The Brilliant Fighting Master
1005 To Catch Able-Bodied Men
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1005 To Catch Able-Bodied Men

Jiang Chen learned that if the First Cauldron was pieced together, the Nine Realms would become the complete world again. The person owning the First Cauldron would be regarded as the savior of the world.

Jiang Chen felt tempted at first, but soon he gave up on the idea that had occurred to him. A cauldron has two handles and three legs. He only had one handle and some other fragments. He did not know how much time he would need to collect the other fragments. He decided to move on and not think about it until he was strong enough.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Chen asked Yue'e whether there was any Doctrine Method suitable for him, since he wanted to strengthen his attack. Yue'e told him that of course there was, but it would be better for him to enhance the power of the doctrine of sword to extraordinariness than to practice a new Doctrine Method.

"It will cost you the same amount of time to practice a new Doctrine Method," Yue'e said.

Attacking methods were used to kill the enemy and create a dreadful destructive power. If Jiang Chen could master the Tenth Sword, he would not need other Doctrine Methods. However, practicing hard for three years was not as efficient as the instruction from a great master. What he needed at the moment was an opportunity.

Meanwhile, at the same time, the true body of Jiang Chen had left for the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. His destination was the Thousand Sky Continent where the All Saints Religious Sect was located. A few days later, Jiang Chen had arrived in the Seventh Realm smoothly.

All the planes worlds existed on the same plane, and they were rotating at a constant speed. The people living in these worlds would not sense the rotating, but the destination of the planes' channels that connected various worlds would vary.

Usually the channels were in a border area of the planes world. This was why travelers from the Realm of True Force to the Three Middle Realms would usually reach large or small desolate lands. Jiang Chen found he had been seeing the world in a completely different way since he had seen that map.

Gazing at the reduced bronze cauldron, Jiang Chen had a weird feeling. He had found one of its handles, but he still lacked infinite energy. As a result, the cauldron should not have appeared. However, after learning that he had the Black Yellow Gas, Yue'e used some unusual tricks so that he could see and use the First Cauldron.

"The Black Yellow Gas is the mother Qi of the world. The First Cauldron symbolizes the start of the world. The complete First Cauldron can produce infinite Black Yellow Gas."

"The First Cauldron is in a delicate balance now. There will be more and more Black Yellow Gas in it."

"If you use it to resist the enemy, although the gas will be consumed a lot, as long as it doesn't go beyond the limit, more gas will be produced by the First Cauldron."

This meant he could keep using the First Cauldron.

"The more fragments you collect, the more gas will be produced."

Jiang Chen nodded. For him, the fact that the cauldron could produce the Black Yellow Gas was the most important thing. This was the most precious energy in the world. If it could be produced infinitely, Jiang Chen would not have to worry about anything for the rest of his life.

Jiang Chen felt very calm about arriving in another brand-new world. Different from the Three Lower Realms and the Three Middle Realms, Jiang Chen felt as if he belonged here—the Three Upper Realms. 500 years ago, he had reached every corner of the Three Upper Realms.

He had prepared a lot before coming here now. He knew the current structure of the forces in the world of martial arts pretty well. Except for the three academies, there were not many differences compared to 500 years ago. There were thousands of continents. The forces in the Three Upper Realms were as numerous and diverse as the stars. There were countless Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects.

Because of the three academies, the continents were divided into three camps. They never stopped having conflicts, and wars broke out constantly. To manage their forces better, the academies established branches of Spirit, Heaven, and Sanctity everywhere.

The continents were also divided into three levels: spirit-level continents, heaven-level continents, and sanctity-level continents.

Besides that, they were also divided by academy, for example, spirit-level continents of the Academy of Land of Abundance.

In addition, not all continents had branches. Normally, among scores of continents only one continent had branches.

At the same time, some continents were not affiliated with academies. They were dependent, and, as a result, where truces took place among the three camps.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was on the Great Overarching Heaven Continent. It was owned by the Jiangs. This family had a long history.

The Ancient Race and the Aliens had thousands of tribes.

Such groups also existed in the human race, for example, in the form of families. Although people looked the same, they had unique blood flowing in their bodies. However, since the appearances of people of the human race were quite similar and they were much more emotional than other races, many bloodlines mixed and became much less pure. In this situation, despite the existence of bloodlines, the human race merged into a big family.

There were also families that kept their bloodlines pure, like the aristocratic families of inheritance such as the Ancient Clan. The blood flowing in their bodies was the blood of Divine Kings. Every Ancient Clan's ancestor was a Divine King.

Jiang Chen was walking through a plain on the Great Overarching Heaven Continent. He saw road signs. There should be a city on the southeastern side. He did not fly there directly because he had smelled blood as soon as he had arrived. He saw dead bodies and traces of fights along the way. This was a battlefield. It had been cleaned up. Every valuable thing the dead soldiers possessed had been taken away. He also saw fierce beasts that liked to eat dead bodies from time to time.

I guess a battle happened? Jiang Chen was not very sure. After all, this was the territory of the Jiangs. As an Ancient Clan, they were in a paramount place 500 years ago.

Jiang Chen felt confused seeing the Great Overarching Heaven Continent at war. All of a sudden, some muffled sounds could be heard from overhead. Jiang Chen found them familiar. He looked up and saw some Five Elements War Chariots.

He had seen them before in the Three Middle Realms. Three Five-Element disciples of the Jiangs had chased him in those chariots.

I see! It suddenly dawned on Jiang Chen that the Jiangs of the Three Middle Realms were actually a branch of the Jiangs here. It was like the Southwind Ridge of the Hundred Thousand Mountains was a branch of the Nings from the Black Dragon City.

Lil Fan! Jiang Chen also realized where Lil Fan had gone. He was going to fly up to ask those Five Elements War Chariots what had happened when the chariots came toward him surprisingly. Jiang Chen hesitated. He did not act recklessly. There were 20 chariots in all. It was evident they had just been at war. Hundreds of muscular soldiers surrounded him.

"Where are you from? Where are you going?" A general showed up before Jiang Chen. His eyes were blazing, as if he could see through people.

"From the Three Middle Realms. No idea where I'm going yet," Jiang Chen said.

It made the soldiers very suspicious since he had entered others' battlefield for no reason.

"You are unlucky," the general said.

The Great Overarching Heaven Continent was only one of the transmitting points of the planes' channel. Jiang Chen was really unlucky, since he had arrived at a place at war.

"Join my army. Kill enemies for the Jiangs. We'll treat you well," the general said.

Are they catching able-bodied men for the army? This was the idea that occurred to Jiang Chen when he heard what the general had said.

"I didn't come here to fight in a war." Jiang Chen's attitude became tough too.

"You don't get to choose. No one knows who you are. Since you've appeared here, if you refuse to go with us, don't say that we are cruel." The general was also tough. His look was pretty sharp.

"Well, show me how cruel you are," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

He did not have any good feeling for the Jiangs, but he wanted to know how Lil Fan was doing.

The general of the Jiangs became super-cold.


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