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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1024 Yao Qian

Shen Congtian used his death to expose the location of Jiang Chen's true body. In this way, the All Saints Religious Sect could finally try to destroy Jiang Chen.

"His true body has been exposed. He has lost his biggest advantage."

"What will Jiang Chen do next?"

"He must have run as far away as possible."


Qingtian City could be compared to Heaven Divine City on the Thousand Sky Continent. It was the center of the Celestial Pole Continent. The Celestial Pole Continent was not governed by only one force, but three—a Holy Land, a Divine Religious Sect, and a clan.

The Celestial Pole Continent was owned by an ancient family, the Yao Family.Their fortunes had declined, just like the Jiang Family. However, the Yao Family was very clever. Other than waiting to see the Celestial Pole Continent carved up by wars and petty squabbles, they took the initiative to find a Holy Land and a Divine Religious Sect to join them. And, although they lost two-thirds of their land, the Yao Family survived.

The headquarters of the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect were not in the Celestial Pole Continent. They only had branches here. They were the Holy Moon Religious Sect and the Tianyi Holy Land. It was for a complicated reason that Jiang Chen had chosen to escape here.

They found a hostel to stay for the night. After getting everything ready, Jiang Chen started to treat Mr. Wolong. Since he needed to open Mr. Wolong's skull, he had to be extremely careful and it would take him a long time. It would take at least a day and a night. If it was more complicated than he had thought, it could take even longer.

Jiang Chen made a practicing body start the treatment. His true body and Fan Tianyin were protecting the place outside.

"Before coming to Qingtian City, the All Saints Religious Sect will have to find you first and then deploy forces. That will take them a lot of time. The treatment will have been done by then," Fan Tianyin said.


As they spoke, some marching footsteps came from outside of the hostel. They heard the friction of armor too. Evidently, this hostel had been surrounded by troops. They did not even have to look, since they had perceived some strong energies.

"Irrelevant people should get lost right away!"

They heard yells coming from outside.

People swarmed out of the hostel quickly. Fan Tianyin told Qing Xian to leave with the crowd, and she did. Instantly, the hostel was almost empty and so silent. A group of people walked in after the place had been cleared.

"Which one of you is Jiang Chen? Show yourself."

Standing in the hall, they looked quite arrogant. They asked Jiang Chen to show himself directly without searching.

Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin walked down the stairs.

The ten-odd people were not from the same group. They respectively belonged to three forces. Besides the attendants and guards, there were two men and a woman, who were leaders of their respective teams. The eyes of one of the men lit up when he saw Fan Tianyin. He could not help but exclaim: "Helen of Troy. It's so true. Pity. What a pity!" He complimented her first, but then shook his head with pity.

"What's the pity?" Another man, standing next to him, asked with curiosity.

"It's a pity that someone beat me to her."

"Ha, ha, ha, Elder Brother Wang, that's a problem for you?"

"I'm not interested in women who have already slept with other men."

These two men were not particularly aiming at Fan Tianyin, but they were so rude and unscrupulous that even the woman who had come with them frowned at them.

Suddenly, a giant thing whooshed across the sky, flying toward the two men. It almost bumped into them but stopped in time and fell on the ground. Its thrust still forced the two to step back. Scared out of their wits, they saw it was a cauldron. As soon as they lifted their heads, they saw Jiang Chen standing in front of them like a ghost. He slapped them across their cheeks before they could speak.

"One more word about Fan Tianyin and you'll put your lives in danger," Jiang Chen said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The two men were slapped dizzy. Their subordinates were going to attack Jiang Chen, but two elder capable men stopped them.

"Don't you think you've overreacted a bit? Li Yu and Wang Xing didn't mean to insult your woman," one of the capable men said.

"That's why they are still alive," Jiang Chen said.


This answer was extremely irritating, but, if they thought about it, he was behaving the same way as the rumors predicted.

Unbridled and unscrupulous.

"You came here to avoid the revenge of the All Saints Religious Sect. How dare you behave like this?!" Wang Xing, the first man who had spoken, was covering his swollen cheek. He was pretty pissed.

"Do you two represent the positions of the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect?" Throwing him a glance, Jiang Chen asked.

Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect did not know how to answer him. They were all thinking about the ending of the All Saints Religious Sect.

"The All Saints Religious Sect has asked us to help. They requested us to deliver you to them." Li Yu said. It charged the atmosphere in the hostel with more tension.

"And?" Jiang Chen was waiting for them to continue.

"We're not interested in meddling in the problem between you and the All Saints Religious Sect. And you shouldn't have come here."

"We wanted to negotiate with you, but you are too arrogant. Now, get lost." They told Jiang Chen this place was not happy with his arrival and asked him to leave.

"Are you the boss of the Celestial Pole Continent?" Jiang Chen looked toward the woman who had been silent. The woman was from the Yao Family. She had not spoken until Jiang Chen looked toward her.

"I only need two days. In return, you will get an immortal elixir," Jiang Chen said.

The woman's eyes lit up. She was piqued with interest right away. Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect could not keep silent either.

"What's that? Why will you only give it to the Yaos?" Wang Xing questioned.

"Because you don't want us here. You want the immortal elixir too?" Fan Tianyin asked, amused.

Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect were speechless.

"Okay. We from the Yao Family will protect you," the woman from the Yao Family said at this moment.

"Yao Qian, do you know what you are saying?"

"You want to take the immortal elixir alone?!"

Facing the accusations of Li Yu and Wang Xing, the woman called Yao Qian said with a slight smile, "Aren't we here for the protection money? You don't have to make everything sound so pretty."

"You Yao Family aren't strong enough to take this immortal elixir."

"Watch out! You'll choke on it!"

Smiling gently, Yao Qian said, "That's not your concern."

Li Yu and Wang Xing were irritated. They felt they had thrown a punch, but the punch had achieved nothing. "Let's go!"

When those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect had left, Yao Qian said right away, "I'm sure they will collaborate with the All Saints Religious Sect to pressure my family."

"Do you mean they will let the All Saints Religious Sect enter here? Aren't they afraid the Academy of Land of Abundance will condemn them?" Fan Tianyin asked, puzzled.

"It's convenient to move around on the continent. It's not deployed with restrictions. It will be easy for the All Saints Religious Sect to enter. All the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect need to do is to stay silent," Yao Qian said.

"Miss Yao, you have just demoralized us. It's not so good."

"The All Saints Religious Sect won't send a large amount of troops here. We from the Yao Family will be able to resist them, so..." Yao Qian finished what she was going to say with eye contact.

"Take it easy. I can afford an immortal elixir," Jiang Chen said.

"Okay. You just stay here. Don't worry about anything." Yao Qian smiled satisfactorily. Then she went to arrange everything.

"Jiang Chen, how long will you need to cure Master?" Fan Tianyin asked.

There was no Sacred Lord on this continent. Precisely speaking, no Sacred Lord was staying here regularly. The Sacred Lord of the Yao Family died of old age, while the Sacred Lords of the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect were at their headquarters.

According to Qing Xian, Mr. Wolong was at the peak of Martial Emperor. If Mr. Wolong could be cured before the All Saints Religious Sect's arrival, there would be nothing to worry about.

That was also the reason Jiang Chen had offered an immortal elixir so quickly. They just needed to stay here. Then everything would be possible.


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