The Brilliant Fighting Master
1026 Strong Practitioners Ranked on the Human Lis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1026 Strong Practitioners Ranked on the Human Lis

Fan Tianyin came up to Jiang Chen in an elegant manner. She wanted to get closer to look at him. But, to her surprise, Jiang Chen opened his eyes and let out a deep sigh, as if something was bothering him.

"What's wrong?" Fan Tianyin asked with a caring look.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Without rivals among Star Venerables. What a lonely life."

Fan Tianyin blinked. Gazing at Jiang Chen's pitiful face, she was speechless. But she detected cunning deep in his eyes. She pretended she was going to punch him.

Jiang Chen grasped her wrist while getting to his feet. Then he looked normal again. It seemed like he was always smiling, as if he could find interesting things that average people could not find.

"I'll illuminate the First Constellation Palace soon," Fan Tianyin said.

Over this one year, although she did not have any initial approaches to the Four Qi, she had accumulated quite a few spirits of the universe in her Constellation Sea. After getting Jiang Chen's methods, she could transform the spirits to Xuan Qing Qi, Xuan Kong Qi, and Xuan Ming Qi nonstop. 

This was supposed to be good, but Jiang Chen found her preoccupied. He thought Tianyin was teasing him, but soon he realized she was not.

"I somehow feel worried," Fan Tianyin said.

"Take it easy. I'm here."

"No, it's not about this. I trust you. I know you are doing the right thing. But whenever I think about illuminating the constellation palace, I feel like something is going to be torn off me. I feel like if I do that, we will have to part." Fan Tianyin was a rational person, but what she said at this moment did not sound rational at all. She sounded like a sentimental little girl. Therefore, it caught Jiang Chen's attention. He examined Fan Tianyin's health.

"Nothing is wrong. Tianyin, maybe you are just too tired." With Jiang Chen's medical skills, of course he would not be wrong.

"It also seems absurd to me. It's like a dream that you went to the All Saints Religious Sect to rescue me. Maybe it's because of that." Fan Tianyin also knew her worry was unnecessary. Therefore, she smiled.

At dawn, Jiang Chen told her bad news. Mr. Wolong's situation was more severe than he had thought, so it would take him more time. Besides, if he failed to cure Mr. Wolong in the end, the latter's situation would be even worse. But of course, Jiang Chen did not tell her the second part. He merely said he would need one more day.

When the sun rose, Qingtian City was full of people again. The street on which the hostel was located was surrounded by people from the Yao Family. It was quite surprising that the Yaos still had such great power.

People were shocked when they had learned that the person in the hostel was Jiang Chen. The All Saints Religious Sect had announced that they would kill Jiang Chen and they would not stop pursuing him until he was dead. It was really surprising for the folks of the Celestial Pole Continent that the Yao Family, even powerless to defend themselves, had had the nerve to meddle.

The Holy Moon Religious Sect and the Tianyi Holy Land did not give up either. Li Yu and Wang Xing came to the hostel with a man and a woman. They were asking to see Jiang Chen. The woman with Wang Xing was well-proportioned. She was noble, pretty, and fair-skinned.

"Li Piaoran! Ranked top 50 on the Human List!" People kept exclaiming. They were even more shocked to see the frivolous man standing beside Li Yu. "Meng Lang is also a strong practitioner ranked on the Human List."

Although they were surprised, they were even more curious about these people's purpose to be here. Soon, news spread. It turned out Jiang Chen had slapped Li Yu and Wang Xing the previous day. This day, their apprentice elder brother and apprentice elder sister had come here to seek revenge. 

Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin showed up on the roof of the hostel.


Meng Lang was the one who reacted most strongly. He kept sizing Fan Tianyin up in an unscrupulous manner, as if he wanted to see through her. "She is good indeed. First-class face, first-class temperament, and first-class character," Meng Lang commented, seemingly pretty serious.

That Jiang Chen had bombed the All Saints Religious Sect was quite shocking. It had also won him big fame all over the Seventh Realm. For the same reason, Fan Tianyin, for whom Jiang Chen had done all this, also became famous. She had been imprisoned by the saint of the All Saints Religious Sect, and Jiang Chen had gone to her rescue.

Some busybodies called her Helen of Troy and claimed her beauty could be ranked in the top three of the Beauty List. Meng Lang was a frivolous man. He had pursued lots of women. There was once a story that he had gotten drunk and announced that he would pursue all of the women ranked on the Beauty List. The Beauty List had wide coverage. Some beauties ranked on the list had amazing backgrounds.

In the end, some people even went to the Holy Moon Religious Sect to hunt him down. He had to explain that it was only nonsense that he had said when he was drunk, and he only meant the beauties from spirit-level continents. In this way, he dodged a bullet on this one. But it also made him famous. The second part of his explanation was extremely annoying. However, he was also very strong. He was a skillful practitioner ranked on the Human List. The Human List was for young skillful practitioners from spirit-level continents. 

Above it were the Earth List and the Heaven List. Each of these lists only had 100 places. It was really difficult to get ranked into them. Those who could were all among the best practitioners.

"Jiang Chen, he insulted your woman too. Why don't you teach him a lesson?" Wang Xing was very angry. He poured fuel on the fire right away. He mocked, "Maybe you only bully weaker people?"

"Watch your mouth. That was a compliment." Meng Lang said with a cheeky grin, but he was not pissed.

"How he ends up today will also be your ending," Jiang Chen said.

Wang Xing was struck dumb. He was extremely irritated after realizing what Jiang Chen meant.

"Apprentice Elder Sister, do you see?" He looked toward Li Piaoran.

Nodding slightly, Li Piaoran said, "I'm here to avenge my apprentice younger brother. It seems you won't admit your mistake and apologize, will you?"

Hundreds of miles away from Jiang Chen, she did not speak with extra effort, but she sounded loud and strong.

"What do you think?" Jiang Chen asked.

"If you refuse to admit your mistake, I'll beat you until you admit it," Li Piaoran said.

"He, he."


Jiang Chen's reaction irritated Li Piaoran successfully.

He, he? He was absolutely looking down on her.

"Something interesting is going to happen." Meng Lang looked pretty indifferent, as if he had nothing to do with it.

"Stop!" Yao Qian showed up in time, standing between Jiang Chen and Li Piaoran in the air. "We the Yaos have temporarily taken over this area. You can't violate the rules," she said.

"We're not interested in violating your rules. I'm here to pick a fight with Jiang Chen. If you want to protect him, you will have to fight with me. Do you dare?" Li Piaoran said coldly.

Yao Qian did not dare. She was not ranked on the Human List. Neither was she as strong as Li Piaoran.

"You just want to create a disturbance out of this."

"Huh, cut the crap. Step aside if you don't dare," Li Piaoran said.

On the other side, Li Yu said confusedly, "Apprentice Elder Brother Meng Lang, aren't they here for the immortal elixir?"

"Of course. That's why she wants to intimidate the enemy first. Otherwise, as lawless as Jiang Chen is, it will be impossible for them to agree on anything." Meng Lang was not a serious person, but he got the point quickly.

Li Piaoran was going to use Wang Xing's getting beaten as an excuse, and then gradually force Jiang Chen to compromise. What she was doing needed strong confidence. Otherwise she would not succeed. As a skillful practitioner ranked on the Human List, Li Piaoran was that confident.

"I don't have anything to do at the moment. It's fine." Jiang Chen accepted the challenge. He told Yao Qian to take it easy. Then he looked towards Li Piaoran.

"If you can defeat me, I'll give you the immortal elixir for free. You don't have to make so much effort at all," he said.

To Meng Lang's surprise, Jiang Chen became more confident.


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