The Brilliant Fighting Master
1009 Third Uncle Jiang
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1009 Third Uncle Jiang

Jiang Chen's shoulder, lower back, and belly were all attacked by the three demon' Hellish Ghost Fire. As for the Blood Sand School's two Heavenly Kings, they had both attacked his head.

Even if Tianluo City's towering walls had suffered such an attack, they would be destroyed. However, it still seemed like Jiang Chen hadn't suffered any harm. His skin shone with a bright golden light.

The three Demons immediately discovered that blood wasn't flowing on their weapons, and all six people had a bad feeling then and wanted to escape. But it was a pity that it was already too late.

Boundless evil flames spread out and engulfed the whole district. It was fortunate that the observers had all had good foresight and left in advance. If they hadn't, they would have suffered great casualties.

The six people were engulfed by the evil flames, but they weren't burned to death immediately. They were trying to escape with their whole might. It should have been possible for at least one or two among the six to escape successfully. But the problem was that they had run into Jiang Chen.

"Ksana Sword Method: the Fourth Move!"

Regardless of whether they had fled in the same direction or not, once Jiang Chen put his hand on the sword's hilt, it didn't matter any longer matter in which direction they fled or whether they were close or far away from him. When his sword aura rose up, the attack had already come to an end. It managed to easily break their defenses by drawing help from the Sky-burning Evil Flame's destructive power.

Once the evil flames disappeared, the crowd discovered that the four Demons and two Heavenly Kings had disappeared completely. When they observed the area carefully, they noticed burn marks on the walls and the ground, which had human shapes.

Jiang Chen sheathed his sword and swept the soldiers of the Nether World Hall and Blood Sand School with his gaze. All the people who were swept by his gaze were frightened, and they fell limply on the ground. Some of them tried to escape, but their knees went soft and they ended up falling on the ground.

"Jiang Yi, who is this young master?" After Tianluo City's Master recovered from the shock and came back to his senses, he asked hurriedly.

"I don't know, but it seems like he came here for our little master," Jiang Yi said.

Jiang Chen went toward the crowd, and Jiang Yi and Tianluo City's people held their tongues and didn't dare to even breathe too loudly.

"Young master, many thanks for helping us. Our Jiang family will surely express its thanks to you," Tianluo City's Master reacted in time and quickly thanked him.

Jiang Chen nodded and asked him to take him to meet the little master.

"Do you know our young master?" Tianluo City's Master asked.

"I will get an answer to this after seeing him," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yi and Tianluo City's Master exchanged a glance. They were both surprised!

This guy wasn't even sure whether the person he wanted to save was the one he expected Yet, he still made a massacre and killed the experts of the Nether World Hall and Blood Sand School.

They all didn't dare object to this, and Tianluo City's Master brought him to the front of a hall in the main residence. The hall's gate was tightly closed, and a group of warriors sworn to fight until death was standing before it. When they learned about the crisis that had just ensued, they were all surprised. One of them went inside to report this matter.

The gate was quickly opened from inside, and an old person clad in servant's clothes asked them to enter. The old servant's appearance was ordinary and average, but his fighting prowess wasn't any weaker than the Blood Sand School's Heavenly Kings.

However, he still wasn't any different than the others in Jiang Chen's eyes. Even though Jiang Chen was just at the Second Constellation Palace, his fighting prowess had already reached a shocking level.

After they entered the hall, they quickly got to see the Jiang family's little master.

"Many thanks for saving my life, I surely won't forget it as long as I'm alive." The little master, Jiang Fei, was just 11 or 12 years old, but he still had the demeanor of a great family's young master. He had rosy lips, white teeth, and had managed to reach the Spiritual Venerable Realm at such a young age.

After several more years, he would become an influential figure.

"It's just a mistake." Jiang Chen shook his head. The little master in front of him wasn't Lil Fan.

Tianluo City's Master and the old servant witnessed his reaction clearly, and their faces became filled with confusion.

