The Brilliant Fighting Master
1028 Sword Techniques’ Contes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1028 Sword Techniques’ Contes

Jiang Chen, who got the victory, ran toward Meng Lang and started criticizing him, which dumbfounded the crowd. Meng Lang was also dumbfounded, but after a short while, he revealed a mocking smile and shrugged his shoulders. "It really doesn't feel good to be lectured by a little brat," Meng Lang spoke in an ice-cold voice, and it was obvious that he was angry.

"Did you assume that you could easily defeat me since you defeated Li Piaoran? You are too naive!" After Meng Lang spoke, he flew up into the sky and held a precious sword shining with white light.

"Come on up and let me show you the true Martial Doctrine. The Martial Doctrine isn't a path you can walk down just by depending upon brute power."

Meng Lang walked down the path of speed and sharpness and had his own pride as a swordsman. He looked down upon people who only knew how to use brute power. This was the case even though he was aware that Li Piaoran's fist techniques pursued the simplest great doctrine.

Li Piaoran got a hold of herself in the air and was still pondering why she had suffered defeat. When she heard Meng Lang's words, she found herself unwilling to accept his claims. However, when she took a look at Jiang Chen, she just swallowed her words. If Meng Lang could defeat Jiang Chen, he would end up indirectly helping her give vent to her anger and frustrations. This was why she just kept quiet, moved back, and flew at a low altitude.

"Stand up!" Li Piaoran spoke angrily upon noticing that Wang Xing was still kneeling on the ground. Wang Xing cast a glance at Jiang Chen, and, upon noticing that he wasn't paying attention to him, he summoned his courage and stood up.

Jiang Chen didn't care about Wang Xing and just flew into the sky once again.

"Will he fight two Human List's experts consecutively?" The crowd in the city was still stunned by Jiang Chen's abnormal state, and many emotions welled up in their hearts when they noticed that he would shortly fight against Meng Lang.

Meng Lang had a completely different style than Li Piaoran, and his Sword Doctrine's power had already reached transcendence level, while his Lore Realm was at the same level as his Sword Doctrine's power, and his Wind Lore had already reached the eighth level. As for his Wind Sword Realm, it had reached the fifth level. Moreover, Meng Lang was at the Seventh Constellation Palace Realm, and he had lit his palaces by using both Xuan Ling Qi and Xuan Kong Qi.

"Meng Lang's ranking is higher than Li Piaoran's, and his sword techniques have already reached perfection."

"Moreover, he still has a great advantage while facing Jiang Chen, whose Realm Level is lower than his."

The crowd had witnessed clearly Jiang Chen's terrifying power, but all the people in this continent were clearly aware of Meng Lang's great power, and they analyzed this situation clearly and fairly.

"I won't sheathe my sword until it drinks blood. So, I hope that you prepare yourself well for it," Meng Lang spoke while pointing his sword at Jiang Chen.

When his sword came to a stop, a vortex was formed at its sharp end, and it started spreading in the vicinity.

The wind's loud whistling sound rang in people's ears, and it was as loud as the march of an army of 1,000 horses and men. Such a devastating and powerful wind seemed able to destroy everything.

The fight still hadn't started, yet Meng Lang already had the upper hand through showing off his power. He seemed like a prince dancing in the wind, and he wore a pompous expression. It was obvious that he was trying to demonstrate how strong he was!

He had probably assumed that Jiang Chen would realize the disparity between them if he was swept by his sword aura. But it was a pity that he would be disappointed. Jiang Chen was still unmoved, and the powerful wind blowing at him didn't affect him at all.

"If you could understand the profound principles contained in them, you wouldn't be this unmoved." Meng Lang shook his head in regret and just assumed that Jiang Chen didn't realize his true power.

"Swordsmen aren't people a barbarian like you can understand," as Meng Lang spoke, he thrust his sword forward. It shone with a dazzling light that streaked across the sky.

Jiang Chen thrust out his fist and forcefully extinguished the sword light.

Meng Lang, who was aware that Jiang Chen possessed great brute power, didn't care about this because such a sword strike was just a casual attack. When Jiang Chen's fist power erupted out, Meng Lang flew toward Jiang Chen's left side like a gust of wind and used his sword's power. His sword shone with a dazzling radiance, and it seemed like countless swords flew from him. Meng Lang's attacks were even more deadly than Li Piaoran's.

