The Brilliant Fighting Master
1000 Who Is He Kidding?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1000 Who Is He Kidding?

Then, grasping half of the stick, he pierced it through the enemy's body. In less than one minute, the Red Cloud Society had lost two members.

"This is so different from what we heard was going to happen."

Many people who had come to have adventures in the forbidden land were struck dumb. They had been told that Jiang Chen had no hope to resist. They were told Jiang Chen was barely strong enough to resist the Red Cloud Society. They were told anyone from their team could crush Jiang Chen as long as the latter did not use any external force.

But what had happened?

Whoosh! A sudden whooshing sound brought people back to reality.

You Xuan shot another arrow from a distance ten times closer than the last time. There was no way Jiang Chen would be able to dodge it. The golden arrow was shot at Jiang Chen's head. Those who had seen You Xuan shoot arrows knew how great his archery was. They all thought the arrow would pierce through Jiang Chen's head or his head would explode. However, sparks flew and the golden arrow bounced off Jiang Chen's head, whirling at high speed in the air.

Jiang Chen turned around to look at You Xuan, who had been struck dumb.

"This...this...this...!" This was beyond comprehension.

"How come?!" Xiao Chengming and others were shocked. Jiang Chen's strength was beyond their expectations. He had improved multiple times in only a few days.

"Did he...did he illuminate his constellation palace?" The idea occurred to them simultaneously. This was quite possible.

Due to the specialty of the Star Venerable, the fighting power of the Second Constellation Palace was several times more than that of the First Constellation Palace. Only the power that the illuminated constellation palaces could exert could define how strong a Star Venerable was.

"No, he didn't!" However, they found Jiang Chen had not illuminated any constellation palaces when they checked his state.

"Doctrine Method. He has mastered some Doctrine Method."

"He must have gotten his inheritance and mastered it during the past few days."

"That's tough."

They had thought Jiang Chen was at his wit's end, but now they were imagining infinite possibilities again.

"How dare you!" Meng Yan attacked too. He was curious to see how strong Jiang Chen's golden body was. The Original Methods of the Flame Divinity were famous for their destructive power. He was really good. This tribe was also very good at close combat.

As soon as Meng Yan attacked, people immediately saw the gap between the Red Cloud Society and him. The fire-emitting fists punched Jiang Chen in his chest hard. However, he ended up the same as the members of the Red Cloud Society. He was almost sent flying by his own fist power, while nothing happened to Jiang Chen. His arms were grasped by Jiang Chen and he realized the fat was in the fire.

Jiang Chen was not making any effort, but his palms got hotter and hotter. The destructive power of the fire of thunder was even too much for him, a Flame Divinity.

"Stop!" The strong one of the Flame Divinity could not sit still any more. He came to Meng Yan's rescue so that the latter would not die. The other strong people and the elders were also ready. Once Jiang Chen used the eight groups of spiritual beings, they would attack him too. However, Jiang Chen did not seem to have the intention to do that. He was eager to exchange some blows with the strong one of the Flame Divinity. Pushing Meng Yan away, he confronted the latter.

"Samsara Fist!" Unlike before, he took this very seriously. He went all-out. Seeing him so serious, the strong Flame Divinity also took him seriously. When their fists met, the team besieging the mountain was forced to retreat. However, nobody felt anything. They were all waiting to see the result with all their attention.

The Flame Divinity was really strong. Jiang Chen had to retreat dozens of miles. But that was all. His enemy was suffering too. It was obvious the Flame Divinity was in pain.

You Xuan and the others who had been putting on airs were extremely embarrassed. The three esoteric disciples of the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect were also dumbfounded. Judging from the current situation, if those strong ones and the elders had not lent a hand, they would all be beaten to death.

The strong ones and the elders were hesitating. There were quite a few onlookers here. If they attacked a youngster all together, they would become laughingstocks.

However, none of their youngsters was a match for Jiang Chen.

"What he is exerting is a Doctrine Method. His defense is extremely difficult to crack, but it will not last forever. We will stay out of the fight and wait until he gets exhausted."

Someone disclosed why Jiang Chen was so strong. It was thanks to the invincible golden body made of golden lights. However, any Doctrine Method would consume a great amount of energy, especially for a golden body like his. Otherwise, if his status could last forever, he would be really invincible.

It would usually last for only a few minutes. For weaker ones, it would only last less than one minute. Because of this, the strong ones and the elders decided to do nothing but wait.

Jiang Chen saw through their intentions. He mocked, "One capable person isn't enough, but it's too embarrassing for you to send two. You are a group of hypocrites."

Cursed by him in this way, these people got extremely irritated.

Jiang Chen was not going to stand there letting his energy get consumed for nothing. He jumped on You Xuan, Yin Jue, and others. "Aren't you going to avenge your father?"

Jiang Chen came up to You Xuan as fast as lightning, waving his fist. His invincible golden body was not only good at defense. More important, it could bear powerful force. He could enter the status of fire of thunders without any concern. Even if he managed to exert the Five Thunders Authentic Method, his golden body would still be able to handle the power. That was why his fighting power was so dreadful. This was only the first level of the Nine Transformations Mysterious Method.

You Xuan had to suffer in silence. He, awe-inspiring at the beginning, could never have anticipated such an end, looking for a place to hide holding the Air Rending Bow in his hand.

Jiang Chen did not change his target until the Ghosts had taken You Xuan under their shelter.

"It's you who wanted my treasures?" Jiang Chen looked toward the Silver Blood.

"Misunderstanding. It was only a misunderstanding." Yin Jue's cold, proud face looked helpless. He had learned a lesson, so he hid behind a capable person. However, Jiang Chen was not going to let him go.

"You're courting death!" Now the capable ones of the Silver Blood found an excuse to attack him. Silver lights were shining, powerful enough to purify the world.

However, bathing in the silver lights, Jiang Chen was not affected much. He dashed into the crowd to give Yin Jue's face a punch. The latter's teeth fell out.

In the end, Kong Tian, the Holy Wings who had been very silent, flapped his holy wings to fly high into the sky. "You wanna run?"

Jiang Chen disliked the Holy Wings most. He exerted the Teleportation Method.

"Stop him!"

The Holy Wings were petrified. Jiang Chen's energy was so aggressive that it was hard to say how Kong Tian would end up. However, the Holy Wings, who were famous for their speed, could not stop Jiang Chen at all. What Jiang Chen liked to do most to the Holy Wings was to break their wings. He did the same this time. Kong Tian, who had not said a word so far, screamed in a tragic way. "Go get him!"

The capable ones and the elders all rushed forward, forgetting about their reserved attitude.

However, after bustling about in such a manner, the energy of Jiang Chen's invincible golden body was also exhausted. He had become normal again.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Die!" You Xuan, hiding in the crowd, had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He put an arrow onto the string and drew the bow. The arrow whooshed across the sky like a shooting star, aiming at Jiang Chen's head.

Jiang Chen, without the protection of the golden lights, was unable to turn the tide again. His head was hit and it exploded.


The onlookers finally felt relieved. For them, this felt more real. If those blessed ones did not look so embarrassed, they would think that what had happened just now was nothing but a dream.

"Where did he learn the Doctrine Method? It was too powerful."

"If he had illuminated all of his constellation palaces, he would have had no rival within his peers."

"What a pity."

"He died again? Who does he think he is kidding?"

Interestingly, the folks of the Three Middle Realms did not believe Jiang Chen was dead at all. They were expecting to see him come back to life again.


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