The Brilliant Fighting Master
1006 Tianluo City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1006 Tianluo City

All the soldiers getting out of the Five Elements War Chariots were Star Venerables. And they were all in a higher state than he was. The general even had seven constellation palaces.

That was why they were quite confused when seeing how arrogant Jiang Chen was. Their confusion was soon replaced with anger. The general was about to order his soldiers to launch an attack. However, right at this moment, all of the Five Elements War Chariots gave off a high-pitched sound.

The general got back into the chariot, leaving Jiang Chen behind.

"Little young master is in danger. Help!" An anxious female voice rang out.

"Let's go!" The general ordered. Everyone got back in the chariots and left. Jiang Chen did not matter anymore.

Jiang Chen, already ready for a fight, was surprised that things had ended in this way.

Little young master? That was what Jiang Moliang called Lil Fan!

He thought for a while, and, in the end, he followed that team. Fortunately, they were going in the same direction as he was anyway. The team should also be heading for the Tianluo City indicated by the road signs. Located in a key position, it was fair to say the city was an important fortress of the Jiangs. In an age like this, in which everyone could fly, this city still managed to help the Jiangs guard their livelihoods.

Soon, Jiang Chen saw more Five Elements War Chariots flying in the same direction.

"A Star-Venerable-level war." Jiang Chen exclaimed. If he had been in the Three Lower Realms, a disaster that could destroy the whole world would have resulted. The Seventh Realm was vaster. And the invisible and formless barriers in the air were thicker.

He suddenly heard booms. He knew from the sound that cannons that could be used as war-level weapons were firing. He looked up and saw a Five Elements War Chariot of the troop that had stopped him had been destroyed. The soldiers in that chariot hurried to flee.

"Gosh! This is more dreadful than the Devastator."

Jiang Chen found at the end of the prairie that cannons were arranged like on a chessboard. The gun muzzles shone and fired with a blaring light. It was impressive.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


All of the generals and soldiers gave up their Five Elements War Chariots. Star Venerable soldiers could move freely in the midst of cannon fire. They could avoid the cannon fire easily.

After ten minutes of enduring cannon fire, none of the soldiers of the Jiangs had lost their lives! Jiang Chen realized war-level weapons were not key anymore in such a state. The only thing was to ensure the war-level weapons of the enemy did not have any key importance either. In short, in the end it was still humans that could be relied on.

After passing by the cannons, he saw some human figures jumping on the Jiangs' soldiers like locusts. These people were not wearing uniform armors. Some of them, in ragged clothes, even looked like beggars. What surprised Jiang Chen most was that they did not have even one Reaching Heaven State. However, they were fearless facing Star-Venerable-level Five-Element warriors. The cruelty in their eyes was beyond imagination.

Seeing them fighting, Jiang Chen felt it was like a war between a regular army and refugees. Each soldier of the Jiangs could fight with a hundred of these refugees. However, their disadvantage was the enormous number of people. Given enough time, great amounts of ants can even kill elephants. For the same reason, 1 percent of the Jiangs' soldiers were either killed or injured while going through that place.

After that, Tianluo City finally appeared in sight. The sky over the city was empty. There were no airships. This was quite rare. It was because this area was deployed with a law to forbid flying.

Looking toward a space outside the city, there was a dense crowd. It was the two parties involved in the war. A few warships of the Jiangs were parked at the edge. The newly arrived soldiers had all gathered outside the warships.

Jiang Chen approached secretly. Soon, he heard a female voice, "Tianluo City has been invaded. The enemy have caught little young master." It was the same voice that had called the Five Elements War Chariots to come reinforce the city.

Jiang Chen looked over and saw a woman almost 5'9" tall. She looked bright and brave in her tailor-made armor. Her pretty face was covered with dust. Her armor was stained by blood.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go to the rescue."

"Hurry up. It will be terrible if little young master is taken away."

"The soldiers on the front line are still fighting."

The reinforcements aired their opinions one after another.

"The latest military order asks us to use our force well and not to sacrifice for nothing."

"Little young master has been caught. There is no use crying over spilt milk. We'll retreat and go to defend Senluo Path." The woman said. She looked emotionless, but her eyes were full of resolution.

The troops went silent after learning about the military order.

"But the war in Tianluo City isn't over yet. The law to forbid flying hasn't cracked. There is still hope. I will go to little young master's rescue. However, I can't disobey the military order. So..." The woman stopped speaking. She took her helmet off, letting her long hair fall freely like a waterfall. "I, Jiang Yi, will go as an individual. Who wants to go with me?!"

The troops were all hesitating after realizing what she meant.

Jiang Chen saw that the Jiangs really weren't a force with much solidarity. After learning about the military order, they were all planning their own schemes. In the end, only a few dozen people came forward, including the woman's followers.

"Get on your horses! As long as we enter the city, I'll always be there for you!" The woman gave the order decisively. She was not surprised at the result at all. Then she led the dozens of soldiers onto the battlefield outside the city. Their mounts were all horses that resembled fierce beasts. They dashed around madly, not allowing anyone to slow them down, no matter whether it was an enemy or a friend.

However, the team were stuck in a bloody fight. The woman called Jiang Yi was in the Sixth Constellation Palace. There were two kinds of Qi in each of her constellation palaces. She was even stronger than Li Yujian. Her weapon was also surprising. It was a spear! Whenever she threw her spear, the lore of martial arts and the lore of Tao were interwoven in the radiance of the spear. Numerous enemies were killed or injured instantly. Wherever she passed, no one could stop her.

She killed her way through the enemy to reach the city gate. She saw the city was also stuck in the battle after going through the gate. She was kind of pleased, because that meant Tianluo City was still able to fight.

Two figures appeared from either side of the city gate. "Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation!" Jiang Yi turned serious after recognizing them. They were even strong among capable people, and they were famous for their cruelty.

"I appreciate your courage. You had the nerve to come alone."

"So, facing death unflinchingly isn't just a joke."

Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation were two people. They did not look like soldiers at all. They looked like villains. In fact, they were. There were quite a few illegal organizations in the Seventh Realm, including the Nether World Hall, for which Heavenly Kill and Hellish Desperation worked.

"Surrender to save us unnecessary troubles." Heavenly Kill walked toward her.

"You wish...ah!" Jiang Yi screamed before she could finish speaking.

Hellish Desperation withdrew his arm. He appeared behind her. He said in an amused manner, "You make me laugh. You're so naive."

"You are despicable!" Jiang Yi, lying on the ground, cursed in anger. This palm attack had hurt her severely.

"You'll know what despicability is when we celebrate the victory tonight."

The two beamed.

Jiang Yi, as pale as a sheet, could not say a word.

"Actually, you are shameless." All of a sudden, a voice echoed in the passageway of the city gate.


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