The Brilliant Fighting Master
1002 To Go Through Another Kalpa
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1002 To Go Through Another Kalpa

"Bring it on," a capable Ghost said coldly. People were not intimidated. "Use your golden body. Use your external force." He fluttered his sleeve while speaking, and a spear appeared in his hand. This was a weapon of Doctrine Artifact level. The radiance of the spear even outshone the sun and the moon.

"It's Sun-Breaking Spear!"

"One of the most important treasures of the Ghost."

As people discussed this, others also showed their weapons, none of which was simple. Some people were even holding formation disks, taking advantage of the terrain of the mountain. War ships were zooming at the same time, because war-level weapons were being readied..

All of these people had been irritated by Jiang Chen. They were going all-out to kill him—especially the Ancient Race. Their blessed ones had all been given such hard beatings that they were almost beyond recognition.

Fortunately, the three esoteric disciples of the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect were not planning to join in the fight. Otherwise, the consequences would be beyond imagination.


Feeling an energy building that was destructive enough to destroy the world, the onlookers kept retreating until they had found a place where they thought they would be safe. So did Xiao Chengming and others. They all knew how powerful the war-level weapons were.

After a round of attacks, even the mountain would not exist anymore.

"I have to go!" On the mountain, Li Yujian also sensed the danger. She did not want to be killed in this way.

"You just missed your last chance to survive." Shaking his head, Jiang Chen looked full of pity, but he was more and more resolute. Sitting in the air, he raised his arms high. No one understood what he was doing. At first, assuming it was some special Doctrine Method, they were all put on their guard. However, some could not help but burst out laughing when they realized nothing dangerous was going to happen. "Even though you are bluffing, you could have been a bit more serious."

However, all of a sudden, when this sarcastic voice had barely vanished in the air, an overpowering sound of thunder rang out in the mountain. Since Jiang Chen was known for his thunder methods, they took it well at the beginning. However, soon they realized there was something wrong. The thunder did not come from Jiang Chen!

Before they could figure out what was going on, dense thunderclouds appeared in the sky, approaching them. Lightnings and auroras were sparkling in the dark clouds. The sound that was emitted from these clouds froze the blood.

"This is Kalpa Thunder of Wrath!"

"He is trying to go through kalpas. He wants to kill us with the kalpa thunder."

"What a whimsical thing. He thinks his kalpa thunder is great."

"That's not right. He is breaking through to the Second Constellation Palace. It's not a big breakthrough. Why did he trigger the kalpa thunder?"

"Whatever. Go ahead, all of us!"

Everyone felt uneasy after the great disturbance. All of the blessed ones retreated.

The capable ones launched an attack. The war-level weapons started into action. An extreme destructive energy spread all over the sky. They were attacking Jiang Chen at high speed. The disturbance created could be compared to the eruption of a volcano.

However, Jiang Chen stayed still. He put his invincible golden body on to resist the first round of attacks. As Li Yujian had predicted, it did not take long for the invincible golden body to reach its limit. Going beyond its limit, it cracked. And Jiang Chen was severely hurt because of that.

"He was really just bluffing."

Seeing this, people were assured, but they did not drop their guard. They started the second round of attack. However, before the energies arrived to destroy Jiang Chen, a muffled thunderous sound could be heard. Then all of the energies were smashed forcibly. Thunders and lightnings as powerful as the world's biggest waterfall rained down. Each and every thunder, each and every lightning, was different. Some of them were in the form of divine beasts. The quantities were also different. They rained down with Jiang Chen at their center.

Jiang Chen started to go through the kalpa, resisting the thunders and lightnings. As he moved, the thunders and lightnings also moved. Almost immediately, the war ships received attacks, one after another. Then they fell from the sky.

It was excruciating for the capable ones within the range of attack of the thunders and lightnings. They had never seen such dreadful things when they were going through kalpas.

"What's that? I'm not seeing it wrong. It's a holy thunder in the form of a dragon!"

The onlookers felt lucky that they were far away enough, but they were still scared to death by the disturbances. Each kalpa thunder had an impressive origin. Average people would never have had the chance to use them at all.

The capable ones were killed by the thunders and lightnings one after another. Those who tried to flee found themselves affected too. The kalpa clouds were pursuing them. The team full of strong people was defeated instantly. Numerous people were either killed or injured.

However, this was only the beginning. Another sound of muffled thunder rang out. Now, everyone was petrified by fear. They saw a holy thunder that looked like a silver pillar raining down from the sky. Then, to their surprise, it kept replicating itself. With Jiang Chen at the center, a wave of thunders as high as 30-odd feet rolled out.

You Xuan and others were scared out of their wits. They had retreated some distance, but, once again, they found themselves in danger.

"False information. False information!"

The Holy Wings could not move fast because his wings were broken and couldn't give full play to his speed advantage. No capable ones could protect him either. He was the first one who died in the sea of thunders.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The first blessed one died. And soon more and more of them were dying. It was Meng Yan and Yin Jue's turn very soon. Even though they tried their best, they still could not escape from the sea of thunders.

"Damn it!" You Xuan picked up his Air-Rending Bow and shot at the sea of thunders after realizing there was no way he could escape from it and survive. When he had shot the fourth arrow, he was struck by thunder and turned to ashes.

In the end, only a few people from the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect survived, including He Shou's master.

"That's it? It's already over?" Li Yujian had planned to flee, but she did not know what to say to express her feelings. She had finally realized why Jiang Chen had sent his practicing body to fight first. He only wanted to stall for more time, so that he would have enough time to break through to the Second Constellation Palace.

"He really illuminated his constellation palace with my Xuan Ling Qi. That's unbelievable. It's really unbelievable!"

"But why doesn't he die as well under such dreadful kalpa thunders?" Li Yujian had gone through kalpas too, but what happened at that moment was beyond her imagination. In her eyes, such kalpa thunders would only occur when Star Venerables tried to make more progress after achieving the great completeness.

Jiang Chen was really smart to use kalpa thunders to deal with his enemy.

"We knew it." The folks from the Three Middle Realms smiled at each other. Jiang Chen had almost overturned the Blood Shadow Dynasty after being possessed by a demon. Compared to that, what happened on this day was nothing.

"But going through kalpas could fail too. He was interfered with and his invincible golden body was cracked. Will anything happen to him?" Some people also felt worried.

"Take it easy. That's Jiang Chen. Did he ever disappoint us?"

Hearing such conversations, Xiao Chengming and others stayed silent.

They finally realized why the folks of the Three Middle Realms expected so much of Jiang Chen. It was because Jiang Chen should not be underestimated at all.

"Fortunately, our grudge with him isn't too severe."

"Will he really be able to go through the kalpa of thunders?"

Going through kalpas was kind of complicated. First of all, it was a must to find a quiet place, where there were no people around. Then any method could be used to resist kalpa thunders.

Jiang Chen's invincible golden body had great defenses, but it had been destroyed by the attack of the war-level weapons and the capable ones before the kalpa of thunders even started. Under all kinds of interferences and facing such a dreadful kalpa of thunders, it was hard to say how he would end up.

Unfortunately, they would not get to see the results here, because the next thunder frightened them out of their wits. At the thought of others' deaths, they fled immediately. They would run as far as they could.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》