The Brilliant Fighting Master
1022 Giving the Saint a Good Beating
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1022 Giving the Saint a Good Beating

Shen Congtian exerted his skills to detox from alcohol. He was sober soon.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you!" Rolling his eyes, he shouted loudly and arrogantly. "How dare you! You have come here to court death."

Walking into the room, Jiang Chen kept smiling coldly. This was the guy who imprisoned Tianyin. Of course, if it were not for Shen Congtian, Fan Tianyin would have ended up very badly. However, Jiang Chen certainly would not have any good feelings for a guy who had cast eyes on his woman.

"What else can you rely on except that pile of fire? You are just a crap from the Three Lower Realms!" Shen Congtian cursed, holding his sword. "Fight with me if you are a man. I'll prove to Tianyin what bad taste she has!"

No man could put up with such a remark.

"Jiang Chen, this is a trick. If you fight, the All Saints Religious Sect will find your whereabouts." Fan Tianyin saw through his trick immediately.

Shen Congtian tried to stay calm, but he never stopped staring at Jiang Chen.

"You can give me thousands of excuses to avoid a fight, but there is only one truth. The real reason is you are weak. You are a good for nothing," he added.

"Shut up!" Fan Tianyin reproached him in anger.

"Tianyin." Jiang Chen stopped her. Taking a step forward, he said amusedly, "You seem to be sure that as long as we fight, the All Saints Religious Sect will be informed."

Shen Congtian understood what he meant. He said immediately, "I'm sure you will use the evil flame or that cauldron. Of course they will be informed."

He was good at using reverse psychology. He kept mocking Jiang Chen, claiming Jiang Chen's strength was not really good, so the latter had to rely on the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the First Cauldron. Those two were exactly what he was scared of. Otherwise, he would not have had any fear facing Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin alone.

"Jiang Chen, he is the saint of the All Saints Religious Sect. He also became an academy disciple lately," Fan Tianyin told him through holy awareness. She did not want him to act on impulse.

Jiang Chen saw through Shen Congtian's state. He was in the Fifth Constellation Palace.

Although he did not have to consider the gap of a constellation palace, if his enemy had two kinds or even three kinds of Qi in the constellation palace, he still would have to watch out. Since even Li Yujian had two kinds of Qi, this man at least had two.

"A coward doesn't deserve Tianyin. A guy like you can't protect Tianyin at all!" Shen Congtian poured fuel on the fire. It was audacious for him to say that.

Jiang Chen said, "Do you really think I will be scared of the All Saints Religious Sect? Don't you think the All Saints Religious Sect will pay the price for what you are doing?"

Shen Congtian was struck dumb. He had the preconception that the man before him was Jiang Chen. He was thrilled for having found Jiang Chen's whereabouts. He thought that as long as he informed his religious sect about it, it would be a great credit to him.

But what Jiang Chen had said warned him. How could he confirm the Jiang Chen before him was the true body? What if he was not, and when the All Saints Religious Sect came, he fled again? He had not thought about that.


As saint, Shen Congtian certainly was not stupid. He got the key point soon. "If you are not the true body, you won't have the bronze cauldron with you, so I won't have to be scared of you."

As to the Sky-burning Evil Flame, he believed Jiang Chen would not run amok since Fan Tianyin was here. He became excited for the change of his mood. He gazed at Fan Tianyin and Qing Xian. His eyes shone with unkindness. It was a major blow that Fan Tianyin had chosen Jiang Chen over him so resolutely. He, who would never force anybody, had completely changed!

"Jiang Chen, you've really underestimated us All Saints Religious Sect. I'm a saint. You think I have no way to deal with you?"

"If you are the true body, you can just kill me, but let me assure you one thing. Before I die, the whole world will know the whereabouts of your true body!"

If that happened, the explosion of Jiang Chen's practicing bodies would have no effect anymore.

Fan Tianyin felt worried.

"If you don't have that cauldron, I'm sorry, because you won't be a match for me. I'll let you watch your woman..."

Laughing complacently, Shen Congtian said, "Today I'll make up to myself for the regret I've had over this last year."

Fan Tianyin felt disgusted at him.

"You will die today," Jiang Chen said.

A slyness flashed in Shen Congtian's eyes. He thought Jiang Chen had taken the bait.

"Stop talking crap then!" Congtian shook the sword in his hand. A light as resplendent as a rainbow was emitted. He threw the sword over before Jiang Chen could get prepared.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You are despicable!" Qing Xian swore right away.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was quick-witted. He stepped back, neither too slowly nor too fast, but the blade just could not catch him.

"Fire Extremity Sword!"

Shen Congtian did not give up. He twisted his wrist. A fire dragon flew out of the tip of the blade and swallowed Jiang Chen.

Qing Xian screamed out of fear.

The corners of Shen Congtian's mouth smiled. He said, "You see? That's how huge the gap between you and me is."

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen's cold voice came from the fierce fire. Then he drew all of the fire into his body. When Jiang Chen showed up again, he opened his mouth. All of the burning fire dashed out of his mouth like a flood.

"It's impossible!" Shen Congtian was petrified. His Lore of Fire had almost achieved completeness. Together with the Lore Martial Realm, its lethality could even pose a threat to capable men. However, Jiang Chen fought back without a problem.

He, always confident, suddenly lost his confidence.

"Ah!" He shouted, dashing forward holding his sword. The Sword Cottage caught the fierce fire.

Jiang Chen had to draw him into the air.

"Fierce Fire Covers the Sky!"

Shen Congtian threw his sword again. The sword momentum was even more fierce and quicker than before. The transcendent force of sword doctrine and the almost complete Lore of Fire worked together to exert the real power of the spirit of martial arts. There was no place to hide in the sky, as if everything would be burnt.

This sword attack was 100 times more powerful than Li Yujian's.

Is the transcendent force of sword doctrine already an average standard here? However, despite such a thought, Jiang Chen did not panic.

The fierce fire swallowed him again. The emotionless sword blade was running amuck in the fire. If it were others, they would have been burnt to ashes.

Shen Congtian had perfectly showed the strength of the Lore of Fire. But, unfortunately, his enemy was Jiang Chen.


His loud voice came again. All of the fire was drawn together to a point like an ebb tide.

This time it was Jiang Chen's fist. He closed his fist tightly. His whole arm was shining.

"Have you seen the gap between you and me?" Jiang Chen asked Shen Congtian, who was as pale as a ghost.


Such a result was unacceptable for Shen Congtian. He had gone all-out. He did not understand what went wrong.

"I've been working on Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi at the same time. The force I've exerted is the real force of sword doctrine. How come?!" Shen Tiancong could not figure it out. He had thought about all kinds of possibilities, but he just refused to believe it was simply because Jiang Chen was stronger than him.

"You want to know why?" Jiang Chen's voice rang out when he was struggling.

Shen Congtian was given a scare, because Jiang Chen had already come up to him.

He's so fast! As soon as this thought occurred to him, Jiang Chen's punch landed. He felt like a giant mountain had bumped up against him. His protective energy was cracked in an instant. Shen Congtian spit up blood out of anger.


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