The Brilliant Fighting Master
1030 The Complete Divine Formation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1030 The Complete Divine Formation

"I have fought in countless campaigns and killed millions of enemies. Yet, a woman like you dares to defy me?" Doyen Yunan looked down on Yao Qian.

"If it had been the complete Four Divisions Divine Formation, I would have probably dreaded it. But you were only able to set the complete Four Divisions Divine Formation, since you have declined to such a level," the other doyen spoke.

"The Yao family won't tolerate these insults," Yao Qian spoke coldly.

In response to this, the All Saints Sect members just laughed in mockery.


Upon witnessing that a great battle would shortly occur, Jiang Chen flew up into the air.

When he appeared, the eyes of the All Saints Sect members became bloodshot. They had all seen Jiang Chen when he bombarded the Heavenly Mountain.

"Jiang Chen, don't dream about using the same old trick today. We can find your main body's location, and the one before us now is your main body," Doyen Yunan spoke angrily.

"Are you quite confident? If you have made a mistake, what can you do then? Can you bear my anger?" Jiang Chen replied.

It wouldn't be easy for them to ever get rid of the shadow Jiang Chen had cast upon them. Upon hearing him, everyone in the All Saints Warship hesitated.

"You are just trying to make yourself mysterious. Do you think this will be useful? You killed our sect's young saint, and you are guilty of terrible crimes, and no one can save you," Doyen Yunan spoke disdainfully.

The All Saints Sect members quickly came to their senses. If the person in front of them wasn't Jiang Chen's main body, he wouldn't have needed to ask the Yao family to protect him.

"You shouldn't speak like it's a matter of course because it's still unknown who will die today."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "However, since you have all said that you got the Abundance Land Academy's permission, why didn't you wait for the notification before coming here. If you had done it, I wouldn't have needed to trouble the Yao family."

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"No, I will just fight you by myself."

Upon ascertaining that they didn't mishear him, the people on the All Saints Warship were forced to control their impulse to laugh out loud.

"Does this mean that your All Saints Sect doesn't mind using both fair and foul means alike and just charged into the Celestial Pole Continent and trampled on the Abundance Land Academy's dignity?" Jiang Chen said.

"Humph! We have obviously got everything in order." Doyen Yunan didn't care about this and looked at Yao Qian. He said, "Yao family, what will you do?"

Yao Qian didn't understand what Jiang Chen was planning, and she didn't reply. It was then that Jiang Chen's voice whispered near her ears.

"If I die, you can't get the Immortal Elixir, and I won't manage to keep my promise. However, I still don't want to implicate you and make your clan suffer heavy casualties due to me."

"What do you plan to do then?"

"Why didn't you inform me earlier that you have the Four Divisions Divine Formation?" Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. The complete Four Divisions Divine Formation was already lost, but Jiang Chen could still set it.

"Doyen, he's just stalling for time." Some people on the All Saints Warship were worried, and they were afraid that accidents would occur if they tarried.

"This person is deceitful and cunning, and I'm afraid that an accident will occur."

"It seems as if you still haven't managed to get over your fear of him. It's impossible for him to hide from us unless he kills himself. So, why do we near to fear him? I really want to see what tricks he will use." Doyen Yunan was full of pride, and he rejected his subordinates' suggestions.

"Quickly go to urge the Abundance Land Academy to hurry up. I really want to see what tricks he will use."

Thereupon, both sides didn't start fighting et, and the All Saints Sect members took advantage of such a time to encircle the district.


Time started elapsing slowly, second by second, while everyone on the Celestial Pole Continent was following this affair. Everyone was aware that Jiang Chen was stalling for time. But the issue that they couldn't figure out was why he was doing it, because Jiang Chen surely couldn't depend upon his personal power to face such a great lineup.

Facts demonstrated that the All Saints Sect wasn't lying, and, by nightfall, the Abundance Land Academy's members arrived.

"It's really the Abundance Land Academy!"

"It's someone from the Sword Sect!"

