The Brilliant Fighting Master
1013 Sword Cottage
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1013 Sword Cottage

In a luxurious restaurant in Heaven Divine City, the waiter gave Jiang Chen a meaningful signal with his eyes and ushered him to an inconspicuous table in the corner. A man wearing a hat was sitting there, and it seemed as if he didn't notice Jiang Chen's arrival. He sat, looking at his wine.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen sat down, and, when he was just about to speak, the guy looked up at him with a sharp gaze. This person in front of him had been introduced to Jiang Chen by someone else, and he was the Thousand Skies Continent's jack-of-all-trades.

"Is the person you are looking for from the True Force Realm and does she have Holy Pulses?" The man spoke.

"That's right." Jiang Chen didn't expect that he was really skilled. He figured he could find out this much just through a name.

"If you want to save her, then it's nearly hopeless, because she has always been imprisoned in the All Saints Sect. However, you can still rejoice slightly because she's just imprisoned and she hasn't suffered any harm," the jack-of-all-trades said. Then he took a folded piece of white paper and passed it to him

"The info you want is written on it."

Jiang Chen quickly took it and handed the guy the promised remuneration.

"Friend, I must advise you not to do anything foolish. If she were in the mine, it might still have been possible for you to save her. But, since she's in the All Saints Sect, it's hopeless unless you are a Sacred Lord."

The jack-of-all-trades stood up, left such a warning behind, and departed.

Jiang Chen opened the paper, and he found Fan Tianyin's deeds described there.

A year ago, she had come to the Thousand Skies Continent and paid a visit to a senior, before she sneaked into the All Saints Sect and stole a peerless Holy Skill.

After her actions were exposed, she ran out into the edge of the Thousand Skies Continent, and she almost managed to achieve an impressive feat and escape by depending upon the Star Venerable Realm's power.

Since then, Fan Tianyin had become a prisoner in the All Saints Sect, and she should have been sent to work in the mine. However, the sect's saint had taken a liking to her because she possessed an outstanding look and demeanor, and she was imprisoned in the sect's Overreaching Peak.

The Sacred Child was proud and arrogant, and he disdained to force himself on her, and, if this hadn't been the case, he wouldn't have left her at such a conspicuous location in the sect.

He had revealed his talents and skills to her to capture her heart, but he didn't gain anything out of it, and it continued like this until this day. The Sacred Child had already become a disciple of an academy, while Fan Tianyin was still imprisoned there.

Moreover, since the Sacred Child would shortly go to the academy, and his patience was exhausted. He planned to send Fan Tianyin to the dungeon, where she wouldn't get to see daylight ever again.

"There isn't much time left."

After he got this news, Jiang Chen realized that Fan Tianyin would suffer just as the Azure Demon had said.

"I must save her!"

The All Saints Sect was obviously more dangerous than the dungeon, and, even if a Sacred Lord charged in there, he might not necessarily manage to escape unscathed.

While Jiang Chen was fretting, he suddenly had a brilliant idea. He drank his wine in one gulp, while a ferocious glint flickered in his eyes.


After a short while, Jiang Chen arrived at one of the Thousand Skies Continent's famous mountains and started looking around there. He found a set of stone steps, and he walked down them to the depths of the mountain.

When he reached the end of the stone steps, Jiang Chen witnessed a stone tablet, which had the words Sword Cottage written on it. This was the residence of the senior Fan Tianyin had paid a visit to.

"Who comes here?"

When Jiang Chen was just about to stride forward, a person flew out from the Sword Cottage. She was a beautiful young girl clad in pretty clothes, and she was holding a sharp sword in her hands. She landed on the ground gracefully, and she was really a great young beauty.

"I came to pay a visit to Mister Long," Jiang Chen said.

"Why do you want to meet my master? What is it for?" The young girl examined him with her big eyes. She was vigilant!

"Are you a disciple of the All Saints Sect?" She didn't wait for Jiang Chen's reply and started questioning him.

