The Brilliant Fighting Master
985 The Dark Armor Army
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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985 The Dark Armor Army

Compared to other Ancient Apes, this one was incredibly handsome. He was hairy, but his hair was very neat, as if it had been combed. Standing near him, other Ancient Apes looked like beggars. Besides that, he was wearing an armor of Doctrine Artifact grade. He was 6'3", shorter than the Ancient Ape who had tried to attack Jiang Chen, but he was hundreds of times mightier.

He looked as splendid as a rainbow. His strength was as profound as a sea. Eagle-eyed, he looked at everyone with pride.

"Are you eager to die?" he asked.

Jiang Chen turned around as soon as he heard that.

It was not said to him, but he was curious to see the man who had spoken with his own eyes. This guy piqued his interest only because of his voice. It was low, profound, arrogant, unbridled, but also steady and calm.

"Elder Brother Tian." The Ancient Ape did not have the nerve to oppose him. However, he looked toward Jiang Chen in an unconvincing manner after realizing what Elder Brother Tian had implied.

"Human, have a fight with me." The golden-haired Ancient Ape looked toward Jiang Chen. His will to fight was strong and obvious. Jiang Chen recalled that the Ancient Apes were very bellicose. They would challenge anyone they thought well-matched to them in strength. Judging from what he had said to his clansman, he had already seen Jiang Chen's extraordinariness.

This was not a provocation, but an invitation from one warrior to another warrior.

"No problem, but not now," Jiang Chen said.

If they really wanted to fight and get a result, this entire city would be turned topsy-turvy.

"Boo." The Ancient Ape who had tried to attack Jiang Chen naturally thought the latter was looking for excuses to avoid the fight.

However, before he could say anything else, Elder Brother Tian said, "Okay. I'll bear it in mind. My name is Sheng Tian." Sheng Tian, meaning conquering nature, was an extraordinary name. Then he left with the other Ancient Apes. As they were leaving, the Ancient Ape who had tried to attack Jiang Chen was very unhappy. He kept staring at Jiang Chen.

The crowd on the street seemed puzzled. They did not understand how this affair had ended so easily. Most people thought it was because Jiang Chen was lucky. However, another incident occurred when the crowd was about to scatter. A team of soldiers in iron armor showed on both sides of the street, surrounding Jiang Chen and the dead body on the ground. They were troops of the city. They finally showed up after the Ancient Apes had left.

The crowd was confused by the cause of death of the man. They had no idea how the city would deal with Jiang Chen.

"You think you're great?" Judging from the captain's attitude, the clever people knew it was not over yet. It made sense. They were responsible for maintaining order in the city. However, they avoided showing up when the Ancient Apes were here and Jiang Chen had stolen their thunder. If Jiang Chen had died, that would have made them happy, and the whole thing could have been dealt with in a low-key manner. However, Jiang Chen was safe and sound. It felt like a slap in the face to them.

This man was very strong in order to be the captain of this city. However, he was afraid of the Ancient Apes' power. As a result, he was unscrupulous while facing Jiang Chen since he had shown them up as cowards.

"Everything is by comparison," Jiang Chen said meaningfully. Many people did not understand what he meant. The captain also frowned.

Smiling, Jiang Chen added, "If you were not so incapable, how would I have seemed to be so capable?" With this question, he had irritated the whole team of soldiers successfully. The captain winked at his subordinates as a sign for them to surround Jiang Chen and show their weapons.

"This is Gu City, not a place where you can run amok," the captain said in a deep voice.

"But the Ancient Race can run amok?" Jiang Chen asked.

This was a sore point with the captain. He gnashed his teeth and closed his fists tightly.

"Go!" The soldiers launched an attack on his order.

The onlookers hurried to step back so that they would not get hurt by mistake.

"This guy is doomed."

Many people felt pity for him.

Although these soldiers were in iron armor, it did not mean they were average people. Once they took the armor off, each of these soldiers could do whatever they wanted in the Three Middle Realms. Since the iron armor was very hard and solid and covered the whole body, they were called the Dark Armor Army. This army was a conquering army. Although they only had ten-odd people here, if they fought together, they could resist any Star Venerable, regardless of the latter's state. Otherwise they would not have insisted on attacking Jiang Chen after seeing Sheng Tian's respect for him. This was not a competition of individual talent, but a competition between an individual and a powerful force.

In comparison, Jiang Chen was certainly like a mantis trying to stop a chariot—he had totally overestimated his ability.

"You are imperious in your place only."

However, Jiang Chen still stuck to his bad old ways. His comment made the captain irritated. The Dark Armor Army went wild. Without holding back, they intended to make Jiang Chen suffer. However, when they were very close to Jiang Chen, they were stopped by an invisible force. The all-conquering Dark Armor Soldiers seemed to have gone all-out. They were trying very hard to walk ahead, but just could not resist the invisible force.

Jiang Chen gradually floated up. The sound of wind and thunder roared out of his body. He fluttered his sleeves and the Dark Armor Soldiers were all sent flying. Their armor started to crack.

"What can you do to me?" Gazing at the captain, Jiang Chen let go. He did not take his rival seriously at all.

The captain was also a proud man. He was quite large and tall. In the dark armor, along with his own imposing manner, wherever he went he would draw people's attention. However, since he had stayed out of the conflict between the Ancient Ape and the human race because of fear of the Ancient Ape, Jiang Chen certainly looked down on him.

The captain was downcast. He dashed over like a runaway horse. He manipulated his own strength. His black dark armor shone. It seemed to be a stupid way to attack, but in fact it was an ace in the hole. He was like an unstoppable shooting star, resolute to destroy his target.

The Dark Armor Soldiers lying on the ground got all excited, looking forward to the result. This was their captain's most dreadful attack. He had used it to destroy a mountain once. Jiang Chen looked so thin. There was no way he could resist such an attack.

Since he did not know how powerful it was, he did not even try to dodge it. He seemed as if he would take this attack head-on.

He is courting death. They thought.

The captain also showed a cold smile. He went all-out.


He bumped against Jiang Chen. Judging from the disturbance their crash created, even a man made of iron would be smashed. However, Jiang Chen did not even move a little bit. Even though there was nothing in the air he could hold in order to keep his balance, he still did not even take a half-step back.

It was the captain who spit up blood and turned as pale as a sheet, his dark armor torn asunder. He had totally lost his strength and was falling onto the ground.

It was not caused by Jiang Chen. It was because the captain could not bear the reactive force of the divine body. It was like an average person bumping up against a solid wall. The wall was okay, but the person's body ached.

"This guy..."

The whole street went silent, including the Dark Armor Soldiers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Ancient Apes had not gone very far yet. They also noticed what had happened in the air. Sheng Tian's fire eyes gave off a flaming light. He smacked his lips eagerly.

"Is he a human?"

The Ancient Ape next to him murmured. He supposed that even if his iron stick had hit Jiang Chen, it would not have hurt him. At the thought of this, he experienced a panic attack.


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