The Brilliant Fighting Master
1021 Drunk and Disorderly
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1021 Drunk and Disorderly

Different from most news, what had happened to the All Saints Religious Sect did not fade from people's memories as time went by. On the contrary, it created heated discussions and even panics in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts.

All the Divine Religious Sects and Holy Lands were inquiring about the Sky-burning Evil Flame, clone, and transformation body. People knew Jiang Chen had offended these big forces. In spite of the many troubles Jiang Chen had caused, they did not deal with him out of respect for the academics. However, they all believed they could kill Jiang Chen easily if they wanted to. But Jiang Chen turned out to be different from average people. He was a weirdo.

The All Saints Religious Sect's tragedy made these forces very nervous. They wondered what they could do if Jiang Chen dealt with them in the same way. Thinking it over, in the end, they came to understand how helpless the All Saints Religious Sect had been. It was exactly because of such helplessness that the big forces were trying to resolve the problem. They absolutely would not allow a Star Venerable to threaten them! However, since they had not figured out any way yet, no force had expressed their attitude. They were afraid Jiang Chen would bomb them if they did.


In the Sword Cottage, Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin were enjoying their reunion while talking about the future. Fan Tianyin suggested that Jiang Chen's true body find a place to practice in seclusion and leave everything to his practicing bodies. At first, Jiang Chen thought it was a good idea, but in the end, he did not take the suggestion.

"It's not my style," he said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fan Tianyin nodded, agreeing with him. "Then join an academy. There are too many people paying attention to you."

"Let's go together," Jiang Chen said.

"No academy has invited me. Besides, I need to practice the holy method." Fan Tianyin had her own plan. She was going back to the Realm of True Force to seek revenge after mastering the holy method.

Jiang Chen told her he could do it for her.

"I want to do it in person," Fan Tianyin said seriously.

Jiang Chen understood that feeling, so he told her he understood and would always support her.

"I'm going to refine some immortal elixirs for you."

Looking up at his face, Fan Tianyin was beaming. Her dimples showed up.

"Why are you smiling like this?"

"The whole world is so eager for immortal elixirs, and they are so hard to get. However, my little man mentions it as if it's some cheap thing that can be bought anywhere," Fan Tianyin exclaimed.

Jiang Chen smiled complacently, full of pride.

"Let's start a force," Fan Tianyin suddenly said.

"Pardon?" Jiang Chen did not understand what she meant.

"We are free now, footloose and fancy-free. We can go anywhere we want."

"We won't even have any fears or worries if we have enemies."

"But think about it. We are actually falling leaves. We seem to be free, but it is the wind that is blowing us."

Fan Tianyin made Jiang Chen lose himself in his thoughts.

He had lived two lives. He was the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone in his previous life. In this life, he was a young master of some corner of the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the Realm of Nine Heavens. So, he understood why Tianyin had said that. The current spiritual lands had all been occupied, and there would be all kinds of difficulties. That was what Jiang Chen was thinking.

However, seeing Fan Tianyin's black eyes full of expectation, he could not speak it out. Thinking it over, he said, "Okay! Let's start a big force and tread all Divine Religious Sects and Holy Lands under foot!"

"Okay!" Fan Tianyin beamed with joy, expecting such a future to come soon.

"You will be the headmaster, and I will be the vice headmaster," she said.

"No. You can only be the headmaster's wife."

"Why?!" Fan Tianyin was unhappy. With her almond eyes wide open, she said, "Are you looking down on me?"

"Noooo. It's not good if others know the headmaster is sleeping with the vice headmaster," Jiang Chen said mysteriously.

"Go to hell!" Fan Tianyin's pretty face was tinged with an inviting red glow.

Gazing at her, Jiang Chen was lost. He took her into his arms.

Fan Tianyin felt something immediately. Breathing heavily, she felt herself grow weak.

At such an intimate moment, Qing Xian's footsteps could be heard arriving.

When the beautiful girl arrived, the two were still hugging.

"Ah!" Qing Xian turned around right away. She did not even know where to look.

Giving the culprit a stare, Fan Tianyin took her apprentice younger sister's hand immediately. She asked the latter what had happened.

"The All Saints Religious Sect have sent their men here," said Qing Xian.

Fan Tianyin and Jiang Chen exchanged a surprised look.

Three days had passed since the incident. They chose to stay at the Sword Cottage because they supposed no one would expect them to remain on the Thousand Sky Continent.

"Have we been discovered?"

"It doesn't look like it. They seem to have come to pick a fight," said Qing Xian anxiously.

Those people had arrived. Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin hid their energies, waiting to see how things would develop.

Jiang Chen switched on the Eye of Heaven. Following Qing Xian, he was looking at the outside of the bamboo house. A group of esoteric disciples of the All Saints Religious Sect walked up, following Shen Congtian.

"What are you up to?!" Qing Xian questioned.

Pah! Shen Congtian, drunk, smashed the wine pot in his hand into pieces.

"How did that woman know about the holy method? And how did she know where it was kept?!" Shen Congtian was not in a good mood. He was venting his anger under the effects of alcohol.

"We didn't look into it since we caught her, but due to what happened recently, we are sure it was you and your master who sold us out!" An esoteric disciple said.

"That's a vicious slander. Do you have any evidence?!" Qing Xian was not stupid. She denied it.

"Evidence? Someone saw Jiang Chen walk into your Sword Cottage!" Shen Congtian yelled.

Qing Xian turned pale.

Behind the wall, Jiang Chen shook his head. He was sure no one had followed him. Shen Congtian was sounding her out!

Unfortunately, although Qing Xian was smart, she was too naive. Her reaction had confirmed Shen Congtian's assumptions.

"Great! It was really you, bitch!"

Shen Congtian and the esoteric disciples behind him all flew into a rage.

"We'll burn down your Sword Cottage today!"

"We gave your crappy master a place to stay, but you are so ungrateful!"

Qing Xian was so angry that she started to tremble. She could not help but lose her temper. "You stole the holy method in my master's head when he was heavily injured. It's because of you that my master is in such bad condition!"

"The holy method doesn't belong to you All Saints Religious Sect at all!"

However, Shen Congtian and others did not know about it at all. The truth they believed in was what their religious sect told them. What Qing Xian had said sounded ridiculous to them.

"How dare you sling mud at our All Saints Religious Sect! We have to teach you a lesson today!"

Shen Congtian, with a downcast face, came up to Qing Xian and subdued her. Then he took her into the bamboo house.

The other disciples looked at each other in dismay.

"Keep this between us." Soon, they had reached a consensus.

"If I had used force earlier, Jiang Chen wouldn't have had any chance!" Shen Congtian went mad. He was tearing off Qing Xian's clothes.

"Bastard!" To his surprise, a familiar voice came from behind him.

Shen Congtian moved aside as quickly as possible. "Apprentice Elder Sister."

Qing Xian, scared, ran toward Fan Tianyin and hid behind her.

"You are here? Then Jiang Chen?!"

Shen Congtian reacted fast. He was about to call his sibling disciples in, but at this moment, he saw Jiang Chen walking in from outside, while his sibling disciples were lying on the ground. He could not tell whether they were alive or dead.


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