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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1036 Lin Yueru

The Yao family's upper-echelon members still wanted to talk with him, but Jiang Chen just left and went to the peak of a bare mountain. He stood on the mountain's peak and gazed at the magnificent scenery.

"Are you fed up with everything?"

While Jiang Chen was lost in his thoughts, a voice suddenly echoed out.

Jiang Chen responded by frowning, before he looked at the Flame Emperor who had suddenly appeared. It was unknown when he had come out of the Divine Fire Ring.

"Do you know what I'm bothered by?" Jiang Chen didn't feel like bothering with him and just asked curiously.

"Let me guess? After you heard about the Human, Earth, and Heaven Lists, your great confidence, which you got after breaking the curse, suffered a grave blow. Is that the case?" The Flame Emperor revealed an understanding look.

Even though Jiang Chen didn't want to admit this, he still nodded. After he broke the divine body's curse, his power became abnormal and he could crush even saints. Even though he had the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the All Beginnings Cauldron, he still didn't find it comfortable to depend upon them rather than his own body's power.

"With your current condition, if you get the Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method, it will be easy for you to get to the top of any list," the Flame Emperor said.

"But I don't have it." Jiang Chen was vexed by such a matter.

Wait! Jiang Chen suddenly realized that something was fishy about the Flame Emperor's sudden appearance, and it was obvious that he was trying to guide him. Upon noticing that Jiang Chen had detected it, the Flame Emperor grinned. 

"Didn't I say that I would give you the inheritance as a reward in the Seventh Realm?" the Flame Emperor said. "There is what you want inside it."

Upon getting such a reply, Jiang Chen didn't want to be fooled, and he questioned him again, "When I asked you last time, you obviously said that flames weren't related to Xuan Ling Qi."

This was also the reason why Jiang Chen hadn't hurried to look for the treasures after coming to the Seventh Realm.

"This doesn't mean that it isn't in the inheritance land," the Flame Emperor said.

"Why didn't you state it last time?"

"Because you didn't ask."

"If you believe that you can get me to go there like this, then you are gravely mistaken." Jiang Chen spread out his arms and revealed a shameless smile. He said, "I have always found your Great Sovereign's inheritance quite fishy, and I wasn't willing to take it."

"What do you mean by this?" The Flame Emperor was so infuriated that his whole body's flames raged, but he still didn't have any way of dealing with Jiang Chen. It was because the little tricks of the Divine Fire Ring had already been erased by Jiang Chen.

"Since you are this smart, tell me what you think about my followers." The Flame Emperor quickly calmed down.

"It's like raising poisonous insects, you ask all your followers to fight and kill each other, and the one to get the last victory will get the inheritance," Jiang Chen said.

"Since ancient times, this was the most effective way to pass down an inheritance," the Flame Emperor approved of his interpretation.

"It's also the cruelest," Jiang Chen said.

"The world is merciless and heartless." The Flame Emperor imitated Jiang Chen and shrugged his shoulders. He said, "I will clearly inform you that if you didn't fix the Divine Fire Ring, I would have forced you to go to the inheritance land. There are followers who are as strong as you there, and you will carry out a fight to the death."

"It turns out that the followers with Divine Fire Rings couldn't just detect each other, you still have set something like that in secret," Jiang Chen said.

"In any case, it's like this, and if you can rise above the others, you will probably get Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method. It's up to you to make a decision, and you should call me after you consider it properly." The Flame Emperor went back to the Divine Fire Ring, and let Jiang Chen ponder it alone.

I won't go, Jiang Chen said inwardly.

He could join an academy, and there should surely be Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation methods there. Moreover, even if such a way wasn't feasible, he still could purchase it from the black market. As long as he had enough money, there wouldn't be anything he couldn't solve.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Just after this, he offered his two magical clones the Immortal Elixirs and ordered them to cultivate. It would be tantamount to consuming three Immortal Elixirs at the same time, and he still wouldn't suffer any detrimental side effects.

"Jiang Chen, once a magical clone is killed, their power which you didn't assimilate will disappear completely," Yue'e who was in the Heavenly Palace warned him. For example, if the magical clone cultivated to the Fifth Constellation Palace and didn't offer such a power to the main body in time, it would disappear completely once it was killed. Yue'e was talking about the clone who was tempering himself in the Cloud Reaching Hall. It had successfully passed the Morning Meeting Hall, and it had make pretty good progress.

"It's only through this can I use my whole might and power, and if ended up belittling death because of my magical clones, I won't be too far from death's door." Jiang Chen didn't fuse with his magical clone to get a promotion in power on purpose. It was because he had his own way of walking down his path, and this was also the reason why he rejected Fan Tianyin's suggestion of hiding his main body.

Jiang Chen went back to Qingtian City. He didn't plan to continue keeping a low profile as before, and he directly went to Mister Wo Long's residence. This region had already become the new center of the city, and it was the most lively region in the city. Its several streets had a magnificent sight, which hadn't appeared in Qingtian City for the past dozen years. There were the Beauty List's outstanding beauties, as well as famous people among the top ten of the other three lists, and there were legendary figures, who could affect the whole Seventh Realm's power structure.

While Jiang Chen was walking among them, his handsome appearance didn't seem at all conspicuous here.

After news spread that Mister Wo Long became a saint, Jiang Chen's feat of defeating the Human List's Li Piaoran and Meng Lang was overshadowed and even his successful setting of the Four Divisions Divine Formation became a trivial matter. This was why in the previous few days, Fan Tianyin wondered whether Jiang Chen didn't want to meet anyone just because he was in a bad mood. As a matter of fact, Fan Tianyin overthought such a matter, and Jiang Chen just didn't want to meet strangers. There were still people in the city who recognized Jiang Chen, but they didn't dare to approach him due to his resounding fame as a madman.

After a short while, the first person to speak with Jiang Chen appeared. It was Lin Shuangyue!

"You are really daring! Did you want yesterday to beat me up?" 

She heard that Yang Jing was beaten until he got a pig head, and such a matter was known by most people in Qingtian City, and this was why Yang Jing and his group had left with their tails between their legs. However, before they left, they still stated that they would teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"It depends on the situation," Jiang Chen responded, before he continued forward.

"Won't you consider it at all?" Lin Shuangyue started walking next to him.

"Don't you know that you are quite annoying?" Jiang Chen said.

"Do you know that sword's true name?" Lin Shuangyue pointed at the Heavenly Fault Sword and raised an intriguing question.

"What is it?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's the Heavenly Fault Sword, not the Ancient Sword. It's called the Ancient Sword just due to the Ancient Sword Sect's first sect master." Lin Shuangyue said, "The person who made this sword wanted to achieve an impressive feat and make a Doctrine Artifact. But in the end, it became just a semi-finished product, and he took the name Heavenly Fault Sword for it."

Jiang Chen stopped in his tracks and started examining Lin Shuangyue with his eyes. He said, "Young Miss Lin, you have managed to catch my attention. Can you inform me where you heard about this?"

Upon noticing Jiang Chen's exaggerated reaction, Lin Shuangyue guessed that Jiang Chen also knew the sword's story, and it was only due to this that he was attached to it.

"It's my great-aunt who informed me," Lin Shuangyue said.

"What is your great-aunt's name?" Jiang Chen tried his best to keep calm and wore an indifferent expression as usual.

There were many people who knew that it was him who made the Heavenly Fault Sword, but he had informed about the sword's name and its meaning to just a few people, and those were all his friends and relatives.

Lin Shuangyue looked at him while wearing an odd look. She didn't plan to inform him, but she still started hesitating due to the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"It's Lin Yueru."


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