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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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997 The Ghos

The fog got thicker and thicker. Soon, it was pitch black. The omnipresent blades were quick, fierce, sharp, and powerful. Jiang Chen was heavily injured before long. Fortunately, his injuries recovered at a moderate speed.

"Xuan Ming Qi? Interesting. Only few Doctrine Methods have to do with Xuan Ming Qi and swordsmanship, except the Four Doctrines of Sword that need the Four Qi." Li Yujian's voice came from the fog. She was gloating.

"Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi are the most suitable for sword doctrine. Unfortunately, all this is destined." After breaking through to Star Venerable, what kind of Qi one could practice was destined.

Jiang Chen broke the curse of the divine body. That was how he could practice the Four Qi at the same time.

In the meantime, the fight at the Frozen Pond caught the attention of the forces that were looking for Jiang Chen in the forbidden land.

It was really a coincidence that the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect was the first to arrive.

"Isn't that Li Yujian, esoteric disciple of the All Saints Religious Sect??"

The people on the ship recognized Li Yujian right away. They were all surprised.

"Not only she, but the members of the Red Cloud Society are also here."

"So, they are having adventures here?"

"Why is Jiang Chen fighting with them?"

Xiao Chengming and others were in a heated discussion. They were all shocked. Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects were all over the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. The grading system of the disciples was also very strict.

There were average disciple, junior disciple, senior disciple, key disciple, esoteric disciple, premier disciple, and chief disciple. Above chief disciple, there were saints and candidates for saints.

As a result, in the Seventh Realm, people would usually evaluate one's fighting power by what kind of disciple he or she was. Xiao Chengming and his companions were senior disciples. Yin Ye and the female Holy Wings Jiang Chen killed the previous day were like key disciples in this system.

This time, all the forces had sent grand supreme elders and esoteric disciples to catch Jiang Chen.

The All Saints Religious Sect did not join them, but, somehow, they were also fighting with him. Li Yujian was not an average esoteric disciple. She was also a member of the Red Cloud Society. Due to this, she had a special place among esoteric disciples. The esoteric disciples of the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect were all seriously watching the two fighting.

Seeing Jiang Chen at a disadvantage, they felt relieved.

"This Jiang Chen is at most as good as esoteric disciples."

"He is as good as esoteric disciples, but none of his constellation palaces is illuminated. He will be great when he grows up."

"Tall trees catch much wind."

"He will die today."

"Elders, please allow us to fight with him."

The three esoteric disciples of the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect said loudly.

"It's not necessary. Let's see how things go. Inform the Ancient Race of what's happening here."

However, the grand supreme elders of the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect did not want to act. The disciples felt puzzled. The Genuine Heaven Religious Sect was blamed for what had happened in Gu City. For this reason, they should kill him. But anyway, it was the elders' order. They had to obey.

"So, you are that Jiang Chen." Li Yujian tumbled to the reality when she noticed the war ships in the air. She sounded a little contemptuous. "You are not that great."

The fog lingered. Jiang Chen became a sandbag, being punched like a blind man. Another sword attack came, aiming at Jiang Chen's crucial part as always. However, accidentally or not, Jiang Chen struck with an open hand and the blade was struck away.

"Oh?" Shocked, Li Yujian threw her sword again.

The fog could not blind Jiang Chen's eyes anymore, as if he had learnt how these things were working. Before Li Yujian came to herself, he exerted the Five Thunders Authentic Method. It hit her delicate body.

Li Yujian was sent flying. The fog disappeared. She spit blood.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

Jiang Chen seized the precious chance. He went on attacking like the God of War, mighty and powerful.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"How come?!" The other members of the Red Cloud Society were startled. They had no idea how Jiang Chen had cracked the fog.

"What a strong body." This was the second thing that occurred to them. He avoided using Doctrine Methods, but created such a power only by bumping. If this palm attack got Li Yujian, she would suffer.

For this reason, the other four members of the Red Cloud Society joined the fight, jumping on Jiang Chen from various directions. They were also esoteric disciples, as good as Li Yujian. They had also been improving their martial arts techniques and doctrine techniques at the same time.

"Vanquish demons!"

This time, Jiang Chen did not hesitate. The eight groups of spiritual beings showed their strength.

The four failed to save Li Yujian. Instead, they were in danger too.

"No..." Li Yujian turned pale. No one could stop Jiang Chen anymore.


However, at this moment, something whooshed across the sky like a shooting star. It was a sharp arrow.

"They are from the Ghost!"

Over the Frozen Pond, another group showed up. It was a young Ancient who had shot the arrow.

"It's the Air-Rending Bow!"

The bow told who he was. Those from the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect recognized him immediately. He was the most famous talent Ghost at present. You Xuan!

The Ghost was one of the five Ancient tribes that had ambushed Jiang Qingyu. Furthermore, their emperor, You Xuan's father, had been killed by Jiang Qingyu.

A dutiful son is obliged to pay his father's debts. You Xuan came here in person after learning Jiang Chen's whereabouts.

If You Xuan were a human, he would be a premier disciple at least.

The Air-Rending Bow in his hand was especially powerful. When the Ghosts showed up again in the world, a strong fierce beast was living in the habitat they chose. No Star Venerable could subdue it.

However, You Xuan killed it with one arrow. This day, he was going to deal with Jiang Chen in the same way.

Jiang Chen hit Li Yujian in the chest, but at the same time, he was shot in the chest by the arrow. At first, it sounded as if something was torn. Breaking the defense of his divine body, the arrow pierced into his chest.

"A bow of Doctrine Artifact level?" Touching his chest, Jiang Chen looked up at You Xuan. It was the first time the two had met, but he saw deep hatred in the enemy's eyes.

Then, something shocking happened. Jiang Chen, with an arrow in his chest, lifted the heavily injured Li Yujian, and fled at astounding speed with her. He knew this place would be surrounded by all kinds of disciples, capable practitioners, and grand supreme elders soon.

Since the paramount Buddha's power of the eight groups of spiritual beings had been injected into his body, he was able to walk as fast as flying. A step of his covered more than 300 miles.

Jiang Chen disappeared in an instant.

The four members of the Red Cloud Society were all injured. If it were not for You Xuan's arrow, they would all have been dead.

"It's indeed a killing tool that can kill capable men easily."

Those who had seen eight groups of spiritual beings with their own eyes did not doubt the authenticity of what Jiang Chen had done in Gu City. At the moment, they wanted to catch Jiang Chen to get his secret method and treasures.

"Chase!" The big team headed for where Jiang Chen had fled.

However, his speed was beyond imagination. He had disappeared from sight.

"I'm tracing his energy. Besides, he will have to stop sooner or later." You Xuan kept their morale up. They recalled Jiang Chen still had an arrow in his chest.

On the other side, Azure Demon told Jiang Chen to leave Li Yujian behind so that he would not get more tired. However, gazing at the sword in her hand, Jiang Chen insisted on fleeing with her, because he wanted to know what had happened.


When Li Yujian woke up, she found herself in a stone chamber. There was a burning smell. She knew immediately the stone chamber had been created by fire.

When she realized what had happened, she checked out her clothes immediately. She was surprised that Jiang Chen had not killed her. Then she had to suspect that Jiang Chen had had dirty thoughts about her.


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