The Brilliant Fighting Master
1012 Heaven Divine City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1012 Heaven Divine City

Jiang Yi became extremely excited when she witnessed Jiang Chen appearing in front of her. When she had said good-bye to him on the mountain, she had assumed that Jiang Chen wanted to sacrifice himself. She had even assumed that Jiang Chen had gone to fight Third Uncle Jiang just because he was in love with her.

However, the fact was demonstrated that Jiang Chen was able to escape from a Martial Emperor.


Jiang Yi and Jiang Chen appeared in a secluded land on the Great Overarching Heavenly Continent. They had used a Teleportation Formation to come here. Third Uncle Jiang was certain that Jiang Chen couldn't set a Teleportation Formation quickly, but he couldn't have imagined that Jiang Chen was able to set an ancient formation. After Jiang Chen had gone through such an ordeal, he felt like he must practice his skill in ancient formations better.

"We will eat horse's meat tonight." Jiang Chen looked suddenly at the warhorse teleported along with them and sneered coldly.

That evening, the two of them ravenously devoured horse-meat soup. Since Jiang Yi had become a Star Venerable, she was rarely in the mood for eating. But today was an exception because this wasn't ordinary meat. As she drank a mouthful of the soup, she felt like her whole body's blood and energy were boiling, After they had finished eating, they both were drenched in sweat and felt comfortable all over.

"I will go back. Will you go back with me? I know where Lil Fan is," Jiang Yi said solemnly. She desired to continue traveling with Jiang Chen, as it was only then that she would be able to get a chance to pay him back.

"I'm unable to accompany you, because I'm still occupied with something else. Moreover, a stranger like me won't be of any help to Lil Fan."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen would worry about Lil Fan, but he couldn't take care of him for his whole life, and everyone must accumulate enough experience to grow up. Moreover, it was also like he had just said—it wasn't fit for him to be there with all the things that he had to accomplish on his mind.

"Fine, many thanks for what you have done today. I surely won't forget such a favor, and I will surely pay you back," Jiang Yi said sincerely.

Jiang Chen responded, saying, "I really admire your actions, but your life is more important than meaningless honor. If you die, there will be someone who will be aggrieved."

Jiang Chen wanted to urge her to stop being so impulsive as she had been on this day. She was obviously aware that she would die, yet she still rushed in there.

However, upon hearing such words, Jiang Yi's face unexpectedly became flushed and she rolled her eyes at him coquettishly, before she turned around and flew away without uttering a single word.

Jiang Chen was taken aback by this, and he stroked his chin. She didn't misunderstand something, did she?

When he stated that someone would be aggrieved, he was referring to her friends and relatives. He wanted to go and explain this to her, but he quickly gave up on such an idea.

"If I want to go to the Thousand Skies Continent from the Great Overarching Heavenly Continent, I must travel to the southwest." Jiang Chen couldn't forget his objective. And so, figuring out the right direction, he started traveling.

"Jiang Chen, are you really going there to save her? A Divine Sect surely has a Martial Emperor." The Azure Demon's voice rang out near his ears. The reason why Jiang Chen didn't leave with Jiang Yi immediately was that he wanted to know how great the disparity was between him and a Martial Emperor. It seemed now that it would be impossible for him in his current state to charge into a Divine Sect and save someone there.

"I only need to outsmart them." Jiang Chen couldn't give up. He didn't need to destroy a holy land to save the person. He could just sneak into it and steal the captive. Moreover, a prison wouldn't be built in the same place as the holy land.

"It's too dangerous, and I have another solution." The Azure Demon hadn't just come out to try to persuade him in vain.

Jiang Chen stopped flying, because he wanted to hear the Azure Demon's solution.

"You aren't just a Star Venerable, you are still a Heaven Alchemist. Your advantages aren't limited to a single aspect," the Azure Demon said.

"What do you mean by this?" Jiang Chen understood roughly what he meant.

"Do you still remember the lineup you brought with you when you went to the Ice Spirit Clan for a marriage proposal?" The Azure Demon said.

