The Brilliant Fighting Master
1015 Proceeding Onward
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1015 Proceeding Onward

However, Jiang Chen showed a fighting prowess that exceeded everyone's expectations greatly. The two Almighty Elders were both heavily injured by a single strike and fell from the air.

"This is..."

Many people were stunned, and they realized that a super-important event was occurring on this day.

Jiang Chen wore an apathetic expression and pulled out his Red Cloud Sword and took the two elders' lives.


Many people sucked in their breaths and wondered whether what they had just seen was real. However, as they observed them carefully, they realized that the elders had started turning into flames.

The sound of bells signaling the arrival of enemies reverberated throughout the whole Heavenly Mountain, and even the people standing before the mountain could clearly feel that several powerful auras were flying over. After a while, core disciples, esoteric disciples, and Almighty Elders appeared, one after the other.

"Who are you? You unexpectedly dare to attack us in such a demented manner," an esoteric disciple spoke angrily.

"It's Chang Qing!"

"He's the most powerful disciple among the third generation's esoteric disciples, and he's even more powerful than the Almighty Elders."

"Does that man want to get the limelight so much that he doesn't mind losing his life?"

The crowd started discussing this matter spiritedly, and news about it quickly spread to all corners of the city.

"I'm Jiang Chen, and I have come to talk about the conditions with you," Jiang Chen said.

"Jiang Chen?"

Upon hearing this name, many people furrowed their brows. They felt like they had heard it somewhere, yet they still couldn't recall where.

"Talk about the conditions? You have killed our sect's members, and so there isn't any room for discussion of any conditions."

"Kill him!" The faces of Almighty Elders were filled with anger.

As the order was passed down, they were about to set a formation and join their power to kill Jiang Chen.

"Wait! Just let me deal with him." The esoteric disciple called Chan Qing disdained to bully Jiang Chen with a large number of people and wanted to depend on his power to defeat Jiang Chen alone.

"You are just a trifling Star Venerable, yet you still dare to provoke the All Saints Sect. It's extremely foolish!" As Chan Qing spoke, he pulled out a blade, and as the blade's aura started rising, he really seemed like a great master. His blade possessed a sharp and deadly aura, and it seemed like he had mastered the Blade Doctrine, better even than Li Yujian.

Jiang Chen just snorted and didn't bother taking out his sword. He charged at him directly.

"You are courting death!" Chan Qing shouted angrily, and his whole body's power erupted. He wanted to cut Jiang Chen in half!

The crowd believed that he was able to achieve such a matter because he was the head of the esoteric disciples and possessed great prestige.

However, when the blade was lowered, golden light erupted out of Jiang Chen's body. The blade ended up striking Jiang Chen's hand, and a crisp metallic sound echoed out then. It wasn't limited to just this, as blazing light emanated from Jiang Chen's palm, while countless arcs of lightning flickered.

Chang Qing spouted a mouthful of blood and was sent flying away. He fell on the ground and suffered even more injuries due to the impact. No one reacted in time and caught him!

"Senior brother Chang Qing!" After a short while, several disciples rushed to him to help him

"He will surely die," Jiang Chen said coldly, as he pulled out the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"Set a formation and kill him." The Almighty Elders became restless and attacked one after the other. This was the strongest attack that had appeared since the conflict started. Several Almighty Elders and esoteric disciples used a battle formation to make a powerful attack.

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen shouted, as a completely different golden light emanated from his body. The eight groups of spiritual beings would make an attack!

The Azure Demon and the Black Dragon swept at all the people and sent them flying away.

As for Jiang Chen, his Heavenly Fault Sword proceeded forward and penetrated Chang Qing's chest. The third generation's most outstanding esoteric disciple ended up dying while oblivious to the cause.

Jiang Chen, who had just committed a grave crime, didn't try to escape and didn't even look at the people who surrounded him, as he sent them flying away. He started taking quick steps up the mountain road and proceeded forward

The disciples and Almighty Beings exchanged glances, before they followed Jiang Chen, while asking for reinforcements from the sect.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After a short while, Jiang Chen reached the middle of the mountain. An inescapable net was already set up there. There were two supreme Elders, a large group of esoteric disciples, as well as a Head Disciple.

