The Brilliant Fighting Master
1007 Blood Sand School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1007 Blood Sand School

The three people standing in the passageway of the city gate, including Heavenly Kill, Hellish Desperation, and Jiang Yi, were perplexed—especially when they had seen Jiang Chen's face. Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation exchanged a look and a cold smile.

Many emotions welled up inside Jiang Yi. While the two were not paying attention to her, she took the opportunity to pick up her spear. However, as soon as she raised her arm, she felt unspeakable pain. Then she realized the youngster before her was her only hope.

"Where are you from, brat? You have no idea what place this is. Why are you here to court death?!"

Hellish Desperation attacked first without any tentative moves. It did not matter where Jiang Chen was from, because they were in a war. He had defeated Jiang Yi with one single palm attack. Although it was a surprise attack, it proved he was good indeed.

He ran up on the stone wall beside the passage and finished a lap, just as he came up to Jiang Chen. At the same time, he had finished accumulating his power.

"Watch out!" Jiang Yi shouted loudly.

Hellish Desperation had only disdain for Jiang Chen, but he still went all-out. He gave Jiang Chen a punch. The whole passage was shaking. Every flagstone was quaking.

Jiang Chen, standing where he was, did not move until the last minute. He punched. He did not spend any time in accumulating power. All he relied on was his explosiveness. When he attacked, it was like an extraordinary bow was drawn and an arrow powerful enough to smash stars was shot. The palm and the fist met. The arched city gate fluctuated like a wave. If the flagstones had not been carved with spiritual seals, the city walls would have collapsed.

Hellish Desperation showed a pained look. The arm he had punched with was shaking up and down. His bone was smashed. He fell onto the ground.

"What?!" Jiang Yi, who should have been happy, was shocked instead. She looked toward Heavenly Kill and found he was shocked also. That was how she confirmed that she had not seen anything wrong.

"Sorry. I failed to control my power well." Jiang Chen took one step forward, overlooking Hellish Desperation. He snapped his fingers when the enemy tried to speak. The fire of thunders left a small hole in the middle of the latter's forehead, smoking.

Heavenly Kill finally came to himself. He ran away immediately. Revenge was the last thing on his mind for the moment. However, as soon as he turned around, he found Jiang Chen was already standing at the other end of the city gate, smiling coldly at him.

"Powerful!" Jiang Yi was astonished. She was especially shocked when she found Jiang Chen was only a Star Venerable in the Second Constellation Palace.

"Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation work on two kinds of Qi simultaneously. He killed an enemy whose state was higher than his. That means he is at least working on three kinds of Qi at the same time. And he has mastered some extraordinary Doctrine Method."

Heavenly Kill realized the same thing. He knew he would absolutely die if he fought with Jiang Chen without playing a trick.

"Who the hell are you?! You are meddling in the Nether World Hall's affairs. Aren't you afraid we'll take revenge?!" He started to threaten, intending to intimidate the youngster in front of him.

"Many people want to take revenge against me. I'm afraid you of the Nether World Hall will have to join the queue."

He drew his sword out of the sheath as soon as he finished speaking. Running through Heavenly Kill, he came up to Jiang Yi, leaving a trace of light behind him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Heavenly Kill was cut in half by the trace of light. A pure moonlight pierced through him.

"Let's go. Go to save your little young master," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Yi blinked. Then she saw Heavenly Kill fall on the ground. She nodded, taking out a healing elixir which she was going to take.

"Take mine. Yours has secondary effect." Then she saw an elixir under her nose. Jiang Yi was struck dumb. Her elixir was from the Valley of King of Medicine, a quality good among quality goods. Even if she was severely injured, she would recover soon after taking it. The only thing was her body would be painful and sore afterward. That being said, not any alchemist could produce such elixirs. She threw the elixir in Jiang Chen's hand a glance, and then took it and put it in her mouth after two seconds' hesitation.

She had seen Jiang Chen's strength. Even if she had doubts, she would not have the nerve to speak it out. Her facial expression changed as soon as she swallowed the elixir. She felt like water was gushing out of a fountain in her. Wherever the water flew, the injury and the pain would disappear quickly.

She had been fighting frequently lately. Among the large quantity of elixirs she had taken, none had the same wonderful effect as Jiang Chen's elixir. She was even sure she would not be tortured by pain afterwards.

"Excuse me... Young master..."

She suddenly found she had no idea what to call Jiang Chen when she wanted to speak to him. She almost called him senior involuntarily, but then she realized the age did not match.

"Let's go. There isn't too much time left." Jiang Chen cut in, leading her into Tianluo City.

It was like hell once they got past the city gate. There were countless dead bodies. Looking around, they saw destroyed houses and smoke everywhere. People were crying and screaming. Battle cries kept coming.

Jiang Chen shook his head. Numerous families would be affected and destroyed in a war. Having a Buddhist mind, he was a merciful person. He read a scripture text silently and then dashed towards where the battle was taking place. That was the Mansion of the Lord, the last defense line. The courtyard walls were as solid as city walls. The generals and soldiers of Tianluo City were resisting the enemy at the front and the back door.

"Where are the reinforcements?! Aren't they already outside the city?!"

The lord of Tianluo City killed a soldier of the enemy who had intended to climb over a courtyard wall. He urged his lieutenant to send another signal to ask for reinforcements.

"Lord, we are out of signals!" The lieutenant said helplessly. What he implied was even more desperate.

The lord gnashed his teeth. He knew clearly Tianluo City had been given up.

"Protect little young master until we die!" The lord of Tianluo City snarled in anger. He was so resolute that he would not flinch even facing death. Suddenly, they heard screams coming from outside the mansion.

The lord of Tianluo City listened attentively. Pleasantly surprised, he said, "Bros! The reinforcements are here. Let's go out to fight with those bastards!" Then he jumped over a courtyard wall with the other soldiers, all cheered up.

Even Star Venerables could not jump over any courtyard wall from outside, but jumping out from inside was easy. Only those truly powerful big forces could build such walls.

However, the soldiers of Tianluo City did not see any reinforcements after leaving the mansion. They looked very carefully and finally saw two people stuck in a heavy siege.


Jiang Yi dashed over to meet the lord of Tianluo City.

"Jiang Yi, what's going on? Where are the reinforcements?" The lord of Tianluo City asked her.

"Me, and him!" Jiang Yi pointed at Jiang Chen, who was running amok, killing on his left and right.

"Only him?" The lord and others could not stop complaining. Unless this man was a Martial Emperor, he would not be able to stop a battle with Star Venerables.

"Uncle, he is good," Jiang Yi said.

The lord soon found she was right. Jiang Chen kept killing the enemy, as if no one could stop him. The soldiers near him did not even have the nerve to approach him.

"Get lost. Surround the Mansion of the Lord." The leaders of the enemy could not sit still anymore. They suddenly showed up. There were five or six of them, all of whom were capable men.

"Chi, Mei, Wang, Liang from the Nether World Hall and two heavenly kings from the Blood Sand School!"

"Gosh! The enemy has such great fighting power."

"They don't want to crack the Mansion of the Lord, because they want to kill more people."

The soldiers of Tianluo City felt desperate. It turned out it had been hopeless since the beginning.

Jiang Yi showed a complicated expression on her pretty face. At the thought of the cruel military order again, she realized it made certain sense.

She looked at Jiang Chen with guilt, since she had brought troubles to a blessed one for nothing.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》