"I got it!" Jiang Chen was remembering. One could do anything with money, and he should probably use this to his advantage. However, there was a valid reason why he had hidden it during the past years.

If he had taken out an Immortal Elixir to ask someone to work for him, that guy could just snatch the Immortal Elixir, and Jiang Chen couldn't do anything against this. It was only when his power was great enough to solve the trouble brought by spiritual products and elixir recipes that he could take out elixir recipes, and it was also the case for cultivation methods and martial techniques.

Last time, when he had made Immortal Elixirs in the Three Middle Realms, a group of people from the holy lands and Divine Sects came over to capture him. However, Jiang Chen had had second thoughts about this matter. The reason why the Seventh Realm's factions didn't take revenge against him was that he had gotten the academies' invitation.

"If I can become an academy's disciple and let it become my backer and supporter, I can then fully display my abilities and use them. I can only do this."

As a matter of fact, his reason was telling him that going to the Thousand Skies Continent was a foolish decision. However, as long as he recalled that Fan Tianyin was probably suffering there, he couldn't keep his calm, and he really wanted to quickly go there to save her.

"I will become a Divine King and rule the Nine Realms." Jiang Chen looked at the sun rising on the horizon and took a great oath. A Divine King was every era's legend, and the last era's legend, the Goddess of Empyrean, had already ascended and left. Jiang Chen wanted his name to become renowned in all the Nine Realms in this era.

In the end, Jiang Chen went to the Thousand Skies Continent because he wanted to understand Fan Tianyin's current situation. Unlike the Great Overarching Heavenly Continent, the Thousand Skies Continent had fine sunny weather and was peaceful and auspicious. This was one of the good aspects of a continent that gave birth to a Divine Sect. Moreover, it was still protected by a Sacred Lord, and no one dared to invade it rashly.


Heaven Divine City was at the center of the Thousand Skies Continent, and its name was derived from the continent and divine sect's names, and it had a great significance. White, sparkling lights flickered in an expansive hall, and a group of people appeared there.

"Come over to register."

There was a long table in the hall, and many men and women wearing solemn expressions were sitting around it. This was the teleportation destination.

The Seventh Realm was too vast, and, if Jiang Chen had just depended upon flying, it could have taken forever to reach this place. Just traveling between every continent would waste a large amount of time. This was why there were Field Gates situated at fixed places, and they were used to facilitate travel. However, they would obviously take hefty fees for every teleportation, and the gates couldn't be used by average people. This was the reason why most people appearing here had a common trait apparent in their demeanors.

Jiang Chen had come here at noon, teleported from a border town in the Great Overarching Heavenly Continent. He had paid 1 million upper-grade yuan stones for a single teleportation, and it was still quite cheap because the two continents were near each other.

"The All Saints Sect's income on this day would surely be shocking." Jiang Chen registered, while thinking to himself. The process was quite simple, and they just questioned him about where he came from and his motive for coming. The people around the table didn't take this matter very seriously and were just trying to get their jobs done.


Outside the hall, was a great street, which seemed as large as an enormous river. On the other side of the street, it felt like the opposite bank of a river, far away. There were fences on both sides of the street, and they prevented people from entering the street. The street was filled completely with chariots pulled by ferocious beasts.

However, what caught Jiang Chen's attention was the people walking near him because they were from varied clans and races. The Alien Clans' distinctive traits were obvious, and they were quite eye-catching.

Jiang Chen then spent half a day, as well as many yuan stones, to get many pieces of information. There were only three places were the All Saints Sect would imprison criminals. One of them was the All Saints Sect's monastery, and captured criminals would usually be interrogated there.

There were some extremely vile criminals who would be imprisoned in a dungeon. But its location was unknown. That place was called the underworld, because almost all the people who went there didn't manage to come out again and they all would suffer all kinds of tortures there.

The last place was for docile criminals. They would be dispatched to the mines and forced to help with the mining.


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