"It seems like we were brought together by fate, and it was an easy task for me." Jiang Chen waved his hand and looked at the crowd in the hall, before he expressed his doubts.

"Why did the Jiang family end up falling in such dire straits that two factions invaded its city?"

A familial clan was at the very least protected by a Sacred Lord, and such an existence could slap to death any of the Nether World Hall's experts or Blood Sand School's Heavenly Kings. Moreover, Holy Lands and Divine Sects possessed great deterrence because of their Sacred Lords and Great Sovereigns. When the people in the hall heard his questions, they didn't know how they should respond.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, Jiang Chen still managed after a long while to understand this matter by making inquiries indirectly.

The Jiang family was one of the Ancient Families and was one of the Nine Realms' rulers. Its branch in the Seventh Realm was from the Sacred Zone, which meant that the Jiang family's Sacred Lords and the inheritance left by the Holy King were all in the Sacred Zone. In the past, the Sacred Zone's channel was closed suddenly, and the Seventh Realm's Jiang family ended up losing its backers. It wasn't just the Jiang family alone who had suffered such a plight, and the branches of many Sacred Zone's rulers in the Nine Realms had suffered devastating attacks.

The reason why the Jiang family had persisted until now was that it had built up great power here. However, the news of their Sacred Lord's death spread two years ago. At first, all factions assumed that it was a piece of fake news. However, after some people with a hidden agenda tried exerting pressure on the Jiang family and probing it, they became nearly sure of such news. Now, the Jiang family's current strongest power was the remaining Martial Emperors, and it would be impossible for it to depend upon them to protect one of the Seventh Realm's continents, which was rich with natural resources.

Moreover, what was more unexpected was that internal strife occurred in the Jiang family, and it made matters worse for them. Factions like the Nether World Hall and the Blood Sand School took advantage of such an opportunity to loot them. Moreover, they didn't just want to pillage Tianluo City, they wanted to kidnap Jiang Fei.

"An internal strife?"

Jiang Chen thought back to Lil Fan and looked once again at the Jiang family members in the hall. He couldn't help but start making guesses about this matter.

"Young master, I still didn't ask for your distinguished name?" Tianluo City's Master said.

Before Jiang Chen answered, shouting echoed outside of the City Lord Residence, and there was the sound of wheels racing over the ground.

"Is it reinforcements?"

Tianluo City's Master and Jiang Yi ran outside to have a look, and they witnessed many Five Elements War Chariots arriving, raising a cloud of dust.

"Third Uncle came over!" Jiang Fei's face became flushed. If it could be said that he became happy when he learned of Jiang Chen's assistance, then now he looked as if his mind was completely at ease. Jiang Chen witnessed the arrival of the Third Uncle mentioned by Jiang Fei. He was a Martial Emperor! He was riding a tall, majestic warhorse, which was tramping on the ground. Both he and the horse wore heavy Mysterious Armor. The face beneath the helmet wore a firm and resolute expression, and he had a pair of bright black eyes.

The warhorse whinnied loudly, raised its front leg high, and jumped. They all felt like they had been engulfed by a great black shadow. When the horse's hooves landed on the ground once again, a sound as loud as drum rang in their ears.

"Fei'er, are you all right?" The man dismounted from his horse and anxiously rushed toward Jiang Fei to examine him.

"Jiang Yi, why didn't you lead the army to storm the city in the first moments." Just after this, the man started raising difficult questions to Jiang Yi.

"A military order must be obeyed at all costs, and no one on the battlefield can disobey it. I could only choose some people willing to storm the city along with me," Jiang Yi said.

"You don't know how to accommodate circumstances. Fei'er is more important than anything. You are really useless."

Upon hearing his rebuke, Jiang Yi's face became pale, and she bit her lip.

"Third Uncle, at least, sister Jiang Yi came over, and she brought with her an amazing older brother," Jiang Fei was a good guy and he spoke up for them.

Upon hearing this, Third Uncle Jiang's gaze fell upon Jiang Chen.


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