The Brilliant Fighting Master
1018 Two Explosions!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1018 Two Explosions!

No one from the All Saints Religious Sect had the nerve to act recklessly. A long time had passed, but they still did not respond. Anyone could see that the All Saints Religious Sect were scared. However, they could not show it in the presence of so many people.

Jiang Chen did not have any concerns. He walked toward Mount Tianshan. He got on the elders' nerves, but they could do nothing but watch him walk by them.

People thought, It's unprecedented for a Star Venerable to be so intimidating. He intimidated a Divine Religious Sect by himself.

"Let's talk then." A familiar voice came from Mount Tianshan. It was the vice headmaster of the All Saints Religious Sect. So Jiang Chen walked onto the mountainside calmly this time and was brought to a remote palace. This certainly was not what people wanted to see. Many people had come this day to see the power of the Sky-burning Evil Flame.

However, on second thought, it did make sense that the All Saints Religious Sect had taken such measures.

"The thing is, will the All Saints Religious Sect really talk to him?"

A new doubt arose in people's minds. They came up with an answer after thinking it over. The answer was no!

No Divine Religious Sect would allow anyone to challenge their dignity. Jiang Chen bombed Mount Tianshan twice in a row. The All Saints Religious Sect definitely would not swallow this.

"Jiang Chen has been taken to the Complex Yuan Palace!"

The latest news came from Mount Tianshan soon. People went into an uproar. As they had expected, the All Saints Religious Sect was going to settle the score with Jiang Chen. The Complex Yuan Palace was used as the training place of the All Saints Religious Sect. When royal members or Sacred Lords came to seek advice, they would all have a fight there.

The Complex Yuan Palace was an independent world. No matter what kind of astonishing damage had been created inside, the outside world would not be affected.

Jiang Chen had no idea about the legends or the significance of the Complex Yuan Palace, but he had no choice—the All Saints Religious Sect was taking him there. Many people knew this incident would be the end of this story. 


In the Complex Yuan Palace, Jiang Chen was standing at the center. On his left and right side were grand supreme elders. In front of him was the vice headmaster. All of them looked emotionless and gloomy.

"You want to take Fan Tianyin away with you?" the vice headmaster asked. "She intended to steal a very important holy method of our religious sect. How should we settle this?"

"At least bring Tianyin here," Jiang Chen said disdainfully.

Looking down, the vice headmaster did not answer. If they brought Fan Tianyin here, she would absolutely disclose the secret that the holy method did not belong to the All Saints Religious Sect at all. In fact, Jiang Chen already knew that, but he could not let them know that he knew, because that would get the Sword Cottage involved.

"Give us the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the bronze cauldron, and we'll let her go," a grand supreme elder said. He was the master of Chang Qing.

"We All Saints Religious Sect made you this offer out of the utmost good faith, after all that you did!" the vice headmaster said.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He knew the All Saints Religious Sect did not want any negotiation at all.

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

Chang Qing's master was very unhappy with him. He was making an effort to hold his temper.

"If I give you the evil flame and the cauldron, won't you be able to decide my fate?!"

"Do you seriously think you can threaten a Divine Religious Sect in this way?" The vice headmaster and all of the grand supreme elders flew into a rage.

"If this is what a Divine Religious Sect is like, I really don't understand how you've kept a foothold in the Seventh Realm!"

"We know about your trick. You won't even have the chance to regret anything when we find your true body."

"We had already started to look for your true body before you came here."

They thought the Jiang Chen in front of them was Jiang Chen's transformation body. Although there were still many questionable points that they could not explain, it seemed to be the only explanation they could think of. A transformation body was not always able to react to a true body, especially in this palace.

They could show their hand without concerns, while Jiang Chen's true body was waiting outside for the news, ignorant of all this.

"Even if you release the evil flame again, it won't work," the vice headmaster said.

"You've made a mistake about the most important thing. I'm here to negotiate with you, not here to give you something in exchange for Tianyin." What Jiang Chen said was confusing. Then he glanced over everyone present.

"You've kept my woman in prison for more than a year. I'm here to talk with you about the compensation you have to make," Jiang Chen added.

Those of the All Saints Religious Sect flew into a rage immediately. "Die!" Chang Qing's master could not hold his temper anymore. He finally launched an attack.

The vice headmaster and others did not stop him, but they were watching out for Jiang Chen's evil flame.

Although Jiang Chen was not a rival for a grand supreme elder, he did not resort to the First Cauldron. He let the elder punch him in the chest to take his life away.

"Thank you, All Saints Religious Sect. Thanks to you, I was releasing the evil flame unscrupulously over the past two days, and the lore of fire of mine has improved a lot. Even if you kill me now, the evil flame can still be released."

As soon as he finished speaking, a hot wave could be felt, and the evil flame was released.

"Open!" The vice headmaster had prepared for it. He started the secret weapon of the Complex Yuan Palace.

A door was open where Jiang Chen was standing. Under his feet was a sky where wind was whooshing around. He could even see flowing clouds. Jiang Chen fell through the door. Then the door was shut, and the floor went back to normal.

People felt relieved. Although they did not have the Saint King Clock or the Star Picking Hand this time to offset the power of the evil flame, it would not affect them since it had been transmitted to another world.

"Have we caught his true body?!"

That was what they cared about most.

"Yes. He is in the Heaven Divine City!"

"Bring him here!"

Then the crowd waiting at the foot of Mount Tianshan saw a team of strong men of the Divine Religious Sect dashing into a restaurant in the city, as fast as shooting stars.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Soon, they took a person out of there and brought him back to Mount Tianshan.

People recognized that it was Jiang Chen. "There are two Jiang Chen?" They were confused, but they tumbled to the fact soon enough that this was a trick of the transformation body and the true body.

Jiang Chen used his transformation body to commit suicide. In this way, he harmed the All Saints Religious Sect greatly. The All Saints Religious Sect, after two losses, finally came to themselves in time. They found the true body. In this way, the incident was completely over.

No one would believe Jiang Chen's true body would commit suicide as well. However, Jiang Chen surprised the world again. He let the Sky-burning Evil Flame go out of control in the area of Mount Tianshan once again.

Fortunately, the All Saints Religious Sect had evacuated most of their disciples this day, and they had been fully prepared. The Star Picking Hand and the Saint King Clock that had been repaired suppressed the Sky-burning Evil Flame.

Since it was in the air and the disturbance created was great, a hurricane started due to the bumping of energies. The hurricane affected the whole Mount Tianshan. Many trees were uprooted and blown up into the sky.

However, compared to the last two days, the situation was much better.

Unfortunately, the Saint King Clock had a crack afterward. The vice headmaster was heartbroken about it.

People's reaction was pretty much the same as on the first day. They all thought Jiang Chen had sacrificed himself. After all, both Jiang Chen had been found. One of them was the transformation body, and the other was the true body.

"He still tried too hard."

"After all, this is a Divine Religious Sect. If they give in so easily, it will be a shame for them."

"What a pity. He had a transformation body at such a young age. He could have a bright future."

Most people left feeling pity for Jiang Chen, but some people chose to stay in the city. They stayed for the same reason, because they had not given up hope. They believed the tide would be turned again.

"I'm here to negotiate."

Early next morning, the nightmare voice for the All Saints Religious Sect appeared again over the Welcoming Guests Square.

Jiang Chen was quite direct this time. He dashed into the area of Mount Tianshan straight from the air.


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