Li Piaoran's Mysterious Divine Fist could transform endlessly, and as long as her brute power was great enough, she could face everything head-on.

As for Meng Lang's sword attack, it was a completely different matter, and fighting against him wouldn't be a contest of brute power, but of techniques.

Meng Lang's merciless sword attack was directed at Jiang Chen's vital organs even though they didn't state at first that this was a fight to the death. Upon witnessing this, many people became nervous. But, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen reacted quickly and dealt with such a deadly net of swords easily.

"Did you witness it, this is a swordsman!" Meng Lang was proud of himself, and he spoke unceasingly in mockery, "You aren't qualified to face my sword."

"Your sword moves are quite mediocre." However, it seemed like Jiang Chen still didn't realize anything and he still looked down upon Meng Lang.

"You aren't willing to admit it, are you? Did you assume that you can easily dodge my sword moves? Have a try of my sword's power."

"Perplexing Sword Trails!" Meng Lang started showing off his skills to demonstrate his sword's great power. As Meng Lang used sword techniques quickly without restraint, it seemed like he possessed Jiang Chen's Ksana Sword Method's traits. As long as Meng Lang used his sword power, he would fuse with his sword, and he would turn into an untraceable being that was present everywhere.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even the spectators were startled by such a sight, let alone Jiang Chen who was facing it. Fan Tianyin became slightly nervous, but she still full of expectations. She clearly knew that Jiang Chen's power wasn't limited to just his great brute power.

"It's a Sword Doctrine's power which reached transcendence level, yet it's still filled with many flaws."

Jiang Chen didn't activate his Peerless State like when he faced Li Piaoran. Instead, he held the sword hilt firmly. It seemed like it was only now that the crowd noticed that Jiang Chen always had two swords hanging on his waist. They had almost forgotten them because of Jiang Chen's previous outstanding performance.

"Naive!" Meng Lang's voice reverberated in all directions, and his myriad swords attacked like a great storm.

It was also at this moment that Jiang Chen pulled out the Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword. He then immediately got into the Wind and Fire Swords Realm without any hesitation.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

A terrifying power containing both fire and wind alike instantly erupted, and all the swords couldn't escape from the swords wheel, nor could they harm Jiang Chen. It was especially the case when the swords wheel released its power at last and forcefully tore apart the power of Meng Lang's sword.

Meng Lang couldn't keep his fusion with his sword any longer, and the crowd quickly got to witness him standing with his sword in his hands. His face was quite pale, but he still didn't pay attention to his injuries and just looked in shock at Jiang Chen.

"Two Lore Martial Realm?" He cried out involuntarily.

Upon hearing this, the crowd finally noticed it, and an uproar rose among them. Li Piaoran who had just lost a moment ago was left at a loss for words. It turned out that his two swords weren't just for show, and he still possessed matchless Sword Doctrine's power.

"You are just using a trick, and that move can't be considered a sword technique." Meng Lang couldn't accept it, and he denounced him.

"It turns out that this is your real character. You criticize people after suffering defeat," Jiang Chen said, mocking him.

The crowd burst out into laughter. Meng Lang's words were really too laughable. What was really disgraceful was dividing Martial Doctrines into elegant and crude ones without caring about usefulness. Moreover, most people couldn't manage to fuse two Lore Sword Realms together.

"Humph, that is your strongest strike, and that is probably why you managed to get the upper hand. But I will now use my true sword move to show you profound techniques." Meng Lang still insisted on his opinion and believed that everyone besides him was mistaken.

"Since this is the case, I will have to have a look at it and see whether it's a real sword technique," Jiang Chen sneered coldly. Talented people wouldn't care about Meng Lang's remarks.

Jiang Chen waved his beautiful swords, while he started using the Sword Scripture in silence. He used the eight sword moves with both swords. The Eighth Move, which possessed great power, seemed more spectral when he used both swords. Upon witnessing it, everyone was dumbfounded.

The sword scripture was a matchless precious canon, and it seemed more perfect when it was used by a single person through two Doctrine Swords. If one used it against an enemy, then the people could only pity such an enemy.


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