The Brilliant Fighting Master
1014 Let“s Discuss the Conditions
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1014 Let“s Discuss the Conditions

This young girl's name was Qing Xian, and she took Jiang Chen to meet her master while harboring indescribable feelings.

Jiang Chen was quite surprised when he witnessed Mister Wo Long's state. He was aware that he wasn't in a good state, but he didn't expect that it was this grave. It wasn't as if he couldn't move, because even though he was bedridden, he still seemed vigorous and healthy.

However, if one observed him carefully, one would notice that his gaze was vacant, while his expression was dull. Someone must have forcefully searched his memory and damaged his brain. As he thought back to the fact that the All Saints Sect had stolen the Holy Skill, as well as Qing Xian's attitude toward them, he could roughly guess what had happened.

"My master's state is becoming worse as time passes. In the past, he was still able to sober up occasionally and teach my senior sister. But after my senior sister was captured, he turned into this present state," Qing Xian said.

This was the reason why she had questioned Jiang Chen and asked him why he came here. If she Jiang Chen hadn't mentioned Fan Tianyin's name, she wouldn't have brought him here.

"Is there only you left in the Sword Cottage now?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That is right!"

"Aren't you afraid of the All Saints Sect's revenge?"

"My master was their Guest Elder, and they announced that he suffered an evildoer's attack, which was why they helped him settle here to show the great demeanor of a divine sect." Qing Xian sneered coldly and spoke mockingly, "As long as I don't utter a single word about the affair, they will protect the Sword Cottage and assure that no one will disturb it."

"Are they aware that Fan Tianyin is your senior sister?" Jiang Chen asked.

"They shouldn't be aware of that, what about it?" Qing Xian didn't understand why he raised such a question.

"I plan to attack the All Saints Sect, and it will be better for you to leave the Sword Cottage for the time being so that you won't be implicated."

"Just by yourself?" Qing Xian wanted to ask how he would carry out such an attack because since he stated that he was worried about the All Saints Sect's revenge, it was obvious that he was confident in inflicting heavy losses on the All Saints Sect.

"That is right!" It was a pity that Jiang Chen's reply just bewildered her even more.

However, as she thought about it, she found it quite normal for Jiang Chen to be by himself because he came from the Three Lower Realms.

"It's useless! My senior sister surely doesn't hope for you to go there to throw away your life," Qing Xian said. She had assumed that Jiang Chen wanted to do it just to show his resolution and sacrifice himself to demonstrate something. Such actions were really too foolish!

"I'm well aware of the current situation," Jiang Chen said.

After this, he inspected Mister Long's state. It was really difficult to treat brain damage like this. Moreover, even if he managed to treat it, the patient would still lose a large part of his memory.

"You have said that your master was previously able to sober up, didn't you?"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen recalled what Qing Xian had said, and he got another idea. According to his experience, this meant that it wasn't Mister Wo Long's brain that suffered irreversible damages, but that such symptoms were caused by something else. It could be caused by clogged blood or by mental stress. As long as he solved those issues, Mister Wo Long would start recovering gradually.

However, his treatment method gave rise to a long argument because Jiang Chen wanted to open Wo Long's brain, which meant that he would need to split open his head. When he informed Qing Xian, she had pulled out her sword as he expected, and she warned him and forbid him from messing around.

Jiang Chen then just started pondering about Fan Tianyin's matter, and he started carrying out his plan the next day. He didn't really have a great plan, and he just went to the Heaven Divine City's Heavenly Mountain to look around.

The Heavenly Mountain was the All Saints Sect's mountain, and it like this city's imperial palace. It had a special significance! The region right before the mountain was also the most prosperous district of the city, and many influential people could be seen everywhere here. Moreover, there were also many All Saints Sect's disciples going through the road on the mountain.

Before the mountain was an expansive plaza, which was supervised by many disciples on patrol wearing stern gazes.

Ordinary people couldn't easily set foot here, and when Jiang Chen strode forward, many people looked at him.

"Stop!" An All Saints Sect's disciple near the mountain stopped him.

"What are you doing?" Another disciple shouted in a deep voice. He was wearing a stern look, which informed everyone clearly that he wasn't someone to be trifled with.

"I want to meet your sect master and have a chat with him," Jiang Chen said.

The passers-by assumed that Jiang Chen would be scared away and didn't expect to hear such words. They were taken aback for one or two seconds, before they all burst out laughing.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even the disciple who had shouted at him chuckled, but his gaze was still ice-cold.

"Did you assume that just anyone can come to our All Saints Sect to mess around?" He asked.

"I'm serious."

"Ha, ha, ha!" The All Saints Sect's disciple couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"I will give you one last chance. It will be better for you to leave the plaza quickly," the disciple shouted arrogantly and strode forward several steps while wearing a weird expression, which made one itch to give him a beating.

"Fine!" Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and suddenly raised his hand and thrust his fist at that guy's face.

The disciple ended up falling to the ground because Jiang Chen used too much power.

At this moment, this whole place descended into silence.

"D*mn!" Many noble young masters couldn't help but curse.

A person ran into the All Saints Sect's guest plaza and beat a senior disciple to the ground. He surely wanted to create a disturbance!

Countless gazes fell upon Jiang Chen and examined him thoroughly.

"Kill him!" A large amount of blood flowed out of the mouth of that All Saints Sect's arrogant disciple, and he shouted angrily.

The other disciples in the plaza charged at Jiang Chen and attacked mercilessly. Jiang Chen's previous actions were enough reason to kill him.

Moreover, the senior disciples here assumed that Jiang Chen wouldn't be too powerful because he was quite young, and they didn't imagine that he was a Star Venerable. This was why, in the twinkling of an eye, a large group of senior disciples fell on the ground and started screaming miserably.

Jiang Chen continued proceeding forward, as if he had just accomplished a trivial matter, which wasn't worth mentioning.

After a short while, sonorous bells echoed around the plaza, and dazzling radiance emanated from the mountain's gate, while the stones on the plaza took on a red luster.

"It's a formation!" People with discerning eyes were aware of what it was.

"Drop dead!" The arrogant All Saints Sect's disciple laughed heartily. It was him who had activated the formation, and he wanted to burn Jiang Chen to death.

Jiang Chen didn't utter a single word and just moved toward the disciple and held him by his clothes. Just after this, he started walking toward those stones in front of the crowd's unbelieving gazes.

"What do you want to do?" The disciple held by Jiang Chen was frightened.

Jiang Chen just turned a deaf ear to him and stepped on the red limestone and was immediately devoured by raging flames. A miserable screamed echoed among the flames.

"Did he go mad?"

The people here looked at each other in dismay. They didn't understand what Jiang Chen wanted to accomplish.

"Look over there!"

It was only after a while that someone realized that Jiang Chen had disregarded the flames thoroughly. Then they understood that Jiang Chen wanted to accomplish something great here. The senior disciples realized that they couldn't deal with such a person, and they all moved back.

When Jiang Chen was about to set foot on the flight of steps, an angry shout echoed from the mountain.

"Daring lad. You unexpectedly dare to commit a crime in our All Saints Sect!"

"Since you killed our sect's member, you must pay for it with your blood."

Two elders of the divine sect flew over and pounced on Jiang Chen as an eagle would pounce on a rabbit.

The crowd opened their eyes wide to see how Jiang Chen would deal with them.

"I came to discuss conditions," Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

Jiang Chen started flying and waving his fists. He wanted to face the two All Saints Sect's elders head-on!

Even though they weren't supreme elders, those two elders were still Almighty Experts, and, for someone as young as Jiang Chen, trying to face them wasn't any different than trying to hit a stone with an egg.


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