The Brilliant Fighting Master
1034 The Top Three
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1034 The Top Three

Upon noticing the woman's great confidence, Jiang Chen started examining her seriously.

"Shuangyue? You are Lin Shuangyue, who is in the top three of the Human List."

All of a sudden, Yao Qian recalled the woman's identity and couldn't help but say, "You are obviously trying to steal my sword. You are challenging a person whose age and Realm Level are lower than yours for a Doctrine Sword. Is such a matter fair and just?"

At this moment, Jiang Chen had also noticed that his opponent's Realm Level had reached the Eighth Constellation Palace, and this was also when Yao Qian lost her self-control.

As Yao Qian's words echoed, an odd look appeared on the faces of Lin Shuangyue and her junior sister. As long as one's warm blood didn't cool down, the fight wouldn't come to an end. Those were words usually stated by talented youths. But what Lin Shuangyue was doing wasn't any different than bullying weaklings.

"The reason is that this guy is already acting like he's unrivaled in the whole world and doesn't act like a person with just two Constellation Palaces," someone with Lin Shuangyue spoke for her.

"I raised a battle challenge just to see his reaction, and it isn't valid." Lin Shuangyue curled the corners of her mouth and spoke. It was unknown whether what she said was true.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Why don't you exchange your sword with me for the Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method?" Lin Shuangyue came up with another proposition.

Jiang Chen shook his head. If others were aware of what he was considering now, they would surely have been alarmed. Jiang Chen was considering whether he should fight. He didn't care about the Human List's top three, and he could beat them all to the ground. However, as he recalled that even with Meng Lang and Li Piaoran's great prowess, they were still ranked in the fifties, he realized that this wasn't a wise choice.

"I won't exchange it," Jiang Chen said.

A Doctrine Sword was a treasure which one could only find by chance, and it was especially the case for one suitable for oneself. Jiang Chen wanted to let his name resound in the world as the master of both the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword.

"If you don't exchange it now, you will sooner or later suffer an accident due to it," Lin Shuangyue spoke coldly.

"Like how your Sword Sect helped the All Saints Sect?" Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

An odd look appeared on Lin Shuangyue's face, and she was really bewildered by what she had heard. She said, "If I really wanted to kill you and snatch your sword, I would have done it openly."

"If you change your opinion, you can look for me at any time."

Lin Shuangyue realized that she couldn't take the Heavenly Fault Sword, but she still wasn't willing to let go of it. She looked at the sword sheath one last time, took her people with her and left.

Is there really a relationship between them? Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

"It's still fine, it's still fine. We almost fell into her trap." Yao Qian heaved a sigh of relief. If she hadn't recalled that woman's ranking, the consequences would have been dreadful if they set a Blood Oath.

Jiang Chen thanked her, even though he thought it was a pity. His reason was dissuading him from taking such a rash action, but there was still a voice in the depths of his head supporting such a decision, and it was shouting loudly. If Yao Qian hadn't been next to him, he would have probably accepted the challenge.

They didn't forget their proper business because of this ordeal, and they continued proceeding toward their destination.


However, before they left the city, they soon ran into another group of people.

"It's him!"

This group had less than ten people, and Yao Qiang was among them. It was easy to discern who was this group's leader. A youngster was surrounded by the others. He wore a brocaded robe, magnificent and luxurious, and he had a pale face and rosy lips. He stood straight and a noble air emanated from him.

"He's Yang Jing, and he's also among the top three on the Human List." Yao Qian recognized him at first glance and whispered intoJiang Chen's ears. Even though she didn't know why they had blocked their path, it was obvious that they had come for Jiang Chen.

Yang Jing examined Jiang Chen, while clicking his tongue in wonder. He seemed quite interested in him! "He doesn't possess any special traits," Yang Jing muttered to himself in a loud voice.

"What is the matter?" Yao Qian didn't want to invite trouble so she went over to inquire.

"Ask him to come over," Yang Jing pointed at Jiang Chen who was stopped in his tracks. He wanted Jiang Chen to come to speak with him.

