The Brilliant Fighting Master
1011 Fighting a Martial Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1011 Fighting a Martial Emperor

Third Uncle Jiang went up to the peak of the mountain, riding his warhorse, and he saw a person standing there alone.

"Foolish! Did you assume that you could run away from me? My horse can travel 1,000 miles in the blink of an eye. It is going to be difficult for you to escape from the calamity awaiting you." Third Uncle Jiang was as arrogant as ever, although his gaze seemed to have gotten slightly colder.

"What will happen if I kill your horse?" Jiang Chen asked earnestly.

It seemed as if the warhorse was able to understand human speech, because it snorted upon hearing what Jiang Chen had said and just turned its head around disdainfully.

Third Uncle Jiang laughed heartily and floated in the air with his hands crossed in front of his chest. "The blood of the ancient divine beast, Draconic Horse, is flowing in Black Wind's body, and it possesses divine power. He is fierce and powerful and even ferocious beasts cower and retreat before him." 

Third Uncle Jiang bragged, and then he ordered the warhorse to attack Jiang Chen.

The heavily armored warhorse wanted to stamp on Jiang Chen's head and turn it into meat paste. He ran forward on his powerful legs, leaving a storm of dust behind him. He turned into a black wind and instantly reached his target, raising his front legs high. He towered over Jiang Chen, reaching a height of nearly ten feet. Jiang Chen was completed engulfed in his shadow. Bright flames sparked from the horse's hooves, and they were deadly. This horse's attack possessed great destructive power.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and stretched out his hands toward the sky. He caught hold of the burning iron hooves. They were hot enough to melt steel because Black Wind possessed great divine power.

Third Uncle Jiang smiled complacently, as if he had already witnessed Jiang Chen's miserable fate. However, what he didn't expect was that Jiang Chen would manage to successfully catch the iron hooves, and not only bear the horse's tremendous power, but withstand the raging flames.

"Is this all the power your Draconic Horse has?" Jiang Chen mocked Third Uncle Jiang, with arms bulging from the tremendous power he was exerting.

Black Wind ended up being thrown off the mountain. A tremendous roar and tumbling rocks followed as Black Wind bounced down the mountainside, leaving a deep pothole where he landed.

However, Black Wind was outstanding, and, as it struggled vigorously, the whole mountain quaked.

Lightning emerged from Jiang Chen's body, and he pursued the horse to attack it again.

"You should stop while you're ahead!" Third Uncle Jiang couldn't watch this calmly. He did not want to let Jiang Chen kill his warhorse. He tried to intervene. The power of a Martial Emperor like him couldn't be measured by the same standard as a Star Venerable. Every Martial Emperor had a unique power.

Jiang Chen understood this and released his whole power, not daring to take his matter lightly. Moreover, at the same time, he still protected himself with the eight groups of spiritual beings.

"The Ninth Sword Move!" Jiang Chen used a sword attack. Jiang Chen was curious to know what would be the outcome if he tried to face a Martial Emperor. Sword's Light and Sword Energy permeated the land, and became a Sword World that possessed an austere aura. The swords were able to purge all kinds of matters. "You shouldn't look down on me!"

Third Uncle Jiang assumed that Jiang Chen had a hidden card or a helper. He just witnessed him dare to attack his warhorse, and then have the nerve to come after him, and he was really infuriated. Even a trifling Second Constellation Palace's expert dared to challenge a Martial Emperor! Had emperors already lost their prestige and authority?

It didn't seem like Third Uncle Jiang used any technique. He just thrust out an ordinary punch. But it possessed boundless power, which created a hurricane that seemed able to crush the whole land. All Jiang Chen's swords were engulfed by it and seemed frail and weak in comparison to its power.All the swords shattered like glass.

However, Jiang Chen didn't seem very upset about this, and he even smiled mysteriously. The shattered swords turned into completely new swords and attacked the Martial Emperor in the sky.

"Get lost!" Third Uncle Jiang shouted loudly, while all around his body flames started burning, turning all the swords into thin air.

