The Brilliant Fighting Master
1001 The True Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1001 The True Body

One hour earlier, Li Yujian had been surprised at Jiang Chen's crazy idea. The Xuan Ling Qi she had acquired through practicing only belonged to her. She could not give it to another person. Otherwise, if the Sacred Lord gave his one-day practicing result to his juniors, a large number of strong people would be created. In the way of pursuing the spirit of martial arts, this was not how practicing worked.

If she really tried to do it, maybe nothing would happen to her, but the constellation river in Jiang Chen's body would be absolutely severely injured.

"Just do what I tell you." Jiang Chen insisted on going against nature. He was somehow very confident.

"The Xuan Ling Qi I call from my body is very destructive," Li Yujian said. "It will destroy your constellation palace after entering your constellation river. Are you clear about that?"

"Isn't that good for you?" Jiang Chen replied, smiling.

Li Yujian snorted. She stopped airing her opinions. No matter what Jiang Chen told her, she would just follow his lead.

"Come on." Jiang Chen grasped her hands. Their palms touched. Their fingers interlaced. Feeling his hard, warm palms, Li Yujian was kind of embarrassed.

"So, I'll satisfy your wish." She suddenly gnashed her teeth. Making a determined effort, she called the Xuan Ling Qi in all of her five constellation palaces. As she had explained, the Xuan Ling Qi acquired through practicing was not pure energy anymore. It was extremely destructive. However, Jiang Chen let the Xuan Ling Qi enter his body.

Soon, she saw Jiang Chen's body shaking, his forehead covered with sweat. Li Yujian wanted to stop, but his big hands grasped hers harder.

"You are mad!" Curling her lip, Li Yujian stopped thinking. Xuan Ling Qi flew into Jiang Chen's body like a wave. At that moment, she did have her own little plan. If Jiang Chen died, she would be free. Suddenly, Jiang Chen lowered his head, as if he had lost consciousness. When Li Yujian intended to disobey Jiang Chen's plan, a golden light flashed, and Azure Demon showed up.

"Go on." His voice was somewhat cold. He sounded oppressive, and she knew she had to keep following Jiang Chen's plan. Li Yujian gave up her machinations and continued to give him the Xuan Ling Qi. Half an hour later, Li Yujian was almost exhausted.

Before her, Jiang Chen, with his head hanging down and his eyes closed, looked as if he had fainted. Azure Demon was extremely awe-inspiring. Standing over them, he was watching each and every move of hers.

Li Yujian saw a big team approaching when she was on the verge of a breakdown. Somehow, the first idea that occurred to her was to warn Jiang Chen. However, her reason shut her mouth. To feel better, she tried to tell herself that it was because she was afraid Jiang Chen would become desperate and kill her. She did not warn Jiang Chen until the team was very close. However, Azure Demon knew every thought on her mind.

Jiang Chen did not respond to her. Li Yujian tried to move her hands away, and she was able to

"Is he...?" She wondered whether Jiang Chen had been killed by the Xuan Ling Qi. She waved her hand before Jiang Chen. To her surprise, Jiang Chen grasped her wrist at lightning speed.

"Thank you for your Xuan Ling Qi." Jiang Chen looked up. His eyes were open. They were extremely bright.

"It's impossible!"

Feeling the mighty power in Jiang Chen's body, Li Yujian knew his crazy plan had succeeded.

"Show yourself!"

At the same time, You Xuan from the Ghosts challenged Jiang Chen, since they had finished deploying their tactical formation around the mountain.

Realizing what kind of situation they were in, Li Yujian looked over at Jiang Chen with pity. Even though he succeeded, what could he do? Only extremely strong people could resolve such a crisis.

However, Jiang Chen surprised her once again. Her jaw dropped when she saw what happened next.

She saw Jiang Chen giving the blessed ones a good beating, and even the capable ones were at their wits' end. Li Yujian did not try to escape during this process, because Jiang Chen was still next to her!

There were two identical Jiang Chens in the world. When the Jiang Chen in the air had been shot to death, Li Yujian looked toward the man sitting cross-legged.

"What kind of Doctrine Method is this!" she exclaimed from the bottom of her heart. It turned out it was Jiang Chen's practicing body that had been fighting against the team. After acquiring the complete Four Qi, his practicing body also became complete. It was not transparent anymore. And he had also acquired the invincible golden body. How much his fighting power had been enhanced was obvious to all.

"Pity," Li Yujian said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The practicing body in the air became gas and vanished when it had been destroyed. In this way, the whole world knew Jiang Chen was not dead yet. Those from the Seventh Realm cheering in the air were dumbfounded. So, they had been fighting for such a long time, but Jiang Chen's true body had not even shown up yet.

"Was that his clone?!"

"No way. It couldn't be his clone!"

"The clone only has one-tenth of the true body's strength. If that were a clone, the world would be upside down when the true body came."

No one believed it was a clone.

However, if it was a transformation body, it would also be a little absurd considering Jiang Chen's state.

"Whatever it was, we must catch him!" Soon, they agreed on the ultimate goal.

"His energy is still on the mountain!"

The tactical formation of the mountain was not cracked yet. It was still like catching a turtle in a jar to catch Jiang Chen.

"If you knew tactical formations well, you could have taken advantage of the chaos just now to escape," Li Yujian said with pity. She was not on Jiang Chen's side, but she thought it would be admirable if he could survive such a siege.

"I do know tactical formations well." Jiang Chen stood up with the same fearless expression, smiling.

"Are you going to fight with them again?" Li Yujian warned him, "Those strong ones and elders were reserved. If they really had joined the fight, your golden body would have been cracked much earlier."

As long as the golden body was cracked, You Xuan would be able to kill him with an arrow. As a result, the situation was extremely unfavorable for Jiang Chen.

"I know," Jiang Chen said. He flew into the air and stopped halfway. "You'd better ask your religious sect to release that woman when you go back. Otherwise, if I have to go to rescue her, your religious sect will probably disappear from the Seventh Realm." When he finished speaking, he flew high into the sky.

Li Yujian frowned. She was unconvinced when she realized what Jiang Chen was implying.

You were dying. Why are you still so arrogant?

She opened her eyes wide, wondering what Jiang Chen was going to do.

Going back into the air again, he looked the same as he had just now in the fight. Everyone felt they had seen all this before. The only thing different was that all of the blessed ones had lost the courage to trash talk. They all kept their mouths shut.

"Senior, didn't you just say if I could leave without using external force, I would be kind of great?" Jiang Chen asked. Last time Jiang Chen had attacked fast, but this time he was more talkative.

Does he think he's going to survive? That's too naïve, Li Yujian thought.

The elder who had said that was embarrassed, but he was also very experienced. As the saying goes, the older, the wiser.

"I won't join the fight, but it doesn't mean others won't." As he spoke, he put his sword down and stepped aside.

Jiang Chen applauded him for his shamelessness. Then he threw those next to him a glance.

"You still have the chance to survive," he said.

It was quite confusing. No one knew why Jiang Chen was so confident. Or was he bluffing because of what he had done just now? The thing was, those from the Seventh Realm were not so stupid.


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