The Brilliant Fighting Master
1008 Hellish Ghost Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1008 Hellish Ghost Fire

The Holy Lands and Divine Sects were the rulers of the Seventh Realm and represented absolute authority and power. However, every place has both darkness and light, and the Nether World Hall and Blood Sand School were the representatives of darkness.

The Nether World Hall had no regard for laws and morality and spent all their time doing evil. It was completely dedicated to its own self-interest.

As for the Blood Sand School, they were a large group of mercenaries. They had participated in all the continents' battles. It was rumored that they had caused civil strife in a faction to seize power and take control of it. Now their target was the Jiang family, and they mobilized their strongest force against them.

Heavenly Kill, who was killed by Jiang Chen, was one of the Nether World Hall's experts, but his power was lower than the four Demons: Chi, Mei, Wang, and Liang, not to mention the Blood Sand School's two Heavenly Kings.

If they fought one on one, Jiang Yi might think they had a chance. "Little brat, you aren't from the Jiang family. Don't meddle in other people's business. Just step aside. We will let bygones be bygones." The Blood Sand School's two Heavenly Kings were both apex existences of the Star Venerables and their Realm Level was above the Seventh Constellation Palace. Plus they both had a Doctrine Method.

"Is it you who killed Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation?" The Nether World Hall's demons didn't plan to just forgive him and drop this matter.

Unlike the two Heavenly Kings, the four Demons fit their titles. They wore black gowns, and one couldn't see their true features—only through the names written on the black gowns could one recognize them. One couldn't discern whether they were men or women through their voices because they were hoarse and unpleasant.

"You mustn't touch the Jiang family's young master. It's as simple as that," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, the two armies realized that a great battle would shortly occur. The young master was what both armies considered battle spoils, and what Jiang Chen had just said wasn't any different than asking the Nether World Hall and the Blood Sand School's people to throw away their weapons and surrender.

"Just act as you wish." The Blood Sand School's two Heavenly Kings shook their heads and allowed the Nether World Hall's four people to attack.

"Four Evils Extinguish Light!" The Demons didn't speak much and they didn't bother to fight in turns and attacked together.

"They have a joint attack Doctrine Method, and they can fight even an Emperor by depending upon their Doctrine Method." Upon witnessing their actions, Jiang Yi became quite anxious.

Those four people were all outstanding, and they were able to communicate tacitly and coordinate well. They were as inseparable as a person and his shadow. Many great experts had been killed by them!

Jiang Yi wanted to go over to help Jiang Chen, but she then recalled that the two Heavenly Kings were still here, and she couldn't ignore such experts.

Jiang Chen was already encircled. The Demons didn't hold any weapons and were just weaving hand signs quickly.

Fiendish energy rose up to the sky, and the whole city was engulfed by a stifling aura. The fiendish energy turned into countless evil spirits, and they assaulted Jiang Chen from all directions. They bared their fangs, brandished their claws, and wanted to tear him apart and devour him.

"It's really a coincidence!" Jiang Chen said, while dazzling golden radiance emanated from him. All the evil spirits screamed miserably upon coming in touch with the golden radiance, and a Karmic Fire started burning their whole bodies and burned them to ashes.

The gloomy Tianluo City recovered its previous state.

Even though one couldn't see the Demons' faces, one could still discern that they now wore shocked expressions. Their proudest trump card was reputedly restrained by Jiang Chen.

"A Buddhist Cultivator?" They were bewildered, but they still summoned terrifying weapons of different shapes into their hands. Every weapon had gray Ghost Energy intertwining it. Since they were aware that fiendish energy's attacks were useless, they just depended upon their own bodies' powerful auras and released them fully.

As they attacked, the moves they used had already completely reached the level of Martial Doctrine and wails like ghost cries echoed throughout the whole city.

The two armies with 10,000 soldiers moved back into a corner because they were afraid of being harmed by the fight.

Jiang Chen was also aware that if he met force with force, they would end up destroying the whole city, which was why he chose to just block the attack and repel the enemy.