An embarrassed look appeared on Yao Qian's face. She didn't know what she should say. However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen didn't flare up as she had imagined, and he just came to her side quietly. She cast a look at Jiang Chen. She was quite grateful to him.

"You can concoct Immortal Elixirs, can't you?" Yang Jing said. Yang Jing didn't wait for Jiang Chen's reply and put his hands on his waist and strode forward. "Do you know who I am?" Yang Jing put on an act and asked.

Jiang Chen frowned and disgust appeared in his eyes. "What kind of expression is this?"

Yang Jing was infuriated. He was as irascible as lightning, and he waved his hand at Jiang Chen's face to slap him.

"I respected you, yet it seems like you don't respect yourself." Jiang Chen sneered coldly. He wasn't a noble and virtuous person, and he clearly knew what would happen if he got in a fight with someone like Yang Jing. This was the reason why Jiang Chen had kept a respectful distance from him at first, just for Yao Qian. However, it seemed like this guy didn't appreciate it.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and caught Yang Jing's wrist. However, Yang Jing's power was unexpectedly too great and he managed to instantly break free of his grasp. In the end, Jiang Chen was forced to use lightning techniques to dodge it.

"You still dare to dodge it!" A hideous look appeared on Yang Jing's face, and no one dared to look straight at him. Yang Jing was at the Eighth Constellation Palace, and, as he slightly exerted his power, he seemed like a war chariot charging at full speed.

"Azure Demon!" Jiang Chen wouldn't hold anything back while dealing with him.

"Understood!" The Azure Demon appeared behind Jiang Chen. He was 30 yards long, had a dignified face, and was shining with bright golden light. The Azure Demon waved his big palm in front of Jiang Chen, and it caught Yang Jing off guard, and he ended up slapped out of his mind by it.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and the eight groups of spiritual beings' boundless power flowed into his body. Before Yang Jing came to his senses, Jiang Chen went at him and punched and kicked him without holding back his power. In the twinkling of an eye, Yang Jing's head was swollen like a pig. The current appearance of this genius among the top three on the Human List seemed quite ridiculous.

After Jiang Chen gave him one last punch, he finally felt as if he had given vent to his anger. One mustn't use external power in a match, but this didn't mean that he really feared the top three. Jiang Chen was a person who dared to charge even at the All Saints Sect.

"You are trying to show off your might and prestige in front of me? It seems like you chose the wrong target." Jiang Chen kicked him once again, and treated Yang Jing as a ball and kicked him back to his companions.

Yang Jing's companions were ashen-faced, and they wondered whether they had just witnessed an illusion. Why it was Yang Jing who had suffered a beating?

"Junior, you went overboard!" The Supreme Elder protecting Yang Jing in secret flew over into a rage. He glared at Jiang Chen!

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen didn't give him any respect and threw the All Beginnings Cauldron at him.

"Madman!" The supreme elder cursed inwardly, but when he felt the All Beginnings Cauldron's might, he quickly dropped it.

"How overbearing!" The people who came with Yang Jing couldn't help but have such thoughts.

The Supreme Elder's chest heaved up and down, and he looked at Jiang Chen with murder in his eyes. 

"If you take another look at me, I will hold this guy and turn into a sea of flame. Do you think I don't dare to do it?" Jiang Chen said.

The Supreme Elder's face became flushed due to his pent-up frustration and anger, but he still didn't dare to act.

Jiang Chen collected the All Beginnings Cauldron and went once again toward Yang Jing who had been beaten out of his mind.

"Speak! Why did you come to look for me?"

"It's nothing! It isn't anything important!" Even the voice of Yang Jing had changed.

"It's nothing, yet you still blocked my path to kill time?" Jiang Chen asked.

Yang Jing was infuriated, but he was afraid that Jiang Chen's fist would fall upon him once again.

All of a sudden, a crafty glint flickered in his eyes, and he said, "I came to inform you that your woman will be shortly snatched."

These sudden words changed the ambiance of the entire surrounding area.

"You are strolling here casually. Don't you know that your woman will be shortly taken by someone else?" Yang Jing spoke in retaliation, and he still didn't forget to add, "I'm stating the truth, and you aren't willing to accept it. Why don't you use your real power to compete against me?"


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