The Brilliant Fighting Master
1033 Sword Sect“s Disciple
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1033 Sword Sect“s Disciple

Qingtian City became quite lively when Mister Wo Long became a saint, and even many Earth List experts could be seen here. There were beautiful women from the Beauty List who came to see the femme fatale Fan Tianyin, who had become a Sacred Lord's disciple. Moreover, even influential men from the Legend List were seen walking around in the city.

Jiang Chen didn't care about any of this, because all he wanted to do was to go and fulfill his promise. After he had separated from Fan Tianyin, he went to look for Yao Qian. After Fan Tianyin had mentioned how her family wanted her to marry Jiang Chen, odd emotions couldn't help but well up in Jiang Chen's heart when he faced Yao Qian.

"Did you prepare those objects?"

"That's right," Yao Qian replied. She wore an odd expression and didn't know where to look. The Yao family still hadn't given up—this was just a short calm before the incoming storm. The Tianyi Holy Land and the Holy Moon Sect wouldn't let them occupy Qingtian City. But it was fortunate that they now possessed the complete Four Divisions Formation and were more confident as a result. The Yao family still felt that it wasn't enough and wanted to tie Jiang Chen into the war chariot of an ancient family like theirs with a marriage alliance.

But Jiang Chen was in love with Fan Tianyin, and she was a disciple of a Martial Saint. This was why the Yao family didn't dare to rashly raise such a topic. However, they still hadn't given up because they felt like Fan Tianyin and Jiang Chen wouldn't stay together. Yao Qian could still remember the reason mentioned by the Family Master. He said, "Fan Tianyin is now quite popular, and many tycoons have extended their olive branches to her. She and Jiang Chen will surely face great challenges."

"Yao Qian, if they end up breaking up, you should go to comfort Jiang Chen and take advantage of such a chance to get close to him."

If it had been in peacetime and they had asked her to try to get close to a man, she surely wouldn't have done it. However, as the circumstances were dire now, Yao Qian didn't refuse in the end, even though she didn't really accept such a request and just kept her silence.

"Let's go!" Jiang Chen decided he wouldn't let his imagination run wild, and he just wanted to go to concoct an Immortal Elixir. The Yao family had finally managed to collect all the necessary medical ingredients during the past few days.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When the Yao family heard that they would need to prepare all the medical ingredients by themselves, they were filled with complex emotions about this. However, they didn't complain and just started preparing the medical ingredients for him. Even though spirit and divine medicines were precious, it was still only an Immortal Elixir that could display the effects of these valuable medicines.

Yao Qian was guiding Jiang Chen and traveling before him when she suddenly recalled that there was something that she must tell him about, and she came to a stop quickly. Jiang Chen ended up running into her because they were both flying, but he quickly separated himself from he.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Yao Qian was flustered and didn't seem as competent and astute as she usually was.

"What is the matter?" Jiang Chen wondered why she was in such a state.

"We were worried previously that the Abundance Land Academy's Sword Sect would target us because we went against their wishes and ended up discovering a secret," Yao Qian spoke in a low voice, observing their surroundings out of the corners of her eyes.

"It was only this morning that we learned that it was the Sword Sect's wish, not the Academy's, and it was only them who wanted to target us."

"Is this important?" Jiang Chen still didn't realize what was important about this.

"You should be careful of the Sword Sect. They helped the All Saints Sect because they wanted your swords," Yao Qian pointed at the two Doctrine Swords that hung on Jiang Chen's waist. Doctrine Swords possessed a deadly charm for all swordsmen, but the Seventh Realm's famous and influential people couldn't snatch them by force. But, if Jiang Chen was killed by the All Saints Sect, then they could easily pick up his swords.

"So it's like this. Many thanks for your warning." Jiang Chen suddenly understood everything, and he realized why the Sword Sect members always wore such odd expressions whenever they saw him.

While they were speaking, they noticed that a group of people was approaching them. Among them, two were Sword Sect disciples who Jiang Chen had seen earlier that day. As for the other people with them, they wore magnificent Spirit Clothes and were youthful. It seemed as if they had all an inborn feeling of superiority, and one couldn't discern who was their leader.

The first person to speak to Jiang Chen was a Sword Sect disciple.

"Let me take a look at your sword." She wasn't polite at all, and she pointed at the Heavenly Fault Sword on the side of Jiang Chen's waist.

"There is still another one," the other Sword Sect disciple was more interested in the Red Cloud Sword.

They were both women with heroic spirits and very white skin. They both had sharp sharp brows and bright eyes.

Yao Qian furrowed her brows. It was obvious from their arrogant attitude that they looked down upon Yao Qian and Jiang Chen. She really wanted to hear what Jiang Chen would reply.

"I have another one down below, why don't we look for a secluded place, so that I can take it out for you to have a look at it?" Jiang Chen spoke earnestly.

"You still have another one? Where is it?"

The woman interested in the Red Cloud Sword didn't realize what he implied, and she started looking around. It was only after her companion spoke with her that she understood what he meant. She stamped her foot, and cursed him, "Hoodlum!"

"We don't harbor any malice toward you."

The woman who wanted to see the Heavenly Fault Sword was dressed in a plain way and didn't wear jewelry like ordinary women. But, if one observed her carefully, one would discover that she had a prideful air, which she didn't try to hide.

"My swords are just for killing people, and I won't provide them to people to observe them," Jiang Chen expressed his opinion.

"How boastful!" The woman who called Jiang Chen a hoodlum had a petite, dainty body and still had baby fat.

"This sword has a special significance for me," the same woman frowned as if she didn't understand Jiang Chen's stubborn character.

"Why does this sword have a special significance for you?" It was Jiang Chen who had crafted the sword, and this was why he found her statement quite ridiculous.

"You are too arrogant! Don't you know who the people standing before you are?" The youngsters who had come over with the two women couldn't bear to continue watching Jiang Chen in silence.

Who is really arrogant among us? This is what Yao Qian wanted to say, but she didn't have the nerve. The people before her were all big shots' disciples, especially the two Sword Sect female disciples. She felt that they were both extremely powerful.

"My reply would be the same regardless of who you are." Jiang Chen still didn't care about those people.

"Lad, you are..."

Upon hearing him, someone started pulling up his sleeves, but he was stopped by the petite woman.

"Let's compete with sword techniques, and, if you lose, you must give me the sword," she said.

Upon hearing this, the people around her revealed an excited look.

Yao Qian could discern that this woman was anything but simple.

"What will you then give as a stake? Do you believe that you have anything on a par with a Doctrine Sword?" As Jiang Chen spoke up, it seemed as if he had exhausted his patience, and irritation appeared on his face.

The petite woman opened her mouth, but found herself at a loss for words.

"You can't speak, can you? It's because you didn't consider it properly. You feel like you will surely win and just ignored such a basic matter. You should understand and realize that the world doesn't revolve around you," Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

"It's obvious that you are afraid of senior sister Shuangyue. Yet, you are still uttering so much rubbish," the other woman spoke angrily.

Jiang Chen's words had been quite reasonable, but it seemed in their eyes Jiang Chen was a loser, and they all assumed that he was afraid and didn't dare to take up the challenge.

"What do you want?" The petite woman was of the same opinion, but she still wanted to convince Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen wanted to reject this offer, but he suddenly got an idea. "What about Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Okay!" The woman agreed readily.

"You should consider carefully before replying." Jiang Chen was displeased by her approach.

"If you don't trust me, I can set a Blood Oath," the woman replied decisively.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》