I guess that wasn't enough to attack a Martial Emperor, Jiang Chen thought. I will try to determine how powerful my divine body is. And, with this thought, Jiang Chen went to face his opponent.

"You are really a b*stard, and you are as annoying as that illegitimate child." Third Uncle Jiang assumed that Jiang Chen was going to stop after he had witnessed his power. Yet, unexpectedly, he wasn't satisfied yet, and he was going to dare to try fighting him at close quarters.

"If you are courting death, I will fulfill your wish." Third Uncle Jiang obviously didn't fear him, considering his power as a Martial Emperor. Thus, a fight at close quarters between a Star Venerable and a Martial Emperor quickly started. Anyone witnessing such a sight would surely have been horrified.

Jiang Chen, however, was protected by the eight groups of spiritual beings. Without them, his life would have been in danger.

They started at first exchanging punches, and their fists, roughly the same size, collided. Jiang Chen felt like his fists were like a hammer, which had just struck iron, and, as a deep, crisp sound echoed out, he curled his lips. Blood dripped from his fingers, and his arm went numb. 

"How is this possible!" Third Uncle Jiang wasn't willing to accept that Jiang Chen had withstood this attack, even though he had gotten the upper hand. It was an insult to his prestigious name that he hadn't managed to kill Jiang Chen quickly.

"Why are you babbling this much? A Martial Emperor like you should have reached such a realm with just a single Qi. If I could become an emperor, then all other emperors would be nothing in comparison to me." Jiang Chen laughed complacently and boldly.

"You will surely die today just because you have said such words." Third Uncle Jiang resolved to kill Jiang Chen. Regardless of where Jiang Chen fled, he would still kill him.

"It's a pity that it will be impossible for you to achieve that," Jiang Chen shook his head and spoke.

"Did you assume that such a casual punch was the full extent of a Martial Emperor's power? You are really naive!"

"Raging Flames Waves!" Third Uncle Jiang was also a fire cultivator, which was really a coincidence. Moreover, his Fire Lore had already reached a great mastery level. As he used such a move, the whole land turned into a sea of flames.

Jiang Chen realized then how dangerous his current situation was. He didn't wait for his opponent to finish building up power and just activated his holy weapon.

It could be seen that a cauldron flew out of Jiang Chen's hands. At first, it was pocket-sized, but as it flew forward, it became bigger, and raging energy started surging inside it.

"What the h*ll is this object?" Third Uncle Jiang felt a sense of crisis, and a chill crawled down his spine. He didn't dare take it lightly! However, it was a pity that the All Beginnings Cauldron's speed was extremely fast, and it struck Third Uncle Jiang's body in the blink of an eye, disregarding the raging flames completely.

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Third Uncle Jiang spouted a mouthful of blood and drew back with a face filled with shock.

Jiang Chen caught the All Beginnings Cauldron, which had been deflected back to him, and spoke proudly, "You will surely die the next time you run into me."

After Jiang Chen spoke, he jumped from the mountain.

"Where are you going?" Third Uncle Jiang hadn't sustained heavy injuries, and he immediately chased after him. However, an incident unexpectedly occurred on this great mountain—radiance emanated from its depths, and Jiang Chen and Black Wind both disappeared completely.


This is... Third Uncle Jiang couldn't believe what had just occurred. This mountain was in Tianluo City, and it was impossible for it to possess a Field Gate. Moreover, it also couldn't have a Teleportation Spirit Formation because such a formation couldn't be set up in such a short time. As Third Uncle Jiang mulled this over, he started searching in a 100-mile-radius around where he was standing. In the end, he ascertained that Jiang Chen had already escaped, and he had taken Black Wind with him.

"I surely mustn't let him grow up completely." Third Uncle Jiang had witnessed great potential in Jiang Chen, and becoming a Martial Emperor was simply a question of time for him. Moreover, it might also be possible for him to become a Saint Lord, a Great Sovereign, or even a...Divine King. 

On that day, he would surely die.

"He doesn't need to become a Divine King, if he just becomes a Martial Emperor..."


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