The Brilliant Fighting Master
1035 The Number of Concocted Elixirs
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1035 The Number of Concocted Elixirs

Yang Jing hadn't come to state this, and he obviously coveted the Immortal Elixir, but what he said was really true. During the past few days, there was someone who had pursued Fan Tianyin relentlessly, and that person had an outstanding origin. Even if Yang Jing met that guy, he still must obediently call him senior brother and bow to him. He was one of the big shots and a young saint with a sacred body. Although a halo alone wouldn't determine that this person would be outstanding, it was really the case. He didn't just have an inborn sacred body, he also possessed a unique gift.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was Ye Tian, the head of the Heaven List. With this person's power, familial background, and fame, he wouldn't be interested in a Martial Saint's disciple, but it was rumored that he fell in love with Fan Tianyin at first sight. This was the first woman he had pursued actively since his name became renowned. It was only due to this that people from the Beauty List had come over to see how outstanding Fan Tianyin's appearance was.

Jiang Chen hadn't heard about this, and even Fan Tianyin didn't inform him of it.

"Becoming an Immortal Alchemist is already great enough. So don't pursue relentlessly something else."

When Yang Jing witnessed Jiang Chen's expression becoming grave, he felt like he had managed to give vent to his anger, and he planned to leave. As for asking for the Immortal Elixir? He would be lucky if he didn't suffer another beating if he asked for it.

"Did I allow you to leave?" Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, Yang Jing came to a stop.

"Don't go too overboard! You are just borrowing an external power, yet you still want to run amok? Do you really assume that no one can deal with you?" Yang Jing shouted.

"I will remove your name from the Human List's top three," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"He, he, you must depend upon true power to achieve it," Yang Jing spoke complacently.

"Just wait." Jiang Chen wasn't interested in giving him another beating, and he would wait until he could defeat Yang Jing with his true power. It was only then that it would be meaningful.

Yang Jing's group left with their tails between their legs, and ,if one looked at their backs, one would find their current appearance quite funny.

"Jiang Chen, should we go to take a look at the situation?" Yao Qian recalled what her Family Master had said, and she tried to express how considerate she was. She had already prepared herself for Jiang Chen's questions, and she would give an appropriate reply and tell him about the matter between Ye Tian and Fan Tianyin when the time came.

"There isn't any need for it. Let's continue," Jiang Chen unexpectedly spoke in a calm tone.

"What?" Yao Qian was dumbfounded by this.

"I trust Tianyin," Jiang Chen stated the reason behind this.

Fan Tianyin didn't inform him of such a matter just because she didn't want Jiang Chen to invite trouble upon himself.

Upon hearing this, Yao Qian realized a certain fact—it was impossible for her to replace Fan Tianyin's position in Jiang Chen's heart. However, as she mulled it over, she discovered that Fan Tianyin hadn't betrayed his trust. Fan Tianyin always kept her distance from Ye Tian while facing his advances, and many people stated that she was just putting on an act to attract his interest.

"Your Yao family possess Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method, don't they?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"That is right, do you need it?" Yao Qian asked, and she recalled that this was the condition raised by him to Lin Shuangyue.

"That is right. If I can get several more Immortal Elixirs, can I exchange them for the cultivation method?" Jiang Chen asked.

Yao Qian shook her head. "The Yao family doesn't have the right to pass it to outsiders. Since the Sacred Zone is closed, we can only follow instructions." The Seventh Realm's Yao family was just a branch family and was strictly controlled. It was only clansmen who could cultivate their cultivation methods. Moreover, the people who got inheritances must take a Blood Oath and promise to never divulge it to someone else.

If a special situation occurred as now when Jiang Chen wanted to exchange Immortal Elixirs for a cultivation method, they must ask the Sacred Zone's main family for instructions, and they could only carry out such a deal after getting their permission. But, the issue here was that the Sacred Zone was closed, and the Yao family could only follow the previous rules, which allowed just their clansmen to cultivate their cultivation methods. Those were means used by most factions, and they were used to prevent their members from divulging secrets.