Jiang Chen took a step forward. He was as fast as a shooting star, and he left behind a perfect afterimage. He went first to the Mountain Demon and held his great machete. At that time, golden radiance emanated from Jiang Chen's body, while thunder rolls echoed from his body, and lightning came out from his skin. The Mountain Demon, which was at the Sixth Constellation Palace, couldn't even put up the slightest resistance against Jiang Chen.

"Tribulation Punch!" Jiang thrust at him with his fist, which brought with it lightning and fire power. Protective Ghost Energy emerged out of the Mountain Demon's body. But, it was restrained by Jiang Chen's power, and his fist struck his opponent's chest without a hitch. The Mountain Demon's black robe was burned to ashes by the raging flames, and an old man as thin as a match appeared before the crowd. He had just a few white threads of hair on his head and was almost completely bald. He almost didn't seem like a human! 

The crowd couldn't help but have such a thought. It wasn't like there weren't aged martial artists, but most of them were still vigorous and spirited. Even if their bodies had deteriorated, they still wouldn't have the same appearance as the old man before them.

"This is the price you pay for cultivating Evil Cultivation Methods." Some people were aware that those four people had paid a grave price to get such great power.

The Mountain Demon was at first flustered because it was disgraceful to expose his naked body before the crowd, and he flew into a rage because of such a humiliation. His eyes became filled with rancor and hatred!

"Hellish Ghost Fire!" The shaft of the machete in the Mountain Demon's hands was just a ghost head, and devilish fire emerged out of the head's eye sockets. In the next moment, the whole machete started burning with fire. Such a devilish ghost fire was really a good match to the Mountain Demon's scary appearance!

"It's an Alien Flame! Let's run away quickly!"

"It's the Alien Flame of the Nether World Hall's Master."

The spectators were frightened, and they ran away with their whole might.

"Hey, you should switch off the formations which prevent people from flying. If you don't do it, the whole Tianluo City will be done for if they continue fighting like this," someone said, but his voice was overwhelmed by the noise.

The Mountain Demon raised the machete and attacked. His machete techniques reached the Doctrine Realm, and they astounded everyone.

"You dare to show off an Alien Flame which isn't even ranked among the top ten in front of me." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and unsheathed the Red Cloud Sword.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Sword Doctrine's power and the Sky-burning Evil Flame revolving around him caught the crowd's attention.

Unlike the gloomy Mountain Demon, Jiang Chen seemed like a bright sun and emitted a grand and vast aura.

"Is this also an Alien Flame?" The crowd was taken aback, and they couldn't help but curse inwardly. The soldiers who were aware of how powerful were Star Venerables quickly drew back to the city's wall.

The Blood Sand School's two Heavenly Kings exchanged a meaningful glance and moved stealthily.

Jiang Yi noticed, but before she had time to make a decision, the sword and machete's confrontation started. It was obvious that Jiang Chen possessed an overwhelming advantage!

The Hellish Ghost Fire was vastly inferior to the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Moreover, this wasn't even the Hellish Ghost Fire's main source. It wasn't just the Mountain Demon who possessed such a ghost fire, it was also the case for the other three Demons.

When the sword and machete started their confrontation, the other demons had also attacked, and their weapons, which were burning with ghost fire, attacked Jiang Chen's body. Moreover, even the two Heavenly Kings attacked and charged forward powerfully.

"Despicable!" Jiang Yi was anxious. Even though she knew that everything was fair in war, she still couldn't help but curse them.

The Nether World Hall and Blood Sand School's members were obviously aware that it would be difficult to deal with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Yi couldn't bear witnessing such a sight, and she turned around. But she still witnessed out of the corner of her eye Jiang Chen suffering the fierce attacks of the Demons and Heavenly Kings.

The magical weapons struck him heavily, while the two Heavenly Kings' fists, which possessed tremendous power, struck Jiang Chen's head.

"Hee, hee, die!" When the Mountain Demon, who was injured by Jiang Chen, witnessed his miserable state, he laughed complacently. "Youngsters are really foolish."

The people of Tianluo City couldn't help but shake their heads. There wasn't any hope left for Jiang Chen, who was being attacked by so many at once.

"Is that the case?" However, what no one had expected was that Jiang Chen, who had suffered two attacks on his head, still spoke mockingly, and it seemed from his tone that he hadn't suffered any harm.


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