The Brilliant Fighting Master
1004 A Calendar Era
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1004 A Calendar Era

Practitioners in the Second Constellation Palace were regarded as the authentic Star Venerables. Jiang Chen had not taken it very seriously before. After all, he had killed so many so-called authentic Star Venerables. Not until he had completed the breakthrough smoothly did he realize how ignorant he had been.

The constellation palace filled with the Four Qi had a wonderful effect. It could be used for infinite things. He was able to exert any Doctrine Method that existed in the world. And he could do it better than others.

It was exactly because it was such a huge breakthrough that Jiang Chen had chosen to stay in the forbidden land. He had too many enemies. If he did not learn how to use his strength well, things would go wrong.

Thanks to the success of One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones, he had gotten two practicing bodies. Even if the first practicing body was destroyed, he would not be affected. The only drawback was that after working a practicing body out, his constellation palace would be close to exhaustion. However, as soon as it went back to normal, it would be able to continue to work on the second practicing body.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In this way, there were three Jiang Chens having adventures in the forbidden land. Fortunately, the Dark Continent was very big. No one had ever seen two practicing bodies of his together. Otherwise, things would have gotten very interesting. After adjusting himself to his new strength, he started to integrate all the various kinds of strengths he had.

The divine body was his biggest advantage. It was thanks to the divine body that he had been able to absorb another person's Xuan Ling Qi for his own use. Using it with the Nine Transformations Mysterious Method, he achieved the status of No Way to Crack Any Rule for real. However, only good defense itself was not enough. Otherwise receiving beatings would be all he could do.

As to thunder methods, the Five Thunders Authentic Method could make thunder enter the five internal organs in the status of the invincible golden body, so that the power of this thunder method could be completely exerted.

However, Jiang Chen was still focusing on his sword methodology. Since he had fought with Li Yujian, Jiang Chen had been hoping he could merge the sword and the doctrine into one to achieve an extraordinary status. Achieving that would rely on the Sword Scripture. He might be able to do that if he could comprehend the Tenth Sword. However, this seemed to be contradictory, since only extraordinary power of the doctrine of sword could exert the Tenth Sword. Jiang Chen thought of his father, and then of the Tower of the God of Longevity.

More and more things occurred to him. He started to worry about Fan Tianyin's current situation. She had been imprisoned for such a long time. She must have suffered a lot.

"I'll go to the Seventh Realm to rescue her!" Jiang Chen made up his mind. No matter how hard it would, he would do it. If he could not even protect his woman, what kind of man would he be?! Since he had practicing bodies, he could practice in The Painting of the Heavenly Palace and go to her rescue at the same time.

In consideration of the Divine Religious Sects' power, Jiang Chen knew he should not go alone. He thought of Whitty, who had come to the Nine Realms during his rebirth and almost slaughtered the whole Realm of Spirits. However, after that, the Sacred Lord pressured the Realm of Evil Spirits to such an extent that the Monster was hiding Whitty very well. Even Jiang Chen could not see him.

This day, Jiang Chen left the forbidden land and returned to the Realm of Spirits. He wanted to see Ye Xue. However, the Icy Spirit told him she had gone to the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, because she had received an invitation from the academies. The academies did not rise until the Sacred Zone had been closed, so Jiang Chen did not know anything about them. He came to understand what kind of places they were after the Icy Spirit King had explained them to him.

"Not only did they invite Xue'er, the academies have also invited you, all of the three academies." Jiang Chen was surprised at the news, but he did not take it too seriously.

At the same time, in the Heavenly Palace, thanks to the invincible golden body, his practicing body entered the Ambassador Hall. There were great amounts of treasures in the hall. It was like a warehouse for weapons. And he saw something really interesting at the center of the hall. The map of the Nine Realms! Different-shaped fragments of iron were placed in different locations on a plane. The fragments of iron had different colors and sizes. The nine white ones represented the Nine Realms: The Realm of Nine Heavens, the Realm of Milky, the Realm of True Force, the Three Middle Realms, the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, the Realm of Holy Martial Arts, and the Sacred Zone.

Different from what most people believed, the nine worlds were not in a trapezoidal shape. People believed they formed a trapezoid because the nine worlds were situated in different locations and they were bridged by planes' channels. Jiang Chen noticed that the edges of each fragment of iron matched perfectly, which proved the Nine Realms had been a part of the complete continent.

Besides the white fragments, there were also many small fragments of iron of different colors, scattered around the Nine Realms. Jiang Chen recognized the Realm of Evil Spirits, the Dragon Realm, and the Wizard Realm.

I'm afraid no force owns such a map, Jiang Chen thought.

To draw such a map, the artist had to see the whole picture of the world, from an angle the average person would never achieve. However, what caught his attention most was the fact that these fragments of iron were all a part of the bronze cauldron. When Jiang Chen had taken out the cauldron fragments he had, all of those fragments had lost their colors and looked only the color of bronze. Then, these fragments were pieced together to form a handle of a cauldron. It was the most important part of a bronze cauldron. Jiang Chen knew how dreadful the bronze cauldron was. He had put all of his resources aside so that it would not absorb all of their energies.

"What a surprise. You've got other fragments of the cauldron. I guess it's destiny." Yue'e walked over. She was glamorous, as pretty as a goddess. Only weapon souls could have such a beauty. Human beings could never be so pretty.

"Destiny?" Jiang Chen did not understand the profound meaning of it.

"Don't you think it's a great coincidence?" Yue'e asked.

Jiang Chen nodded, thinking about her words, whose meaning did not seem so clear to him. Then he suddenly spoke. "Did you see me much earlier?"

He stared at Yue'e while speaking. This doubt arose in him a long time ago, but he had never had the chance to ask her since he had been involved in too many things.

"The Painting of the Heavenly Palace was created when the Nine Realms was split, but I already existed even before that," Yue'e said calmly, keeping her cool. She meant even Jiang Chen's ancestors had not been born yet then.

Frowning, Jiang Chen turned pale. He exclaimed, "You already existed before The Painting of the Heavenly Palace was created? You're not the weapon soul that was created with it? Did the Divine Emperor imprison a real living creature in a weapon?"

"With your state, your assumption is really ridiculous," Yue'e said. The state she meant did not only refer to strength, but also referred to his place and importance.

"How come the big world was split?" Jiang Chen asked the question that he had desired to ask for a long time.

"The Object of the Realm was broken in a war," Yue'e said.

"A war could affect the big world to such an extent?" Jiang Chen was surprised. Then, picking up the fragments of the bronze cauldron skeptically, he said, "Are you going to tell me this is the Object of the Realm?"

"Exactly. The First Cauldron, the most important fetish in the world, was broken into pieces in that war. The Nine Realms came into existence after that," Yue'e told him the unknown history in a calm voice.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. He had never read anything about the First Cauldron in any books. That meant that after the creation of the Nine Realms, everything in the world started over again. The Era of Darkness, the Era of the Hero, and this era were all only a calendar era—100 years, 1,000 years, or even 10,000 years were only a flash compared to a calendar era. From the perspective of a calendar era, he, the man of the hour, was only a person living in a certain age. In less than half a calendar era, no one would remember him!

Live long and be immortal! Jiang Chen finally realized why so many people wanted to be immortal beings, questing for eternity. Everything was in vain if they could not be immortal.

"I have only been a person with a very narrow viewpoint."


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