The Brilliant Fighting Master
1025 The Disturbance About the Immortal Elixir
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1025 The Disturbance About the Immortal Elixir

Jiang Chen's practicing body was treating Mr. Wolong, while his true body took out the kindling smelted from Shen Congtian. As he had said, his control over the Sky-burning Evil Flame had increased. His Alien Flame achieved the seventh turn, and his Lore of Fire entered the seventh grade too. This was also why he could ignore Shen Congtian's attack.

Jiang Chen was probably one of the youngsters most skilled in controlling fire. However, he did not stop there. He was going to practice the third chapter of the Divine Fire Scripture. This kindling made it possible.

On her side, Fan Tianyin was also practicing the holy method. She was still in the First Constellation Palace. She had not made any progress due to her imprisonment that had lasted for more than one year. Fortunately, she was working on three Qi at the same time, and what she did not need happened to be Xuan Ling Qi. So Jiang Chen gave her the practicing methods of the other three Qi without hesitation.

They would confront a big enemy soon. At the moment, both of them were focusing on practicing.

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At the same time, in the Heavenly Palace, another of Jiang Chen's practicing bodies came to the Morning Meeting Hall.

"Pity. What a pity." Jiang Chen's practicing body kept sighing. He still had not found the practicing method for Xuan Ling Qi. Otherwise his fighting power would have leveled up as well. However, he got a new treasure in the Morning Meeting Hall.

"Star Formation?!" Jiang Chen had not figured out the Ancient Formation yet. He was confused by the Star Formation once again. But then he came to understand what the so-called Star Formation was after Yue'e had explained it to him. It was a tactical formation deployed in advance.

Big formations would usually need deployment beforehand, just like traps. And people would need to lure the enemy into them. The Star Formation was different. It was like an attacking method. It could shroud the enemy in any place. And its power was also great.

"The Big Dipper consists of seven parts. They are Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Alkaid. If you can master all of them, you will be invincible among Star Venerables."

Thrilled, Jiang Chen had asked right away, "The Star Formation needs part of the strength of the deployer. Does the most basic Dubhe Formation also require the Fourth Constellation Palace?"


Jiang Chen was frustrated. It was easy to achieve the Fourth Constellation Palace, as long as he had the practicing method for Xuan Ling Qi.


"Grandmaster!" Wang Xing went to see his grandmaster as soon as he returned to his religious sect. His grandmaster was the head of the Holy Moon Religious Sect on this continent, a founding member in a high position. Grand supreme elders were also under his leadership. Instructing some disciples of whom he was proud on the practicing field, this founding member did not pay much attention to Wang Xing when seeing him come back.

"What did Jiang Chen say?"

"Grandmaster, that Jiang Chen is more arrogant than the rumors say. He absolutely looks down on us Holy Moon Religious Sect," Wang Xing shouted exaggeratedly. And he did not forget to boast, "I would have killed him if it were not for the Sky-burning Evil Flame!"

The founding member listened to him quietly. After a good while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"You mean he has offered an immortal elixir?"

For a powerful man like the founding member, what he cared most about was the immortal elixir.


"Immortal elixirs from the Three Middle Realms started to enter here even before the races' reappearance. It is said they were refined by a youngster called Jiang Chen."

"Why did he want the declining Yao Family to protect him, instead of us? It must be you. You must have ruined it!"

Wang Xing thought the situation was not favorable for him. It seemed the grandmaster wanted that immortal elixir.

"It wasn't because of me. I was pretty humble in front of him. I only chatted with Li Yu and then he just slapped us. If I had been meek, I would have brought shame on the Holy Moon Religious Sect!"

The founding member snorted without speaking.

"Grandmaster, don't blame Apprentice Younger Brother Wang Xing for that. The whole world knows that Jiang Chen is an unbridled man. Apprentice younger brother is young. Of course he couldn't swallow it. It was impossible to avoid the conflict, but now we should focus on resolving it."

At this moment, a mature young woman walked in.

"Exactly. Exactly. Apprentice Elder Sister Piaoran is absolutely right."

"As to the immortal elixir, the Yao Family isn't strong enough to take it. Let me handle this."

"Great. I can rest assured whenever Piaoran is in charge." Not until then did the founding member ease up.


The same conversation was going on in the Tianyi Holy Land. Li Yu told his master what had happened.

"Is that Fan Tianyin really that beautiful?"

However, compared to the immortal elixir, his apprentice elder brother was more interested in the woman. Others were embarrassed. Even the founding member of the Holy Land pretended to cough.

But this young man did not seem to have noticed that. He said to himself after getting an affirmative answer, "I really want to see that Helen of Troy. Master, please let me go."

"Are you sure? I'm worried."

"Master, I guarantee I will take the immortal elixir back," the youngster promised, patting his chest.

"Okay. Go on ahead then."

In consideration of the youngster's strength, the founding member of the Holy Land agreed.


At the same time, a quarrel arose in the Yao Family.

"That's absurd! Do you know what kind of situation we are in? How will we have the extra time and extra energy to meddle in this?"

An angry youngster was scolding Yao Qian, pointing at her nose. "I sent you to the hostel to bluff, so that others would know the Yaos still had a say in the affairs of the continent. I didn't mean to send you to do anything!"

Reluctant to accept the scolding, Yao Qian said calmly, "To bluff? What about our future? Why don't we even skip bluffing and let the Holy Moon Religious Sect and the Tianyi Holy Land carve us up?"

"You! How dare you talk back!" The youngster argued irrationally, since he had no idea how to refute her argument.

"I'm just telling the truth. An immortal elixir matters to us. If grandma can get it..." said Yao Qian.

"The thing is, does he really have it? He is being hunted down. It's still a pending question whether he will survive," the youngster interrupted her.

"If you don't want to take any risks, you don't deserve to expect any profits!" Yao Qian raised her voice.

"What's this attitude? You think you are in charge of the Yaos?!" The youngster flew into a rage. Raising his arm, he was going to slap her.

Yao Qian threw her shoulders back, looking into the youngster's eyes. The youngster was abruptly petrified. He even forgot to put his raised arm down.

"Yao Qiang."

The Yaos' top management were sitting beside the woman and the man in the quarrel.

"Jiang Chen can afford an immortal elixir. That's for sure," someone said.

"As far as we know, this man is audacious and prudent. He is a man who keeps his word. If we help him, he won't act shamelessly."

"So, the question we are facing is, to rot until we die or to seek a chance bravely to revive."

The whole place went into silence after the last remark. The youngster who had been quarreling with Yao Qian also lowered his head, but he still looked as if he was unwilling to admit Yao Qian had done the right thing.

"Yao Qian, you agreed to help him, so you should be in charge of this. No matter how it will end, it will be your responsibility." The lord of the Yaos said.

Yao Qian took a deep breath. She knew this was an important opportunity for her.


In the hostel, Fan Tianyin looked joyful after finishing practicing. She heard Qing Xian arrive and went to the back door to let her in. Qing Xian told Fan Tianyin what she had learned. Then she said, "Apprentice Elder Sister, why don't we go to a unified continent?" In that case, they would not have to worry about the Tianyi Holy Land and the Holy Moon Religious Sect.

"If we go, one immortal elixir won't be enough to resolve our problem. I'm afraid we'll have to offer them the elixir recipe then," Fan Tianyin said, smiling.

Qing Xian seemed to understand something, but she still looked confused. Then Fan Tianyin looked toward Jiang Chen, who was still pondering on the lore of the kindling.

Her look was as tender as water. A satisfied smile pulled up her lips.


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