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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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996 Li Yujian

"Apprentice Elder Sister, it's him!"

Seeing his apprentice elder sister's dubious look, Shen Xing pointed out Jiang Chen immediately. The short-haired woman looked full of doubts. Those next to her also had odd looks on their faces.

They had been wondering what kind of great person it would be, and it turned out to be a teenager.

"Apprentice Elder Sister, don't underestimate him. He caused the fatal wound on the mysterious serpent!" Shen Xing said right away.


His warning worked. The short-haired woman and others stopped looking down on Jiang Chen.

"Guys, please." The short-haired woman said.

"No problem."

The other four landed in different parts around the Frozen Pond to block the area, so that Jiang Chen could not flee.

"Apprentice Elder Sister, he has a Doctrine Sword," Shen Xing warned her in a low voice.

The short-haired woman nodded. Landing on the ground, she found none of her sibling disciples could be rescued. Her pretty face was extremely downcast.

"Tell me your name. Then I'll allow you to die," she said coldly.

Jiang Chen shook water off his hands and then wiped them with a silk handkerchief. Without saying a word, he just stood gazing at the short-haired woman silently.

Holding her temper, the short-haired woman took the chance to size Jiang Chen up.

"What did he tell you?" After a short while, Jiang Chen asked, pointing at Shen Xing.

Shen Xing avoided his gaze. He looked pretty nervous.

"It doesn't matter. You'll die anyway."

The short-haired woman had no intention to investigate at all. Otherwise Shen Xing's lie, full of flaws, would be disclosed right away.

"You mean no matter who is right, you will have this fight with me anyway because your men are dead?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You can't hurt anyone from the All Saints Religious Sect, even if you have thousands of reasons for doing so," the short-haired woman said arrogantly.

"Sounds familiar. Bring it on then," Jiang Chen said sarcastically.

The short-haired woman snorted, unsheathing her sword.

Jiang Chen turned pale immediately, staring at the sword in her hand.

"Are you scared? You know how strong my apprentice elder sister is? You'll be frightened to death if I tell you her place in the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts!" Shen Xing shouted complacently.

Jiang Chen ignored him. He said, "Where did you get this sword?"

The sword the short-haired woman was holding was Fan Tianyin's sword! He could not forget it. Although it was not a Doctrine Sword, it was a class-nine magic weapon, made of a kind of rare iron found only in the deep sea. The sword in the short-haired woman's hand had been remolded. It was between magic weapon and Doctrine Artifact currently.

"You think such a question can save you from death?" The short-haired woman did not answer him.

"Let me ask you again. Where did you get the sword?!" Jiang Chen shouted.

"You don't get to pose me any questions." Then, she attacked.

The short-haired woman was called Li Yujian. She was an esoteric disciple of the All Saints Religious Sect. Her five constellation palaces were filled with Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Ling Qi. This made her very different from the majority of Star Venerables. Most of the Star Venerables Jiang Chen had killed only had one Qi. Those who had two Qi could exchange some blows with him, as, for example, Ning Haotian and the Saint of All Beginnings.

Li Yujian did not have the natural base of Doctrine, but she had perfectly mastered the unique Doctrine Method of the All Saints Religious Sect. The method was called All Saints Sword Doctrine.

The phrase Doctrine Method came from the spirit of martial arts. The two were combined to make up a complete scripture. That also reflected the centuries-old power of the Holy Lands. They were able to train their disciples to achieve perfection.

Jiang Chen was looking for practicing methods while looking for Doctrine Methods. This was kind of ridiculous for disciples of Divine Religious Sects and Holy Lands, because for them these things were easily accessible as long as they had enough talent.

It was unnecessary to compare the profoundity of the All Saints Sword Doctrine and the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, because Li Yujian's sword doctrine force had achieved transcendency! Jiang Chen's sword doctrine force was only at master level. It was a far cry from his enemy's level.

If he had wanted his sword doctrine force to achieve transcendency as well, he would have had to improve his martial arts techniques and doctrine techniques at the same time.

