The Brilliant Fighting Master
1019 Release Her!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1019 Release Her!

The wreckage caused by the explosion on this day was far worse than that caused over the three previous days, because the All Saints Religious Sect, thinking they had solved the problem, did not expect Jiang Chen to survive.

Mount Tianshan was destroyed—especially the Complex Yuan Palace, which was in ruins by then.

All the disciples of the All Saints Religious Sect left Mount Tianshan to search every house in the city. In the meantime, they banned onlookers from the city.

"They want to keep the enemy from Mount Tianshan!"

Becoming aware of the All Saints Religious Sect's intentions, many people found it was not safe to stay in the city either, so they all left.

At the same time, the All Saints Religious Sect sent some great tactical formation masters and ward masters to strengthen the defense of Mount Tianshan.

On the other hand, the All Saints Religious Sect was trying every possibility to look for Jiang Chen's true body. As long as they could find his true body, all of the crises would be naturally resolved. However, due to what had happened on the previous day, no one knew how many transformation bodies Jiang Chen had. It made it even more difficult to find him quickly. And he was attacking more frequently. He appeared again that night.

His line was always the same. He claimed he had come here to negotiate, but without giving the All Saints Religious Sect any chance to speak, he just intruded into Mount Tianshan directly to blow everything up. The wards and the tactical formations the All Saints Religious Sect had deployed did not work at all. The All Saints Religious Sect finally realized they should change their strategy.

At the start of the next day, a voice came from Mount Tianshan. "We'll negotiate with you! Whatever you want, we can talk. Please don't just blow everything up!"

The voice would repeat every ten minutes, because they were afraid the unpredictable Jiang Chen would surprise them again.

"Are they scared?" More and more onlookers were gathering. They were all out of the city, asking about the situation on Mount Tianshan through all kinds of sources. They went into an uproar after learning the All Saints Religious Sect's attitude. It was unprecedented that a Divine Religious Sect would lower their noble heads.

However, Jiang Chen would not stop so easily since he had been conned by them once.

Early the next morning, he walked through numerous killing formations and wards in a casual way. Then he detonated the bombs he was carrying at the foot of Mount Tianshan.

"Jiang Chen! Don't go too far! An explosion has no morality! It will cost you your own life in the end!" The All Saints Religious Sect said again, extremely angry.

Compared to the compromises of the previous day, this day's threat was more shocking. The noble Divine Religious Sect was threatening a Star Venerable. That was beyond imagination! It was really humiliating, since it was about the dignity of Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects.

The All Saints Religious Sect could bring Fan Tianyin here the next day so that Jiang Chen would not run amok. However, if they really did that, the All Saints Religious Sect would lose face completely.

The All Saints Religious Sect was already at their wit's end. They had to use Fan Tianyin.

Jiang Chen's response was also simple.

At dusk, two transformation bodies appeared at the same time. After landing on different sides of Mount Tianshan, they detonated themselves.

Mount Tianshan kept quaking. A fierce fire started and went on burning for the whole night.

"This guy is really something."

"A maniac!"

"Only a man like him has the nerve to kill Ancients on the king level!"

"The All Saints Religious Sect is really unlucky!"

"Will all of them die in the end?"

"A man with nothing to lose fears nobody. If that really happens, the All Saints Religious Sect will be removed from the Divine Religious Sects."

This night, nobody could sleep. The fire kept burning. Not until dawn did it extinguish gradually.


When the sun rose, a woman flew out of Mount Tianshan. It was an extremely pretty woman. This was the first thing that occurred to most people. Then they realized the All Saints Religious Sect had given up. They had released the hostage!

"Apprentice Elder Sister!" Qing Qian, in the crowd, was extremely emotional. Tears welled up in her eyes.

The woman was Fan Tianyin. Her beauty was not of the plain kind. With exquisitely smooth crystal-clear skin and a perfect red-lipped small mouth, it was not exaggerating at all to call her a stunning woman. Wearing black and with an aloof but handsome look, she seemed to have a heroic spirit. She had no idea at all what had happened. Her brows knitted with puzzlement. She was even startled when seeing Mount Tianshan.

"Tianyin!" A familiar voice rang out. Fan Tianyin looked over, unable to believe what she was seeing. The man she had been thinking about every day walked toward her. It was like a dream.

After making sure this was not just a dream, she turned serious. Grasping Jiang Chen's wrist, she was going to run away with him. No matter what had happened, it was not safe to stay here. However, Jiang Chen stopped her, telling her to take it easy.

"Did you suffer over this last year?" Jiang Chen asked her gently.

The question made the All Saints Religious Sect very nervous.

Those next to Shen Tiancong looked toward him all together. Their looks were horrifying.

"No. No! I never touched her. Not even a finger!" Shen Tiancong's arrogance was gone. He hurried to argue for himself.

In the air, Fan Tianyin shook her head. Not until then did the All Saints Religious Sect feel relieved.

"Jiang Chen, did you do all this? Really?" Fan Tianyin still could not believe it.

"You knew nothing about what had happened during these days?" Jiang Chen asked.

"I only heard many noises. I thought some strong enemy had come. I was going to escape, but the All Saints Religious Sect released me."

Fan Tianyin gradually realized what had happened. Flushing, she said excitedly, "Did you come here to rescue me?"

"Since today, no one will be able to hurt you anymore," Jiang Chen said.

Fan Tianyin's eyes lit up. There was love and tenderness in her eyes.

"Have you got the holy method?" Jiang Chen asked.

Shaking her head, Fan Tianyin tumbled to the reason that Jiang Chen had asked her.

"Give us the holy method. This is my condition."

As she had thought, Jiang Chen yelled in a profound voice at Mount Tianshan. People had thought the thing was over. They could not help but exclaim again.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So, the condition Jiang Chen had been talking about was not to give the religious sect something in exchange for his lover, but he wanted the All Saints Religious Sect to pay the price for keeping Fan Tianyin in prison for one year!

"Tough! He is really a tough guy!" Many people swore involuntarily.

No response came from Mount Tianshan. After a long silence, the vice headmaster's voice came just when Jiang Chen was getting impatient.

"We'll give you the holy method, but you shouldn't set yourself against the All Saints Religious Sect anymore." He said this through holy awareness. Jiang Chen was the only one who heard him.

"As long as you behave," Jiang Chen said.

Soon, an esoteric disciple flew from Mount Tianshan, carrying the holy method Fan Tianyin wanted. This esoteric disciple was Li Yujian. She felt quite conflicted. What Jiang Chen had told her in the forbidden land was echoing in her ears.

Jiang Chen had not only made it, but also made it in a nice way.

"Congratulations." She said in a low voice, giving him the holy method.

"Tianyin, check it out." Jiang Chen gave the holy method to Fan Tianyin directly.

Fan Tianyin had not expected the All Saints Religious Sect to be so obedient. Seeing the tragic condition of Mount Tianshan, she realized why. She felt quite proud of Jiang Chen.

"Yes. That's what I want." Fan Tianyin said immediately.


Holding Fan Tianyin's hand, Jiang Chen left with her under people's gazes.

The two came onto a mountain and left through an ancient formation Jiang Chen had deployed. Many nosy people who had followed them kept exclaiming, "This Jiang Chen isn't simple."

He had even prepared a transmitting formation in advance. It meant he had anticipated the result.

He was not only audacious, but also very prudent.

Will the All Saints Religious Sect swallow this? At the same time, a question arose in everyone's head.


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