The Brilliant Fighting Master
1020 A Real Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1020 A Real Man

Jiang Chen and Fan Tianyin showed up at the Sword Cottage. Since the first day of the action, Jiang Chen had arranged everything, including how to leave with Fan Tianyin and how to hide their traces to avoid the revenge of the All Saints Religious Sect. That was why the Sword Cottage was deployed with protection—Fan Tianyin and he would not be found by anybody.

"This is...Sword Cottage!" There were too many surprises for Fan Tianyin. As smart as she was, she had to wait for Jiang Chen to explain everything to her.

Jiang Chen told her what had happened over the past years. He did not try to hide anything from her, but told her everything, including about Nangong Xue and being seized by a demon. He always had a peaceful feeling and the impulse to pour out his heart when he was with Fan Tianyin.

"I wondered why you were so young. I see now."

When Jiang Chen mentioned Nangong Xue, Fan Tianyin noted the light in his eyes, but she did not ask him anything. Instead, she showed a naughty smile. "People will think I am robbing the cradle if they don't know the truth. Okay. I've decided. I'll call you my little man in the future."

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Then he told her about the bombing of the All Saints Religious Sect.

Different from a transformation body, his practicing bodies could communicate with each other. In other words, he could ride three horses at once. Furthermore, the practicing bodies could use the Sky-burning Evil Flame as well. As long as the true body hid well, he could keep bombing the All Saints Religious Sect.

"Isn't this your true body?" Fan Tianyin was a little surprised, because she did not find anything unusual. If Jiang Chen did not tell people, no one would be able to detect it.

"My practicing bodies are me. I'm my practicing bodies." Jiang Chen hurried to explain to her. He thought she was confused with the relation between the practicing bodies and the true body. The soul was unique, but it was functioning in three bodies. A practicing body would not have self-awareness.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Then where is your true body?" Fan Tianyin was worried.

"Make a guess." At the mention of this, Jiang Chen felt proud of himself. In this battle with the All Saints Religious Sect, the most crucial thing was to keep his true body unfound. Once his true body was found, he would lose the battle.

That was why in the first few days, the All Saints Religious Sect had been trying so hard to find Jiang Chen's true body. They would not know the person who had gone to Tianshan Square on the first day was his true body. Halfway down the mountainside, he had replaced the true body with a practicing body. As a result, since the vice headmaster showed up, Jiang Chen had never used the First Cauldron again. The Sky-burning Evil Flame could be replicated, but the First Cauldron was a real ware. If it could also be replicated, practicing bodies would be too powerful.

Back then, Jiang Chen's true body was in the disguise of a disciple of the All Saints Religious Sect. He had been hiding on Mount Tianshan. Mount Tianshan had been in chaos then, so no one had noticed him.

In this way, he had been hiding in the All Saints Religious Sect, paying attention to everything happening at the Sky Reaching Peak, because he did not want to kill Tianyin by mistake when he released the evil flame. It seemed to be an insane action, but, in fact, he had planned it pretty well and calculated everything. Jiang Chen was never a reckless man who acted on impulse and cared about nothing, except when he was seized by the demon, and it only happened once.

At that time on Mount Tianshan, many disciples of the All Saints Religious Sect were going in and out, and Jiang Chen also took the chance to leave the mountain. The picturesque Mount Tianshan was almost in ruins. However, it seemed the All Saints Religious Sect was not going to give up. Construction workers had already showed up. Capable men had been called over to restore the places that had been burned. The site that a Holy Land or a Divine Religious Sect selected was never a casual choice. Average places were not able to bear the daily consumption of a Divine Religious Sect. With all of the disciples inhaling and exhaling the spirits of the universe at the same time, the amount of spirit needed was massive. Average places would be out of the spirits of the universe. Plants would die away and the earth would lose the color of life.

Therefore, Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects would be established on spiritual lands. At the beginning of Jiang Chen's action, the spiritual land was not affected. Not until the day when two practicing bodies had exploded at the same time was the spiritual land damaged. As a result, the All Saints Religious Sect had to compromise.

Back to Jiang Chen. His true body walked to the Heaven Divine City. He did not leave right away so that people would not be suspicious of him. Those who had left the city gradually came back, gathering at the foot of Mount Tianshan. At this moment, something shocking happened on Mount Tianshan. Numerous luminous spots fell all over Mount Tianshan, like a rainstorm. Those luminous spots had a wonderful magic. When they made contact with the soil, the soil became extremely fertile. Soon, new saplings grew out of the soil and grew into giant trees quickly. In less than five minutes, the barren Mount Tianshan became verdant again. The landforms that had been severely ruined also recovered through all kinds of magic.

Half an hour later, Mount Tianshan had recovered its old look.

"It's a Divine Religious Sect indeed." Many people exclaimed, including Jiang Chen. As long as the spiritual soil was not damaged, the foundation of the Divine Religious Sect would not be shaken.

If they find my true body, they will still deal with me. Jiang Chen realized. He changed his look in a small alley when no one was around. Then he left the Heaven Divine City quietly.

In the Sword Cottage, Fan Tianyin felt relieved after learning Jiang Chen's true body was safe.

"You are insane. You were hiding on Mount Tianshan!" Fan Tianyin rolled her eyes in an attractive way while speaking. Jiang Chen was aroused by her gentle tone.

"Tianyin." Jiang Chen approached her spontaneously, wrapping his arm around her slim waist.

"No." To his surprise, Fan Tianyin smiled naughtily. Stepping aside agilely, she said, "This is not your true body. I won't make out with you."

"Tianyin, it's the same. The difference between a practicing body and a true body only exists in your mind," Jiang Chen explained. It was true. Even his true body smiled bitterly thousands of miles away.

"I know, but I just feel like you are holding some tool." Fan Tianyin bit her lip. She had killed numerous people. As the bandit head of the Realm of True Force, she was only a woman before she met Jiang Chen. However, gazing at Jiang Chen, she suddenly walked toward him and kissed him lightly on the lips. Before Jiang Chen could respond, she walked away again like an elf.

"Little man, call your true body back." Fan Tianyin said. Then she went to see Mr. Wolong.

The true body had just left the Heaven Divine City. Licking his lips, he sped up involuntarily. When he had come back to Sword Cottage and was going to have some intimate moments with his girl, he found Qing Xian was also there. Detecting the change of his facial expression, Fan Tianyin laughed silently.

Qing Xian, who had just arrived, cast Jiang Chen a complicated look. She seemed to realize why her apprentice elder sister was in love with this man.

Just now, alone in front of Mount Tianshan, Jiang Chen brought the All Saints Religious Sect under control and forced them to give him the holy method. Then he left, holding her apprentice elder sister's hand. She and the other girls on the spot all felt so touched. They felt so jealous of Fan Tianyin.

At the moment, news had spread everywhere, saying that Jiang Chen, a Star Venerable, had compelled a Divine Religious Sect to obey him.

"A real man!" Many hot-blooded men exclaimed from the bottom of their hearts after learning the whole story.

"Gosh, if I were that woman, I would be as happy as a clam." Women were impressed by Jiang Chen's heroic spirit.

In the Seventh Realm dominated by Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects, a young man without any background had the nerve to intrude into a Divine Religious Sect alone for the sake of his lover.

It sounded so unrealistic.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》