The Brilliant Fighting Master
1031 A Saint“s Aura
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1031 A Saint“s Aura


The Yao family knew well the divine formation and understood what the four directions referred to. Five Emperor Level Elders appeared at its four corners and became a part of the divine formation's power. The divine formation's might immediately rose by another level, and the All Saints Warship's defensive barrier was shattered apart.

"Kill them!" Doyen Yunan realized that it would be difficult to avoid a fierce battle.

"Let's withdraw. They are now drawing help from the divine formation's might. So let's look for a suitable way to deal with them before attacking."

"That's right, don't we already know Jiang Chen's location?"

The other people weren't willing to attack because they didn't want to suffer grave injuries or even death. However, Doyen Yunan didn't listen to them. It was he who had made such a big mistake, and, once they left, it would be he alone who would bear the consequences. It was only through killing Jiang Chen that he could change this.

"What are you afraid of? We still have a great advantage, and we can afford to continue fighting." Doyen Yunan refuted the other doyens firmly.

The battle's scope quickly spread to the whole of Qingtian City.

The people outside the city were forced to move back unceasingly, while they still looked on in fear at the battle in the city.

"Did the Yao family go crazy?"

"It seems like they have flipped out."

"Oh, my God! Look over there!"

The crowd outside the city quickly noticed a group of people flying over from Tianyi Holy Land's direction. They were members of the Holy Land, and they were brought over by Meng Lang and his master.

"All Saints Sect friends, don't panic," Meng Lang shouted loudly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The crowd realized that they had come over to help the All Saints Sect, and the people who held out hope for the Yao family couldn't help but let out a long sigh. "They wished greatly to divide up the Yao family. So, how could they be willing to let the Yao family grow stronger?"

"It's really a pity!"

"I wonder whether the Holy Moon Sect will also intervene?"

Li Piaoran, who had retreated out of the city, was also pondering the same matter, and it was then that she witnessed her master and other sect members coming over. She immediately went to welcome them.

"Master, I promised that our Holy Moon Sect wouldn't intervene in today's affair. Please don't make me break my promise," Li Piaoran said, after she had explained to them what had happened.

"Senior sister!" Wang Xing couldn't accept it, and he hoped for them to quickly start attacking. However, when his senior sister cast a glance at him, he shut his mouth obediently.

"Fine!" Holy Moon Doyen took a look at Qingtian City and agreed.

"Master, many thanks." Li Piaoran was quite grateful to him, even though she was aware that her master just wanted to observe the fight in safety and wait until both sides were exhausted to reap the rewards, and had just used her as an excuse to do this. However, at least, he helped her keep her promise, and such a matter was quite important to her.

After the Tianyi Holy Land joined the fight, the Yao family lost the advantage, which they had gotten only with great difficulty, and they were forced back to their district.

"Fine, I will let the Yao family disappear today," Doyen Yunan shouted.

"You are all just struggling at death's door, and you shouldn't have continued living in this world," Doyen Tianyi added.

"Jiang Chen, I will pay you back 100 times for your insults." Meng Lang had already put on a new set of clothes and was quite pleased with himself. He wanted to take revenge for the insults he had suffered.

Yao Qian, who was outside the tavern, spoke anxiously, "Jiang Chen, how long do we still need to persist?"


"What about the matter you are waiting for?" Yao Qian spoke anxiously.

Yao Qian wasn't stupid, and she knew that Jiang Chen had insisted on staying in Qingtian City because he was waiting for something, and, once it appeared, they wouldn't need to fear the All Saints Sect. Jiang Chen realized what she meant, but before he replied, the Four Divisions Divine Formation went through another transformation.

"Jiang Chen, you should pay for my daughter's life."

"Today, a debt of blood will be paid with blood."

Five King-Level ancient clans appeared, and they took advantage of such an opportunity to come to take their revenge. Even though Jiang Chen had received an academy's invitation, it was still him who had courted death, run over to the All Saints Sect to look for trouble, and killed their young saint. The All Saints Sect came over for revenge, and even the academy couldn't intervene. The All Saints Sect had even sent an invitation to the ancient clans and asked them to come over to help, and they were willing to come to their aid.