This was why Jiang Chen's plan wouldn't work even though the Yao family wanted to get the Immortal Elixirs.

"There is still another way..." Yao Qian spoke in a low voice, but she quickly came back to her senses and shut her mouth.

Jiang Chen didn't inquire about this because he already knew what she meant, and he would embarrass her if he asked. What Yao Qian implied was having Jiang Chen become a member of the Yao family, and the issue would be easily solved then.

Just after this, they both went to a department of the Yao family. An Elixir Production Room had already been prepared there for the Immortal Elixir's concoction, and there were many precious medical ingredients there. Jiang Chen didn't waste time meeting the other members of the Yao family and went directly to the Elixir Production Room. The concoction of the elixir wasn't any different than before, and he had two famous alchemists as assistants.

An odd look appeared on their faces when they saw Jiang Chen. Even though they had already verified that Jiang Chen was able to make Immortal Elixirs, once such a youthful face appeared before them, they couldn't help but be suspicious. However,once the concoction started, their suspicions were dispelled, and the two alchemists were both quickly convinced by Jiang Chen's great skill.

In this evening, the Elixir Production Room became the Yao family's most important region and was protected strictly. They wouldn't allow the occurrence of any accidents. However, the Yao family was still quite worried about the failure of the elixir concoction, as accidents might occur even when the concoction was made by the most outstanding alchemists. The Yao family wondered whether if Jiang Chen failed, would they still dare to prepare another batch of medical ingredients for him.

However, facts soon demonstrated that the Yao family's worries were needless, and the Yao family's upper echelon members became excited upon hearing the cheers echoing from the Elixir Production Room. The two alchemists who managed to make Immortal Elixirs before the end of their lives were both excited, and they hugged each other and cried. As for Jiang Chen, he was standing next to the Elixir Furnace. He managed to make six Immortal Elixirs, and this meant that his skill had become greater than before.

"It's thanks to the All Saints Sect." The unceasing explosions of the Sky-burning Evil Flame let Jiang Chen achieve enlightenment, and he felt like he had learned a part of his father's expertise in releasing evil flames.

After this, Jiang Chen collected all the Immortal Elixirs. He didn't plan to inform the Yao family how many elixirs he had. He wasn't doing any vile actions, and it was according to the rules. The surplus elixirs would be profits gained by alchemists from the elixir concoction, and they would still get another remuneration. The two alchemists didn't try to approach the Elixir Furnace on purpose so that they wouldn't arouse suspicion. It was only after Jiang Chen finished bustling around there that they came over to have a look at the Immortal Elixirs. Jiang Chen took out an Immortal Elixir and offered it to them so that they could observe it.

The eyes of those two old, white-haired alchemists lit up, and they seemed like children who had gotten their beloved toys.

"Should I give three pieces to the Yao family?" Jiang Chen didn't want to rip them off and planned to divide them fairly. However, he quickly shook his head, and decided to give them just two pieces. Little benefits would incur a debt of gratitude, but great benefits would just incur hostility. If Jiang Chen offered them three pieces, the Yao family members might assume that he had gotten more than ten elixirs and they might harbor other designs. Even if he informed them of the true number of elixirs, they would still suspect him. This was why the rules were important, and it was a matter understood by many alchemists after they had experienced the true nature of men.

Moreover, Jiang Chen still had another master who had taught him medical skills, and he didn't just teach him how to save people's lives, he also shared his experience with him and informed how could he protect himself from his patients. "The best medical skill was the skill that will help one avoid being killed by his own patient." In his past life, Jiang Chen had been quite disdainful of such words, and it was only after he was reborn that he realized that they were true.

"Two Immortal Elixirs? It's too great! We really can't thank you enough, our Yao family can't thank you enough." After the Yao family's Master took the Immortal Elixirs, he thanked Jiang Chen repeatedly.

'According to the medical ingredients prepared by us, the number of elixirs he could make would be from three to five, and since he has given us two pieces, he must have gotten at least five pieces,' As the Family Master thought of this, he nodded with satisfaction and expressed his heartfelt thanks once again.


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