The Brilliant Fighting Master
1023 Must Kill Jiang Chen!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1023 Must Kill Jiang Chen!

Shen Congtian was actually very strong. The combination of Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi was the best for the paramount bible of the All Saints Religious Sect, Fire Scripture. His sword doctrine had achieved transcendency. His Lore of Fire was only one step away from great completeness. With a little bit more effort, he would even surpass capable Star Venerables. But unfortunately, his enemy was Jiang Chen.

It was not difficult to tell from Shen Congtian's attacks that his property was fire. Thanks to the genuine blood of the celestial phoenix and the divine body made of the origin of fire dragons, fire was the last thing Jiang Chen was scared of. Moreover, Jiang Chen also practiced Divine Fire Scripture. He was restricting the saint in every possible way.

Otherwise, if a person were as strong as Shen Congtian, but had a different property, he would have been a headache for Jiang Chen.

In the air, the fight developed into a beating.

Shen Congtian was paying the price for his deeds and words. Under Jiang Chen's punches and kicks, his bones were broken.

"Now, answer me. What do you have so you can stand before me?" Grasping his hair, Jiang Chen lifted him into the air. The light in Shen Congtian's eyes dimmed. Jiang Chen gave him a good beating without resorting to any external force. He was a saint, but so what?

"Kill me. If you're really such a tough guy, kill me." Shen Congtian grinned. He was still provoking Jiang Chen. "Once I die, your true body will be marked. The All Saints Religious Sect will not let go of you!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen carried him back to the ground.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen, he was not bluffing. The All Saints Religious Sect does use such a way to threaten people," said Qing Xian. Her master was Elder Keqing of the All Saints Religious Sect. That was why she knew.

"You know why no grand supreme elders are following me? Once I die on the Thousand Sky Continent, the killer won't be able to escape."

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, "You think I'll be threatened. That's the biggest mistake you've made."

Shen Congtian was struck dumb, not sure whether Jiang Chen was bluffing. Jiang Chen did not try to convince him by means of words, but proved to him with actions. His fingertip gave off a tongue of flame. It was the Sky-burning Evil Flame.

Shen Congtian started to sweat immediately. The arrogance on his face was totally gone.

"Don't...don't kill me." He started to beg for mercy.

"Oh? Weren't you just telling me to kill you?" Jiang Chen said, finding it funny.

Shen Congtian kept shaking his head. He had been sitting on the ground, but he knelt down at the moment. "I'm ignorant. I shouldn't have offended you."

Jiang Chen shook his head. One's character can be best shown when facing life and death. He was afraid his enemy, a saint, was facing death for the first time in his life.

"I won't eat my words. I said I would kill you. So, you must die." Then Jiang Chen flicked the Sky-burning Evil Flame onto his enemy's body. The small tongue of flame started to burn. Shen Congtian screamed and then was smelted instantly, turned to the kindling of the fire.

"He does have the property of fire," Jiang Chen exclaimed. Smelting could turn people to a pure energy, but sometimes other things would happen. It was due to the level of the constellation palace of the smelted person. Kindling not only could boost the energy but also could make the Lore of Fire soar.

"You really did it," Fan Tianyin exclaimed in surprise.

"He insulted you. He had to die," Jiang Chen said calmly.

Fan Tianyin did not know whether to cry or laugh. She would be eager to give Jiang Chen a kiss if she had had no idea of the consequences of his behavior. Even Fan Tianyin reacted in such a way. Not to mention Qing Xian.

Throwing a careful glance at Jiang Chen, she realized it was perfectly true that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

"Let's get out of here." Jiang Chen knew the All Saints Religious Sect must have been informed of Shen Contian's death and his whereabouts, but the restriction deployed around the Sword Cottage had been resisting them for some time. Since the Sword Cottage was now destroyed, Qing Xian and Mr. Wolong had to leave with them as well.

The ancient formation he had deployed on the mountain behind the cottage was as good as a portal. It could transmit people to a place thousands of miles away.

"If the All Saints Religious Sect really know where your true body is, you'd better join an academy as soon as possible."

Jiang Chen's biggest concern was what Shen Congtian had said. Big forces would normally use such methods to protect their disciples. In this way, they might not be able to show up at the crucial moment, but at least they would be able to find the criminal and avenge the dead. Over time, it would have an intimidating effect.

Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects had the rule that once their disciples were killed, they would absolutely call the killer to account. Only in this way could they guarantee the safety of their disciples when the latter were traveling. Generally speaking, such a method would record the killer's face on the death of the disciple. But this was the case with average disciples. Important disciples would usually have strong men protecting them when they were out.

Especially when it was a saint, Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects would try everything they could to take revenge against the killer. Jiang Chen found out the method Shen Congtian had mentioned after investigation. He found there was an energy of death following him. He could not get rid of it. Since this energy of death was not an entity, even the Sky-burning Evil Flame could not do anything about it. He knew the All Saints Religious Sect would find him through this energy of death. His true body would be exposed too!

"You shouldn't have acted on impulse." Fan Tianyin said to him after learning about the energy of death.

"Well, this energy of death will keep following me. Even if it were my practicing body that killed him, they still would be able to locate me," Jiang Chen said.

"It's so powerful?" Fan Tianyin was surprised.

At the thought of the All Saints Religious Sect's hatred for him, he was afraid they would hunt him down at all costs. So they went to the Celestial Pole Continent. It was a spiritual continent that belonged to the Academy of Land of Abundance. The Thousand Sky Continent where the All Saints Religious Sect was located belonged to another academy. It would be easier for them to run away from the All Saints Religious Sect on this continent.

Jiang Chen even wanted to act alone, since he did not want to bring trouble to Fan Tianyin. He checked on Mr. Wolong before leaving and offered to treat him again.

"Can you?" Fan Tianyin was surprised, but then she said right away, "Then why didn't you do anything before?"

Jiang Chen did not answer her. He glanced at Qing Xian, who was next to him.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen, I trust you now," said Qing Xian right away.

This was the unique charm of Jiang Chen. Everyone around him would end up believing he was capable of everything.

"Okay. Let's find a safe place."

If he could cure Mr. Wolong, he would not have to worry about the All Saints Religious Sect's chase on this continent.

On the other side, the All Saints Religious Sect had already been informed of the saint's tragic death.

"Jiang Chen! We must kill him!" A voice full of rage came from Mount Tianshan. The people in the Heaven Divine City were confused. They did not know what had happened. Why was the All Saints Religious Sect so irritated? How dare they give such an inspirational speech? Weren't they scared of Jiang Chen's bombing?

Later on, they were shocked to learn about the tragic death of Shen Congtian and other disciples.

He did go too far.

Ignorant of what had happened at the Sword Cottage, they involuntarily thought so.

Most people thought Jiang Chen was a tough man when he had forced the All Saints Religious Sect to agree to his conditions.

And he had every reason to do that.

However, he killed the saint of the All Saints Religious Sect although they had surrendered. In their opinions, he was definitely riding roughshod over the All Saints Religious Sect. If the All Saints Religious Sect swallowed this as well, they would not deserve to be called a Divine Religious Sect.


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