The Brilliant Fighting Master
992 The Sacred Ground in the Celestial Land
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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992 The Sacred Ground in the Celestial Land

The Dark Continent was the most famous destination for treasure-seeking and adventures in the Three Middle Realms. Like other forbidden lands in the Nine Realms, there were infinite possibilities here. Putting the legendary treasure-hunting sites aside, there were many spiritual herbs and even holy herbs that could be found living in the forbidden lands. If anyone found one of those herbs, it could be sold at a sky-high price.

In addition to the herbs, there were also many precious animals living here. And, due to all kinds of charming stories about relics, treasures, tombs, and so forth, there were always people exploring in the forbidden lands.


Jiang Chen was standing in a valley. Although this place was shady all year long, it was green with all kinds of plants growing. The majority of the plants here would never be seen in other places. Jiang Chen could see with his Eye of Heaven that traces of digging were everywhere. Many bottomless holes led deep underground.

This place was called the Star Falling Valley. The landform was created by the falling of a meteorite a long time ago. Throughout history, people were always finding treasures here. For this reason, it became the most popular place on the Dark Continent.

The Star Falling Valley was also the place where Jiang Chen's inheritance had guided him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So, the Title Palace can only sense where the treasures are, but it can't guarantee that others won't beat me to them? Jiang Chen thought this seemed to be a reasonable explanation. However, thinking it over, he was fairly sure such things had never happened since the Title Palace had come into existence.

Jiang Chen was reluctant to give up. He searched every corner with the Eye of Heaven. He even looked into the caves. However, he found nothing. The instructions of the inheritance could not tell him an accurate position either. Neither could it give him any hint. Jiang Chen had to figure it out by himself.

This is the most popular place. It was thoroughly searched a long time ago.

Jiang Chen took his formation disk out to look for any possible trace of small worlds, trying everything he could. Unfortunately, success would not come so easily. The treasure-seeking devices Jiang Chen had made did not work either.

No wonder this place is so easy to find. Jiang Chen was annoyed. If it were a dangerous place, difficult to find, as long as he could arrive there, he would definitely find something. However, at the moment, he was already at his wits' end.

So, I guess have to go underground. Emitting the evil flame, Jiang Chen charged down. The fire melted the soil and a hole showed up. Jiang Chen descended 600 miles in an instant. Then the resistance became stronger and stronger. Unwilling to give up, Jiang Chen descended 600 miles more. At this point, he felt as if he was in a place made of iron. Even the evil flame could not melt the soil to open a way for him. It was because the soil here was full of minerals like gravel, which actually formed a defense belt.

"Jiang Chen, it will be dangerous if you keep going down." Azure Demon could not help but remind him.

If you kept flying up, you would enter the Milky Way. For the same reason, if you kept going down, you would arrive in the nether world. Of course, it was still a pending question whether the nether world existed or not, because no one had ever come back from that underground world.


The bronze fragments he was carrying responded to something as Jiang Chen was hesitating. He was cheered up, because it meant there were more fragments underground. It also meant his inheritance was right here. Besides the fragments, there were other treasures.

He decided to take the risk and keep going. He was on tenterhooks, but so far no real danger had happened.

The fragments of the bronze cauldron were reacting more and more strongly. It meant the inheritance was getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen found the temperature was increasing rapidly. He even started to sweat. Fortunately, high temperature was the last thing he was afraid of.

Soon, he felt as if he were in a sea of fire—as if he had opened an underground door. In a spacious area, there was a giant globe emitting orange flames. The globe was very erratic and the liquid flames were splashing everywhere.

At the same time, the inheritance instruction in Jiang Chen's body was becoming clearer and clearer. He approached the globe gradually and found it was the core of a star.

The hearsay is true?

The Star Falling Valley was created by the falling of a meteorite. It looked as if it was not an average meteorite. It was a real star.

The core of the star was buried deep underground.

However, Jiang Chen did not see any fragment of the bronze cauldron. Neither did he find any trace of the inheritance. The core of the star was a mysterious energy body. It looked brilliant, but since it did not belong to this world, its energy could not be put to use.

Could they be inside it?

Jiang Chen could not help but walk toward the core of star, letting the flames splash onto his body. When he could see nothing but flames, Jiang Chen felt as if he was walking in a passage. He walked and walked, and at some point the high temperature disappeared. He heard wind whooshing. Jiang Chen was not prepared for the great change in the landscape in front of him at all.

He had come to Cloud Nine directly from the deep underground. Before him were endless clouds, thousands of golden lights, the red glow from the sun, and the brilliant purple glow of the sunset. There was a splendid palace in the clouds, seemingly built from glass and precious jade.

Shocked by what he was seeing, Jiang Chen flew over. Even though he had had myriad experiences and traveled all over the many worlds. he had never seen such a place before. The buildings were magnificent. The decorations and the details were delicate. The giant pillars rising into the clouds had red dragons with golden scales entwined on them. However, he did not see any people.

When he was going to land in the palace, everything suddenly disappeared. He went back to the deep underground again. The core of the star before him Soon, the core of star was only as big as a fist.

Jiang Chen knew clearly that the core of the star had actually been absorbed by something and that was what the swirling was about. It was a painting that had absorbed the core of the star, and it was floating in the air.

When the core of the star had been completely absorbed, something showed up in the blank space on the painting. Jiang Chen went closer and found it was the Heavenly Palace where he had been! It turned out he had entered a painting.

Is this the inheritance of the Invincible God of War?

Jiang Chen reached out for the Painting of the Heavenly Palace. He felt relieved after confirming nothing unexpected had happened. Next, he certainly would like to figure out what the use of the painting was.

The underground world was quite depressing, so Jiang Chen went back to the overground world with the Painting of the Heavenly Palace. Everything looked peaceful. Nothing had changed during his exploration in the underground world.

Jiang Chen intended to use the same way to study The Painting of the Heavenly Palace. He wanted to enter the painting again. However, he could not enter it. Then an idea occurred to him. He tried to calm down, with his eyes shut. When he opened his eyes, he was in the Heavenly Palace again.

I see. Only the soul can enter here. My physical body is still outside.

Tumbling to the secret, Jiang Chen let the eight groups of spiritual beings protect his physical body, while he started to explore the Heavenly Palace. Whenever he wanted to land in the Heavenly Palace, he would fail. His soul would retreat from the palace automatically. Jiang Chen could only observe it from a distance.

"The Celestial Land is supported by nine layers of floating clouds. Celestial islands stand in great numbers. Clouds keep floating up." Somehow, this description he had read in a book suddenly occurred to him. What he was seeing was not completely the same as the description in the book, but it was quite similar.

Is this the Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land?!

The Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land really exists?

Jiang Chen came up with two contradictory questions, totally shocked. People who knew him well could imagine this so-called Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land must be very special.


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