The Brilliant Fighting Master
983 Three Major Forbidden Lands
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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983 Three Major Forbidden Lands

Meanwhile, in the Seventh Realm, the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts, as soon as Tang Shiya could control her own body at will again, she found she was in a resplendent and magnificent palace. Looking around, she was surprised that she could not even see any walls. Endless black pillars continued until the end of sight. It was so dark that she somehow felt flustered.

Not until she could see a handsome man sitting in a dragon chair did she feel relieved.

"Great. The second kalpa has brought you so many great changes. When you achieve the peak, you might even surpass the Goddess of Empyrean."

The handsome man kept looking at her, but she felt nothing. Not until their eyes met and then Tang Shiya was greatly shocked.

"Thank you, master. You helped me get rid of my concerns."

"Good," the handsome man answered. He did not have a large face. It was skinny. His features looked like they had been carved by some great sculptor. They were almost flawless. What caught the most attention were his eyes. He had multiple pupils, which was quite rare.

People with double pupils were usually regarded as sages.

"Take these." Then a giant box appeared before Tang Shiya. She even forgot to breathe after opening it. All of her worries were immediately gone. There were several treasures of the Doctrine Artifact grade. There was a suit of clothes. There were also numerous panaceas and elixirs as well as a scripture book.

"Thank you, master!" Tang Shiya was extremely grateful after coming to herself from the shock. Something else suddenly occurred to her. She said, "Master, please avenge my family."

"Oh?" The man looked toward her, still emotionless, rolling his eyes.

Tang Shiya instantly felt she would be abandoned. "Master, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked for anything." Tang Shiya was super-anxious. Even her voice was trembling.

She felt somewhat relieved after speaking, however.

"Master, Jiang Chen broke the curse of the divine body. As well as I know him, he will come for you for sure," she said in a low voice.

"So what?" the man said, amused.

Tang Shiya was struck dumb. She did not know how to answer him for the moment.

Yeah, even if he comes, what can he do? It dawned on her. She beamed.

Her master was the blessed one of the Wizard Race. He would become the king of all races. What could a nobody like Jiang Chen do?

What had happened in New Heaven City spread rapidly through the grapevine in the Realm of Spirits. And then it spread even more rapidly over the Nine Territories and the Ten Prefectures.

Ning Haotian, the Sky Dominator, was killed. Tang Shiya was missing. These two pieces of news created a great disturbance. The Treasure Pavilion, which had been quite famous in the Three Middle Realms, also became history. The Treasure Pavilion was taken over by the Blood Shadow Dynasty, who had bet on Jiang Chen.

However, compared to all this, people were more interested in the person who had made all this happen.

Jiang Chen's younger brother?

Many who had witnessed the fight claimed it was Jiang Chen himself. They could not be so alike unless they were twins. However, their age was not right. People were really confused. There were all kinds of assumptions. Although most people tended to believe it was Jiang Chen, it was just too complicated to understand.

This person had Jiang Chen's style too. He just disappeared after doing something to get really famous. No one knew where he had gone.

Somewhere in the Realm of Spirits, Jiang Chen appeared outside the Desolate Forbidden Land. The Three Middle Realms were composed of the Realm of Spirits, the Nine Territories, the Ten Prefectures, and the big and small desolate lands.

However, there were also more vast territories outside the Desolate Forbidden Land. Those places were not suitable for people to live. They were only for adventures. There were dreadful fierce beasts and all kinds of dangerous ways of getting killed. These places were called forbidden lands. They were all over the Nine Realms.

There were three major forbidden lands in the Three Middle Realms. The inheritance of the Invincible God of War was in one of them. It was called the Realm of Darkness.

"No wonder almost all title winners always travel with their forces. It's really dangerous to travel alone." Jiang Chen sighed. If he had not become a Star Venerable, he would not have had the nerve to go deep into any forbidden land either.

"If everything goes well..."

Jiang Chen had no idea what the inheritance of the Invincible God of War was, but he supposed it must be great, since Ning Haotian and other title winners had all become Star Venerables. However, just in case, he still asked some shops in the Three Middle Realms to look for the practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi for him.

He thought it would be easy, since it was in the Three Middle Realms and there were quite a few Star Venerables. However, the result was beyond his expectations. It was not only difficult to find the practicing method of Xuan Ling Qi, but also difficult to find any practicing method of any of the Four Qi.

Unless they were at their wits' end, no Star Venerable would share this with others. Star Venerables from big forces did not even have the right to sell these practicing methods.

If Jiang Chen had thought it over, he would have realized he did not get any of his practicing methods of the three Qi through purchases. Xuan Ming Qi was the inheritance of the Realm Lord. Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi were given to him by Jiang Qingyu.

I'm dying to know how strong a real Star Venerable is. Jiang Chen sighed. Full of expectation, he entered one of the Desolate Forbidden Lands by air ship. Due to the uniqueness of forbidden lands, he could not reach them directly. He had to find an indirect route.

A city was situated in a basin between Desolate Forbidden Lands. It was inevitable to pass through this city in order to enter a forbidden land, because the forbidden land's Itinerary Stone was unique. It only existed in this city. To prevent it from being cracked, it could not be sold by section either. Travelers had to take the company's ship to go to the forbidden land.

This city was in harmony with the rest of the Three Middle Realms. It belonged to a special force that was managing it secretly. They would not develop here, because all of the money they earned here would be taken to the Seventh Realm. As a result, they did not pose any threat to the forces of the Three Middle Realms. Certainly, this city belonged to a Holy Land of the Seventh Realm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The city was more bustling than Jiang Chen had expected. It was unusually crowded on the streets. Jiang Chen found through keen observation that besides humans and Spirits, there were also many Aliens and Ancients. However, even so, it was still quite unusual.

Everyone seemed excited, as if they were looking forward to something. They did not seem to be here just for an adventure. They were more probably here to seek treasures. A lot of hearsay about the forbidden lands was related to treasures. However, those treasure seekers would not get anything if they looked for treasures without a clue.

A forbidden land was not a mountain range or a prairie. It was more like an independent world. If they searched this place by holy awareness, they would find nothing even if they spent their entire life looking for treasures.

"Maybe..." Jiang Chen felt uneasy, since his inheritance was also in a forbidden land. He had won the title about a year ago, but he did not come to get his inheritance until now. Unexpected things could have happened. He asked someone about it and found it was true.

The appearance of various races broke not only the peace but also many rules. The powerful Ancients intruded into the Doctrine Palace and the Title Palace in groups to find out the secret about these two places. The Ancients gained nothing in the Doctrine Palace. They even lost some members. However, they managed to go deep into the Title Palace, trying to solve the mystery of the Title Palace. Although they failed, they found the connection between titles and their inheritances.

According to the Ancients, the Title Palace was intelligent! The inheritances it led to did not belong to the Title Palace. In fact, they were treasures that existed in the forbidden lands for all kinds of reasons. They could be relics or part of some lost dynasties.

The Title Palace seemed to know everything. It was able to pick a suitable inheritance for each title winner!

This finding created a great disturbance. Although some people had made such assumptions before, it was only hearsay that had never been proved to be true.


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