The black tortoise was killed by a single arrow. It was the Ghost Clan's Master holding the Air Rending Bow who attacked him. It turned out that the Air Rending Bow that was destroyed by the Lightning Tribulation in the Forbidden Land was just a counterfeit product. The Ghost Clan's previous master had been killed by Jiang Qingyu, while its inheritor You Xuan was killed by Jiang Chen. The new Clan's master should have thanked Jiang Chen, but he wanted to kill him to gain prestige as the new master.

Just after this, the azure dragon and the vermilion bird were exterminated one after the other. There wasn't any way to deal with this. Since even King-Level ancient clans joined the fight, they would obviously manage to overwhelm everything.

"We're done for!" Yao Qian didn't hold any more hope for Jiang Chen.

"We're done for! We just considered the benefits brought by Jiang Chen and forgot the trouble he would bring with him." The Yao family members had all come back to their senses.

The Tianyi Holy Land people rejoiced, and they all felt like they hadn't taken a trip here in vain.

"That is right. I didn't expect that you were still our lucky star, and you helped us break the deadlock, which lasted for many years," Meng Lang spoke mockingly.

The Yao family had brought the Holy Moon Sect and the Tianyi Holy Land here on purpose, and, since then, they had both been fighting over how they should divide up the Celestial Pole Continent between them. Even though the Yao family declined to get involved, it could still put on a fight. But none of them wanted to damage their force in vain, while the Holy Moon Sect and the Tianyi Holy Land's presence here prevented other factions from coming over.

It was only through such an ingenious plan that the Yao family had managed to persist until now, and it certainly didn't expect that it would end up destroyed on this day just because of Jiang Chen.

However, it was fortunate that the Yao family members had an unyielding character and didn't blame Jiang Chen and just resolved to fight to the death. 

"Surrender! Your Yao family doesn't have any hope left, and, from today, you will be governed by our Holy Land," Meng Lang announced while floating in the sky, as if he had already gotten the victory.

"As for you, marry me!" The person he was referring to was Yao Qian. Even though she wasn't as pretty as Fan Tianyin, she was still a rarely seen beauty.

"Don't even dream about it!" Yao Qian shouted.

"Could it be that you still have some hope left? Just open your eyes wide and observe what will happen," Meng Lang sneered coldly and spoke.

There were five King-Level ancient clans, five All Saints Sect's doyens, as well as the Tianyi Holy Land. Even the Yao family from 100 years ago wouldn't manage to confront them, let alone the current Yao family.

"An ancient family will never be enslaved." The Yao family members weren't afraid of death.


On the other side, Doyen Yunan was having a discussion with the ancient clans about what war spoils they would get from him.

"We will search his mind and share the Immortal Elixir's recipes with you, while the Sky-burning Evil Flame's main source will be taken by us. However, you may still take a part of it," Doyen Yunan said.

The ancient clans had come here for revenge, and they were satisfied with just the Immortal Elixir's recipes and wouldn't ask for much more.

"Let's attack together so that he doesn't destroy himself. This madman could surely do such an action," Doyen Yunan spoke once again.


Around ten Emperor Level experts launched an attack. They wanted to prevent Jiang Chen from resisting and capture him successfully. There wasn't any Star Venerable who got to enjoy such treatment. Jiang Chen had only two choices: blow himself up, or let himself be captured and turned into a vegetable after his memory was searched. Moreover, he still had less than two seconds to consider which choice he should make.

While the crowd just shook their heads with pity, Jiang Chen finished considering it in a single second and revealed a faint smile.

"It's the evening," Jiang Chen sighed and said.

The tavern started transforming before the others managed to understand what he meant. Many splendid rays of light came out of it and tore the tavern apart, and one of those rays of light flew toward Jiang Chen and stopped in front of him.

"This...this is a Saint's aura!"


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