The Brilliant Fighting Master
1027 Ignorance Is Not the Same as Having Character
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1027 Ignorance Is Not the Same as Having Character

Li Piaoran looked embarrassed. Jiang Chen had disclosed her trick straight off the bat by mentioning the immortal elixir. However, she was glad that Jiang Chen had mentioned it.

"What if I lose?" She asked. She did not want to leave any leeway if Jiang Chen had regrets later.

"Your Holy Moon Religious Sect will stay out of this." Jiang Chen's request was kind of anticipated. But, soon he asked again, "By the way, you can make this decision, can't you?"

"If I lose, the grudge between the Holy Moon Religious Sect and you will be settled. We will not cause you any more trouble during your stay in the Celestial Pole Continent." Feeling Jiang Chen's doubt, Li Piaoran made a pledge, decisive and clear. Then she flew to the battlefield in the air eagerly.

The Sixth Constellation Palace. She should be stronger than Shen Congtian. And it can't be coincidental that she has the property of fire. Jiang Chen thought. He did not hesitate to follow her to the same altitude.

"Shen Congtian was ranked 61st on the Human List, and she is ranked 56th." Jiang Chen heard Fan Tianyin's voice.

Only six places' difference. And they were not ranked in the more competitive top ten, so their fighting powers should be quite close. While Jiang Chen was evaluating his enemy, Li Piaoran was observing him too. Jiang Chen had appeared out of nowhere. She had no idea how strong he really was. She only knew he could control the Alien Flame and had a very powerful bronze cauldron. Neither of them was allowed in a fair battle, because the First Cauldron was not really a weapon.

He had killed Shen Congtian. This was his latest victory. But most people thought Shen Congtian had died of external force first and Jiang Chen simply burned his corpse after that.

Jiang Chen was famous, but it was for his craziness and great imagination. He had forced the All Saints Religious Sect to compromise by bombing them using his practicing bodies. It was not something that average people would think of.

As to his fighting power, no one thought he had a chance. That was why Yao Qian did not want him to accept the challenge. However, he accepted. The folks in the city were surprised, but at the same time, they were looking forward to the fight.

"You know the rules of the Seventh Realm? Do you need me to tell you about them first?" It was out of a desire for revenge that Li Piaoran said this.

"Go ahead. Tell me about it. As long as it's fair, any rule is okay with me." But Jiang Chen did not take her bait. She was annoyed by the casual manner in which he responded.

She told him the rules simply and then announced the start of the battle. She made sure Jiang Chen had heard her clearly first. Then she jumped into close combat with him. She was not holding anything in her hands. The skin of her arms looked smooth and soft. Her concentrated face looked charming. 

Watching her small hands close into fists carefully, Jiang Chen turned serious.

"Mysterious Holy Fist!" This fist method was well-known 500 years ago. Created by the Goddess of Empyrean, it was profound and powerful. It contained all of the essential things of the world and the strengths of all styles. It was called the First Fist Method in the world.

Jiang Chen had met the inheritors of this fist method before. Once the latter threw his fist over, even gods and ghosts would be touched.

Li Piaoran was not that strong, but she had charm. Her movements were quite standard, as if a beginner was trying to get her posture right. Only adepts saw the infinite profundity contained in the changes of her movements. Her fists were not big, but they were gradually given the magic power that the enemy would have no way to parry.

Jiang Chen tried to trade blows with her, but he was subdued immediately. He felt a vague pain in his divine body after getting a punch. And this was when most of the punch power had been offset.

"Not bad. Not bad. Mysterious Holy Fist has 72 variations. One-Qi practitioners can only master 12 of them, while two-Qi practitioners can master 24, and three-Qi practitioners can master 48 Only four-Qi practitioners can master all of them."

If his enemy were a four-Qi practitioner and had mastered the 72 variations of Mysterious Holy Fist, he would have been defeated by only one punch.

"Okay. So, let me show you the power of my divine body." Jiang Chen made up his mind. The fire of thunders soared. Thunder kept roaring. His hair was dancing in fury.

Li Piaoran threw a punch. It made contact with the fire of thunders and rippled the latter slightly.

"No Way to Crack Any Rule!" Jiang Chen shouted out of anger, throwing a fist and a palm over.

Li Piaoran, who had been at an advantage, had to dodge this powerful attack of his. Her fist movements changed, focusing more on defense.

"Interesting." The careless and casual-looking Meng Lang could not help but turn serious at this moment.

"He has been fighting with Li Piaoran for such a long time in close combat. He is great." Li Yu also exclaimed.

The name Li Piaoran and her appearance would usually mislead others. People would take it for granted that she was a practitioner of a swift and fierce style. But, in fact, Li Piaoran's punch could smash a mountain and, more than that, her punch was durable and agile.

This had earned her big fame among the practitioners ranked on the Human List.

Jiang Chen had not been defeated yet in a close combat with her, and he was only in the Second Constellation Palace. This surprised many people.

"Purple Smoke Comes from the East!"

On the battlefield, Li Piaoran, restricted by fire, exerted another Doctrine Method. Instantly, the vast sky was filled with brilliant purple lights. Protected by a purple glow, Li Piaoran looked like she was wearing a divine armor. The purple glow resisted all of the fires of thunder. It even turned the tide a little bit.

"Mysterious Holy Fist!"

It turned out that Li Piaoran had stepped back to see how strong Jiang Chen could be with the status of fire of thunders. When she was clear of that, her fist method also leveled up. She had been using the first 12 movements, but now she was using the first 24.

Taken by surprise, Jiang Chen felt pain.

"Invincible Golden Body!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen had to exert the most powerful Doctrine Method he had mastered by then. A golden light showed up, as if a god had descended to the world.

Li Piaoran punched him in the face. Everyone was shocked, including herself.

"Why did you stop..."

Before she could finish the question, she found Jiang Chen's head did not explode as she had expected. And she felt pain in her fist.

"Five Thunders Authentic Method!"

"Alien Flame Burns the Sky!"

The Invincible Golden Body had been switched on. It meant Jiang Chen could do whatever he wanted.

Heaven thunders were forced into his internal organs to activate the strongest body of thunders.

"He has mastered the holy method to such a high level!" It was also the first time Fan Tianyin had really seen Jiang Chen attack. She was pleasantly surprised. She gave the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula to Jiang Chen in person. Back then, she had never thought Jiang Chen would have been so strong one day.

"Samsara Fist!"

Jiang Chen was overwhelming. Neither the Mysterious Holy Fist nor the purple glow mattered to him. He just threw his punch over directly. He saw that Li Piaoran was in a panic. She had never thought a peer's punch could be stronger than hers. The power of his punch came from every part of his body! From every muscle of his! From his boiling blood! But more than anything, it came from his constellation palace, where Four Qi were gathering.

Li Piaoran raised her arms to protect herself, to resist Jiang Chen's fist.


The punch struck her. Ripples appeared in the air behind Li Piaoran.

Then Li Piaoran leaned backward, her arms without control.

"You lost." Then Jiang Chen became that innocent lean teenager again. All of the fire of thunder had been taken back into his body. He stopped paying attention to Li Piaoran, but flashed up to Wang Xing.

"Kneel down," he said simply.

Sweating heavily, Wang Xing knelt down on the roof without hesitation.

Then Jiang Chen looked toward Meng Lang.

"You think this is cool? Casual, thinking yourself talented and romantic, and commenting on others arbitrarily."

"You seem to have a character, but you're just ignorant."


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