The Brilliant Fighting Master
991 The Dark Continen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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991 The Dark Continen

In the end, He Shou put in a good word for them so Jiang Chen let them go. "You can kneel if you want, but don't expect the whole world to kneel with you."

Then, calming down, Jiang Chen became again that nice teenager who did not seem to be able to hurt anyone.

"Excuse me...are you Jiang Chen? You are not his younger brother or something, are you?" Someone from the Three Middle Realms asked him, after getting enough courage up, because it was said Jiang Chen was actually a kind person. He was not one of those who would put on airs.

"Is that important?" Smiling, Jiang Chen answered him with a question.

He pulled He Shou aside, without waiting for the man to answer him. He wanted to head for the forbidden land right away. He Shou nodded. His face became serious. The Holy Wings and the Silver Blood would not let him go easily. They would want to take their revenge right away.

"Even some Holy Lands and Divine Religious Sects will help them," He Shou said.

"Doesn't matter." Jiang Chen was used to danger. He knew how to resolve this kind of problem—to kill the enemy.

"Will you have trouble because of what happened today?" However, Jiang Chen could not think for others.

He Shou smiled bitterly. The answer was obvious. The Genuine Heaven Religious Sect would absolutely find a scapegoat to take the responsibility for such a severe incident. Jiang Chen knew it too. Full of guilt, he pulled He Shou to a place where no one else was around.

"Take this. When you are strong enough, I don't think the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect will be able to do anything to you." Jiang Chen took out an immortal elixir out as he spoke.

"My gosh!" He Shou was petrified when he had seen what it was. He was completely shocked. Even though he was a key disciple of a Divine Religious Sect, immortal elixirs were still very luxurious for him.

"It's too precious," he said.

"We are friends. Is that something you say to a friend?" Jiang Chen said unhappily.

"Okay." He Shou took the immortal elixir and kept it in a safe place. Then more ideas occurred to him. He could go beyond his limits and realize a state breakthrough with the immortal elixir. He looked towards Xing Yue spontaneously. His eyes gradually lit up. Then, as the commander of the Dark Armor Army, He Shou sent Jiang Chen to the Dark Continent. Those from the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect felt deeply relieved after confirming he would not come back again.

"It's not over yet."

Gazing at the two Ancient tribes who had suffered a great loss, they knew the forces of the Seventh Realm would go ballistic. Seeing He Shou walking over, they did not thank him for his help. Instead, they tried to avoid him.


Curling his lip, He Shou thought they really did not have to make their hostility so obvious.

"Apprentice Younger Brother, do you know you've made a huge mistake?" Xiao Chengming's arrogance came back.


Looking toward Xing Yue, He Shou behaved as if he had lost his soul after seeing his fiancee avoiding his look. "Let's set off too."

The Ancient Apes, who had been watching the fights without meddling, were also going to the forbidden land. Their target was the treasures in the forbidden land. Sheng Tian had learned from the reaction of those from the Three Middle Realms that Jiang Chen was the Invincible God of War. The fact that he had come here to get the inheritance of his title meant the Ancient Race's deduction of the secret of the Title Stele was correct. Hot-tempered people could be smart at the same time. Sheng Tian led the Ancient Apes into the forbidden land.

As He Shou had expected, the news spread over the Seventh Realm very quickly. The reactions of various forces were beyond expectation.

Five Ancient tribes at the king level started to act the very next morning. Their emperors had all been a part of the conspiracy to ambush Jiang Qingyu. What had happened the previous night intensified the hatred between them and Jiang Chen and his father.

In addition, the Genuine Heaven Religious Sect also sent some people to join the action, including some disciples from a few aristocratic families. They wanted to capture Jiang Chen in the name of an investigation. However, if this were the only objective, they would not have been so actively involved.

When he had learned that Jiang Chen had the title Invincible God of War, He Shou realized they had come for the latter's title.

"It's said Jiang Chen knows how to refine immortal elixirs." Such hearsay also caught He Shou's attention. He touched his storage ring before he knew it.

"He Shou!" The Genuine Heaven Religious Sect finally came to ask for his explanation. He was called into the big house.

Xiao Chengming, Xing Yue, and the rest were all there, including the elite disciples and several grand supreme elders of the sect. His master was standing at the center, big and tall, wearing the purple robe that he was so familiar with. The square face always looked intimidating even if he was angry. As a result, it was extremely terrifying when his master was really angry, as, for example, at this moment.

"How do you explain last night's tragedy?" His master asked him in fury.

"Just say you knew nothing about it, and you weren't strong enough to stop that villain." However, he heard his master talk to him through holy awareness at the same time.

He Shou was shocked. He lifted his head and saw worries in his master's eyes. This incident must be very severe.

"I didn't do my job well as commander," He Shou said.

"That's all? But, according to what we heard, it's you who took Jiang Chen to pick a fight with the Ancient Race. You didn't stop him and sent him away afterward?" A grand supreme elder said coldly.

He Shou knew that was Elder Xuan Kong, his master's rival. He would not let go of this easily. The internal power struggle of a Divine Religious Sect was as complex as that of a dynasty.

"Jiang Chen and the Ancient Race made it very clear that it was private. The Dark Armor Army could do nothing about it," He Shou said bluntly.

His answer shocked the people present there. Xiao Chengming, Xing Yue, and their companions also shook their heads. He Shou was very talented, but he was too stubborn. It used to be fine. His character had even made him popular among some people in the Seventh Realm. However, everything had changed since so many races had reappeared in the world.

"Elder Xuan Qing, we'll leave it up to you."

With a firm look, He Shou's master announced the punishment.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


At the same time, the whole Three Middle Realms learned Jiang Chen's younger brother was actually himself. The people of the Three Middle Realms were shocked that they had been taken by Jiang Chen's trick. It made sense. However, as to why he had become a teenager, all kinds of assumptions arose.

"Even though he is still alive, I'm afraid he doesn't have much time left."

However, people also felt worried about the strong forces of the Seventh Realm that had gathered in Gu City. Jiang Chen was blocked in the forbidden land. Things were unfavorable for him.

The forbidden land was the most marginal corner in the Three Middle Realms. Neither the sun nor the moon shone here. It was always dark. As a result, it was also called the Dark World, or the Dark Continent.

It was not any smaller than the Nine Territories, but, for various reasons, no one wanted to live there. Jiang Chen spent a whole night looking for his inheritance, and he finally found it. The guidance of the inheritance had made things easier for him, since it was like a line had been drawn on a map.

However, Jiang Chen was not all that happy at all, since he found someone had arrived there before him. Given a good scare, he hurried down to take a look.

"I see." Soon, Jiang Chen realized what was going on. Feeling relieved, he also felt puzzled. The place where his inheritance had led him was a famous treasure place in this forbidden land. People had found many valuable treasures here.And it had come into existence even before he got the title.

Did the Title Stele make a mistake?


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