The Brilliant Fighting Master
984 The Ancient Ape
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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984 The Ancient Ape

Jiang Chen was slightly nervous after learning about this. He was worried his inheritance would be stolen. Fortunately, the Ancient Race had not disclosed the secret of the Title Palace completely. They only knew a general direction. That was why the city was packed with so many people. They were all here to try their luck. 

The resourceful ones were making an effort to network with the Ancients because they were the ones with first-hand information. They dug out the stele that was outside the Title Palace to have it for their own use. The people of the Nine Territories and the Ten Prefectures protested, but there was not much they could do to stop the Ancient Race.

I must beat them to it. Jiang Chen thought to himself, but he realized it would be tricky. Would he create a disturbance while opening the inheritance so that his whereabouts would be exposed, and people would come to fight for his inheritance?

He felt as if the inheritance of his title was directing a forbidden land to him. He was going to investigate how strong the Ancients in the city were before making any further plans. All of a sudden, he heard noises coming from the street. He was in a teahouse, which was perfect for collecting information. At this moment, the clients of the teahouse all ran toward the windows to see what was happening.

"Whoever calls us monsters will end up the same as him." Looking out the door, Jiang Chen heard a loud, manly voice and saw a team whose average height was 6'6" standing on the street. They were so hairy that all Jiang Chen could think of was apes. However, their faces had human features. 

A man was lying on the ground, screaming in pain. His companions were staring but staying at a distance. They did not dare approach, because they did not want to end up the same as him.

The Ancient Ape! Jiang Chen realized it was easy to mistake this race for monsters. In fact, they were the Ancient Race. More than that, they were held in high regard among Ancients. It was for this reason that they could not put up with being called monsters.

The man lying on the ground apparently had violated this taboo.

The Ancient Ape who had spoken had dark golden hair, which meant he was a blue blood, a member of the royal family. The armor he was wearing was also brighter than those of his companions. He walked toward the injured man after making sure everyone on the street had heard him.

"Please. Have some pity on me. I won't do that again." The man on the ground begged.

However, the Ancient looked like he was resolved to kill this man as a warning to others.

Jiang Chen was surprised to see people's indifferent reactions.

"You should accept the punishment for the mistake that you made." An iron stick appeared in his hand. He was going to smash the man's head.

Jiang Chen could not sit still any longer after confirming that no one would come forward to help him.

"Stop!" He shouted angrily, walking out of the teahouse.

The crowd on the street went into an uproar, looking with surprise toward him advancing on the Ancient Ape. When they realized that it was Jiang Chen, it suddenly made more sense. They agreed that only youngsters like him would get involved with such an affair without thinking about the consequences.

"Stop?" People could see that all of the Ancient Apes were very angry, especially the one who was about to beat up and kill the man on the ground.

"You want to kill a man simply because he called you by the wrong name. Don't you understand the value of a human life?" Jiang Chen came up to the man who had begged for mercy.

Low voices could be heard all around, discussing who this kid was, who was so out of control and saying such ridiculous things.

"Human lives are weeds to me. Treading on them depends on my mood. I'm not only going to squash you, but I'm also going to uproot you and burn you to ashes," the Ancient Ape said calmly. His threat sounded so natural that it did not even sound like a threat.

However, people were all intimidated by his distinct killing intent. The whole street went silent.

"No!" The man lying on the ground broke the silence first. Crying, he said, "Please don't kill me. I don't know him at all. Darn it. Where are you from, little jerk?!" There had been a gleam of hope for him, but Jiang Chen had almost made it impossible.

The Ancient Ape laughed complacently. He found the current scene quite funny.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked Jiang Chen.

Before Jiang Chen could answer, the man lying on the ground suddenly became fierce, hitting out toward his crucial parts. He did not care that Jiang Chen was trying to help him. Neither did he care that he was so young. He noticed that the Ancient Ape was laughing, so he intended to kill Jiang Chen to please the Ancient Ape.

Jiang Chen seemed to be caught unprepared. The attack hit him on the back near where his heart was. Many people felt pity for him, shaking their heads. There were all kinds of people in this city. There were snakes and vipers creeping around among the dragons. High and low were mixed together. It had always been a dangerous place. But now there were also the Ancient Race and the Alien Race in the city.

Meddling in others' business meant courting death. They bore this in mind as an example which they could use to warn others.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


However, they were soon surprised to see that it was the man who had attacked Jiang Chen who spit up blood. The arm that he had used to attack was broken. His heart was badly hurt. He died because of the force of the reaction from the divine body. The Ancient Ape did not even have to kill him.

"This is..." People's curiosity was piqued by this drama. They wondered how the affair would end. It seemed Jiang Chen had not meddled only out of passion. He must be someone important. However, could he be a match for the Ancient Ape?

This Ancient Ape was exactly the royal member of the Ancient Apes who had dug out the stele from the Title Palace. Furthermore, the Ancient Apes were living in the Seventh Realm. They were only here to seek treasures. All signs seemed to show that the Ancient Apes were stronger than any force of the Three Middle Realms.

"That's very interesting." The Ancient Ape smiled too. He said, "You have amused me successfully. Now kneel down and beg for mercy. And I'll let you go."

Jiang Chen turned around, looking at the man lying on the ground. Suddenly, he sensed something and looked up. He found the friends of the man were gazing at him with hatred.

"You are thinking he would still be alive if I hadn't meddled, aren't you?" Jiang Chen asked them.

Either for his strength or for their consciences, they turned around with guilt.

"No matter how much you hate me, the truth is you didn't even try to help him. Let's be honest." Then Jiang Chen walked away, throwing his shoulders back. His bold gesture struck many people dumb. But this thing was not over yet.

The Ancient Ape would not put up with being ignored. He brandished his iron stick with his ape-like arm and struck toward Jiang Chen's head. If he had achieved his aim, Jiang Chen would have bled heavily.

Jiang Chen stopped. Turning to face the Ancient Ape with his profile, he said, "You still have two seconds to live." Along with that comment was a look hard to interpret.

The Ancient Ape, who only needed two seconds to hit his target, suddenly froze. He felt cold from the bottom of his heart. The look that Jiang Chen was giving him made him feel like he had fallen into an ice house.


Soon, the Ancient Ape's pride beat his reason. Snarling in anger, he struck the stick hard toward Jiang Chen. A golden hand caught the stick at the crucial moment.

The onlookers took a long breath, their hearts pounding rapidly.

"Elder Brother Tian." The Ancient Ape had been about to fly into a rage, but he calmed down as soon as he saw who it was who had caught his stick. It was a different Ancient Ape who was standing between Jiang Chen and himself. He was also very hairy. The only thing different was that each of his hairs seemed to be intelligent, as if it were breathing, inhaling and exhaling, a golden light.

Compared to other Ancient Apes, this one was incredibly handsome.


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