"Was Chang Qing killed by him?" One of the supreme Elders asked while gritting his teeth.

The people following Jiang Chen quickly responded.

"You are just trash!" The supreme Elder spoke angrily and started cursing. He said, "Our esoteric disciple was killed by someone in front of our mountain. It's really a great humiliation, a great humiliation!"

This wasn't the real reason why he was angry. The reason behind it was that Chang Qing was his beloved disciple.

"I will skin you alive, pull out your tendons, before sending them to your friends and relatives." The supreme Elder stared at Jiang Chen and stated these vicious words.

"I had said that I came to talk about conditions with you, but it seems like you won't listen to me," Jiang Chen said.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen caught a glimpse of one of his acquaintances among the crowd.

Li Yujian was among the esoteric disciples, and she looked at Jiang Chen while wearing a complex expression. She didn't expect that Jiang Chen would really come, and it was only a quick glance. It was like she imagined. However, she had assumed that it would happen only after Jiang Chen become a disciple of the academy, an Emperor, or a Sacred Lord. He hadn't achieved any of those, and he was still just at the Second Constellation Palace, yet he still dared to charge into the All Saints Sect alone.

There wasn't any room left for discussing conditions since Jiang Chen had killed important people. The supreme Elder attacked. He was holding in his hand a blade as thin as a cicada's wing, which emitted a dazzling light.

The eight groups of spiritual beings and Jiang Chen's divine body wouldn't be enough to block such a blade strike. Jiang Chen activated once again the All Beginnings Cauldron. It was an artifact able to break all kinds of techniques. The giant bronze cauldron ended up colliding with the supreme Elder in the air. Even though the supreme Elder's blade technique was outstanding, the blade was still easily crushed by the bronze cauldron, and the supreme Elder ended up suffering heavy injuries due to the impact's tremendous power.

The All Saints Sect members discovered in alarm that when the supreme Elder flew back, blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth.

"How is this possible?"

The disciples protecting the center of the mountain became restless and gave up on their idea of attacking Jiang Chen. They were afraid of becoming the second Chang Qing!

Jiang Chen continued proceeding forward while holding the cauldron, and he bypassed the center of the mountain and stepped into the All Saints Sect's lands.

It was also at that moment that lightning, fire, blades, swords, and all kinds of ferocious attacks were directed to the place where Jiang Chen was standing. It was a formation! However, it still couldn't stop Jiang Chen, and it couldn't even harm him. It was even broken easily by him.

Jiang Chen continued proceeding with irresistible force, while followed by a large group of All Saints Sect's disciples and elders. This could be considered an unprecedented moment in the All Saints Sect's history.

However, it was probably just Jiang Chen's intrusive way, or his young age, which prevented the All Saints Sect from realizing how grave this issue was.

It was only after Jiang Chen reached deep into their region that the All Saints Sect members sobered up. Several treasures' radiances appeared in the sky, while many powerful auras appeared suddenly.

A group of supreme Elders holding all kinds of magical treasures, as well as an Emperor Expert, surrounded Jiang Chen.

"What conditions did you come to discuss?" Before they started the fight, the Emperor asked out of curiosity. "I'm the Deputy Sect Master, and you can just go ahead and inform me."

"I want you to release someone. Would you consider it?" Jiang Chen said.

"What will happen if we release him, and what happens if we don't want to release him?" The Deputy Sect Master asked.

"If you release her, you will avert suffering a disaster. If you don't release her, there won't be even a chicken or a dog left alive in the All Saints Sect."

"I admit that you are slightly skilled. But, it's still not enough to challenge a divine sect. Aren't you too naive? You can release the cauldron if you want because our All Saints Sect is able to deal with it, and any two supreme Elders present here are enough to deal with you. This is why you aren't qualified to discuss any conditions with us." The Deputy Sect Master analyzed both sides and informed Jiang Chen of his current situation clearly.

"It means then that you won't release her, is that it?" Jiang Chen continued asking as if he didn't realize how grave his current situation was.


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