The transcendent swordsmanship exerted the power that a Doctrine Method should have. The ice water in the Frozen Pond started to go into reverse.

"Class-seven Water Sword Realm!"

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. When the enemy's five constellation palaces, full of Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Ling Qi, started to run, her sword momentum was extremely mighty.

Jiang Chen felt himself too small and worried that he would not even be able to survive in this world.

"No wonder she is so arrogant."

Jiang Chen's divine body entered the status of fire of thunder. Releasing golden lights and thunder at the same time, he managed to resist the enemy's sword attack.

Li Yujian was surprised to see she did not defeat Jiang Chen right away. At the same time, she did not feel it weird that Shen Xing had failed to resist Jiang Chen.

"No constellation palace illuminated, ignorant of Doctrine Methods, you want to show off before me only with your special body?!"

"All Saints Sword Movement: Heavenly Vortex and Watery Blade!"

Smiling coldly, Li Yujian changed her movement. The sword attack became even fiercer.

Ice water washed over Jiang Chen like an angry wave. It developed into a giant swirl, with thousands of sharp blades hidden inside.

Jiang Chen drew out the Red Cloud Sword quickly. The two Doctrine Swords exerted the Wind and Fire Swords Wheel and threw the latter to the swirl. The swords wheel and the swirl collided. The blades rubbed against each other fiercely.

In the end, the ice water retreated. When it fell, it was raining cats and dogs. The ice water within a range of two miles around Jiang Chen was all vaporized, but previously he would have been able to make all of the water disappear.

"Not bad. Two Lore Martial Realms, but both are at a low level. You are only practicing martial arts techniques, still far away from the doctrine of martial arts," Li Yujian said sarcastically. The doctrine of sword was the doctrine of martial arts, but to exert the power of a Doctrine Method, he would have to achieve transcendency. Jiang Chen, with no constellation palace illuminated, could not achieve that yet.

Her Doctrine Method with two Qi is already so great. If I practice a Doctrine Method with four Qi, I'll be able to do whatever I want.

Unfortunately, for the moment it was only a thought. Jiang Chen had to resolve the crisis at the moment first.

"You have a great body. Your martial arts techniques are also extraordinary. But for Star Venerables, what matters most are the doctrine of martial arts, the constellation palaces, and the Four Qi."

"You have none of these, but you still managed to take two attacks from me. That's already great." Her remark sounded harsh, but it made sense.

Jiang Chen was able to exchange blows with her thanks to his trump cards. Otherwise, with no constellation palace illuminated, if he had achieved that by himself, it only meant Star Venerable was not a serious state.

"I shouldn't compete with her only with swords. Mine is swordsmanship, but hers is sword doctrine."

To some extent, this woman was even more difficult to deal with than the Saint of All Beginnings, even though she would definitely lose if she fought with the Saint of All Beginnings.

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Jiang Chen made up his mind. He disappeared as quickly as lightning and approached her through thunder method.

Taken by surprise, Li Yujian's complacent pretty face turned pale. She was totally shocked.

"Even if you are right about everything, I can still kill you!"

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

His divine body exerted power. Heavenly thunders were released. Once Li Yujian was struck, she would be heavily injured.

"You've got a lot of tricks."

At the crucial moment, Li Yujian turned around. Facing Jiang Chen, she let him beat her in the chest with his palms. She showed a mysterious smile. Then she changed to ice water. At the same time, a fog that had risen from the water shrouded Jiang Chen.

"That's not good!" Jiang Chen turned pale. He was going to run away from the fog, but a sword spirit washed over him together with cold vapors.

"I can twist you around my finger," Li Yujian said.

"Jiang Chen, let us handle her," said Azure Demon.


"You don't have to push yourself so hard. The enemy's fighting power can be compared to that of a capable practitioner, but you don't have any constellation palace illuminated yet," Azure Demon said anxiously.

"I can defeat her." However, Jiang Chen insisted.


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