"No!" Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "May I ask, where is your revered master?"

The young girl lowered the sword in her hands. It was probably due to Jiang Chen's courteous attitude.

"My master's body isn't in a good state. Is the matter you came for quite important?"

"It's very important," Jiang Chen replied earnestly.

"Why don't you inform me first?" The young girl didn't plan to easily let him meet her master.

Jiang Chen mulled it over for a moment, before he raised his chin, and stated a name. He could clearly see that the young girl's expression changed greatly then. It seemed like she had understood something, and her expression became quite complex.

"Come with me." The young girl led him into the Sword Cottage.

Jiang Chen quickly noticed that if one wasn't led by someone through the entrance, he would be stranded by the formation set here. Although, a formation of such a level was useless against Jiang Chen.

They turned around several times on the road, before they came to a vast clearing. Jiang Chen's eyes lit up then, and he started examining this place. The Sword Cottage deep in the mountain was really exquisite, and the bamboo hut here had almost fused with the mountain's scenery. A spring was flowing from a high altitude, and it formed a limpid pond near the bamboos.

When they neared the biggest bamboo house here, the young girl came to a stop, before she suddenly pulled out her sword and thrust it at the region between Jiang Chen's eyes.

Jiang Chen didn't move, nor did he even raise his brows.

The sword came to a stop only when there were several inches left between them.

The young girl furrowed her brows and said, "Why didn't you try dodging it?"

It was unlikely that Jiang Chen didn't manage to react in time because she didn't witness any panic on his face.

"There isn't any murderous aura emanating from your sword. Are you just trying to probe me?" Jiang Chen asked.

The young girl snorted coldly, and this could be considered a reply.

"Do you know Fan Tianyin?"

"She's my senior sister." Jiang Chen spoke loudly.

"Your senior sister? Are you the Jiang Chen that my senior sister mentioned?" The young girl curled her lips, and she couldn't help but state what was on her mind, "You are really disappointing!"

"Why are you saying this?" Jiang Chen didn't get angry.

"My senior sister was persisting and waiting for you to come. But, when you come now, you don't do anything." The young girl's tone was filled with disappointment. She said, "Don't count on my master, if he could save her, he would have done it long ago."

"Can you give me more details about this matter."

As the young girl narrated the affair to him, Jiang Chen gradually got an understanding of the path that Fan Tianyin had walked through in the past. She had searched everywhere in the Three Middle Realms for a Holy Skill suitable to her, and her search had led her to the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm. In the end, she learned that the Sword Cottage's Master, Wo Long, possessed a similar Holy Skill, and she came here to become his disciple.

Her sincerity and talent moved Mister Wo Long, but it was a pity that she came too late.

"My master was in the past a Guest Elder of the All Saints Sect, and this sect coveted my master's Holy Skill. They didn't just snatch it forcefully, they even injured him heavily."

As she spoke, the young girl became indignant, and her eyes became tearful.

"Your senior sister lived with us for a while. She had great talent, and she quickly got his true inheritance, but she had always coveted a Holy Skill, and she took a risk out of desperation and went to the All Saints Sect," the young girl said.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but recall what happened when they had separated. Fan Tianyin became a Star Venerable before him, taught him a Holy Skill, and got rid of all obstructions for him. Yet, he still couldn't do anything for her.

This was also the reason why the young girl despised Jiang Chen. She heard about Jiang Chen from Fan Tianyin, and she noticed from her tone how much she loved him. The young girl assumed that he was an outstanding man, yet it seemed that he was just a weakling who was powerless in the face of fate.

"I will save Fan Tianyin, and it won't happen in the future, but now," Jiang Chen said.

He had decided to travel to the All Saints Sect and save Fan Tianyin. He would kill anyone who dared to obstruct him, even if it was a God or a Buddha, he would still kill them.

The young girl raised her head in surprise, and when she had a clear look of Jiang Chen's expression, she suddenly realized something.


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