More than ten people were sent from the Abundance Land Academy, and their ages varied. There were both men and women, and they all wore swordsmen's outfits and possessed an outstanding demeanor.

As for the Yao family's camp, it didn't have anything.

The crowd had assumed that Jiang Chen was stalling for time because he was waiting for reinforcements, but they didn't expect that it would be such a group that would come over.

"Yao family, withdraw!" The leader of the people from the Abundance Land Academy spoke an order.

Yao Qian looked at Jiang Chen because she wanted to ask what means he had left. Since the Abundance Land Academy's people had already shown up, she wasn't able to legitimately help Jiang Chen.

"It doesn't matter, just observe it from the sidelines."

No one could discern what Jiang Chen was planning, but they were all aware that he would need great courage to keep his confidence at such a moment.

"Yao Qian, leave quickly!"

Yao Qian had brought people with her and rushed over. He ordered them all to leave, and, in the blink of an eye, the tavern was left defenseless.

"Activate the formation," Jiang Chen suddenly shouted while facing many skeptical gazes.

The Four Divisions Divine Formation was activated once again.

"What is going on? Why can he still activate the formation?" Yao Qiang asked.

"I don't know." Yao Qian shook her head and replied truthfully.

The Yao family's formation master came over to explain it, "Jiang Chen must have stolen the formation's control rights at some unknown time." It could be discerned from the formation master's tone that he was greatly shocked, because one would need outstanding skill to quietly take control of a formation.

"Oh, my God!" Yao Qian suddenly exclaimed in alarm.

"What's happening now?" Yao Qiang had already lost his patience, but when he witnessed clearly what had happened, he had the same reaction as Yao Qian, and it was the case for all the Yao family members.

The four divine beasts appeared once again, but unlike last time where they shone brightly, this time they were extremely distinct and clear, and it seemed as if they had come back to life.

"It's the might of the complete formation!"

"How did he achieve it? Why can he set this formation, which was already lost?"

The Yao family members were both startled and delighted.

The Yao family's Four Divisions Formation was from the Sacred Zone, but for all kinds of reasons, their main branch had just helped them set and maintain the formation and hadn't taught them the profound principles behind it. This was why when the Sacred Zone's channel was closed, they ended up losing this divine formation.

What they didn't know was that when the Sacred Zone's Yao family constructed the Four Divisions Divine Formation, they asked a great master to help them, and that person was the Sacred Zone's greatest young master. It was Jiang Chen! This was why Jiang Chen could set up the complete formation while the others were waiting.

A 300-yard-long azure dragon let out a roar. It seemed even more real than a True Dragon, and it charged crazily at the All Saints Warship.

Doyen Yunan regretted his actions, but he couldn't let it show on his face, and he was determined to keep his calm. He then commanded them to activate the warfare weapons. As the dragon waved its mighty tail in the air, all the artilleries that fired at it were destroyed.

Everyone in the warship was in a tizzy because both the vermilion bird and the white tiger had charged at them.

"Fire at Jiang Chen!"

The four doyens, as well as countless warfare weapons, attacked the tavern where Jiang Chen was. Their might was enough to level the whole district. However, when the attacks had almost reached Jiang Chen, the divine black tortoise floated up in the sky and turned into a giant beast, bigger than even Qingtian City, and it blocked all the attacks. Countless terrifying attacks slammed into the tortoise's shell, but they couldn't damage it.

"This, this is the might of the true divine formation!" The Yao family members were all stunned. All of a sudden, they had all gotten the same command. At first, they didn't believe it and looked at each other in dismay. But, after they ascertained exactly what it was, their hesitation was replaced by excitement. Then all the Yao family members participated in the fight.

"Yao family, are you trying to rebel?" Someone from the Abundance Land Academy shouted angrily, but, strangely enough, they didn't intervene.

Upon noticing this, the Yao family members became more daring and fought mercilessly.

"Four people at the level of doyens should come over and oversee the four directions," Jiang Chen passed down an order.


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