her constellation palace? Do you want her to spend the rest of her life as an average Star Venerable?" Mr. Wolong saw through him. "We all have our destiny. You should learn to let it go."

"Will Tianyin be another person if she wakes up?" Jiang Chen asked nervously.

"No. She will still be herself, but her character will change," Mr. Wolong said.

"It has happened before?" Jiang Chen found Mr. Wolong knew a lot. He came up with an assumption.

"Yes." Mr. Wolong said, "Long Xing founded the Sovereign Spirit Palace to take charge of everything about the spirits of the Great Sovereign. I'm the ambassador of the Sovereign Spirit Palace. I'm traveling around the Nine Realm looking for reincarnators, I mean, people like Tianyin. They will be called the Waker after waking up."

"What will happen after that?"

"Tianyin will go to the Sovereign Spirit Palace. She will start her journey as a Great Sovereign."

At this moment, Jiang Chen asked the most important question, "Senior, are you telling me this to remind me who I am?"

"No. On the contrary, I'm telling you this because I believe you will achieve something big in the future. Tianyin loves you. This is for sure. If she still loves you after waking up, the Sovereign Spirit Palace won't force you two to break up."

Mr. Wolong stopped here. He turned serious and then said, "But I hope you won't turn love into a stumbling block."


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