The Brilliant Fighting Master
981 Never Able to Defeat Me!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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981 Never Able to Defeat Me!

This attack did not seem special at all except for the horrible disturbance it had created. Holding the spear, Ning Haotian moved forward, intending to engage in close combat, which he was used to. This was his strength. He had used this trick to defeat many Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Ladies.

The blades were still moving wildly, but they could not hurt him. Stepping on a remnant of a cloud, he threw his spear over.

In comparison, Jiang Chen's movements were a lot less exaggerated. "Just use the Natural Law War Case directly," he said. As soon as he finished speaking, the blades that had been scattered gathered again around Ning Haotian.

"What?!" The sudden sword attack caught Ning Haotian unprepared. However, Ning Haotian did not turn to the Natural Law War Case. He was so stubborn that he was still brandishing the spear. The blades struck against the darksteel spear. Bright sparks flew off in all directions.

"Get lost!" Ning Haotian turned tough. He looked majestic and powerful. All of the blades were sent flying again.

Before the onlookers could cheer for him, Jiang Chen exerted his sword movement again. From the First Sword to the Eighth Sword, his sword attack was always changing. It was difficult to even catch traces of what is was doing. He did not have to follow a common routine. There were no cycles that repeated. He was inventing, inventing, and inventing.

Ning Haotian was in a passive situation. He was having to brandish his spear faster and faster. Since Guan Fei had exerted a Doctrine Method and Ning Haotian had cracked it, the latter's supporters did not feel worried.

"He must have exerted the best he can, but Ning Haotian hasn't gone all-out yet." Someone said.

"Look at him. Do you think he isn't serious enough?" someone answered, refuting him, immediately.

"Huh, once Apprentice Brother Ning Haotian exerts the Divine Heaven Soldier, the result will be obvious."

"Exactly. Jiang Chen's younger brother is here to prove how unrealistic you are. Even if Jiang Chen were still alive, he would not be Apprentice Brother Ning Haotian's match either."

Jiang Chen's supporters were extremely irritated. Other onlookers also nodded.

"Okay. Let me satisfy your wish!" All of a sudden, Ning Haotian yelled. He threw the spear away. Then the Natural Law War Case showed up again. When the war case was opened, the lights emitted from it outshone the blades. At the same time, the lights, as dense as a group of locusts, jumped toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen turned serious. He drew out the Heavenly Fault Sword to resist these lights.

"Isn't that Jiang Chen's sword?"

"He is Jiang Chen's younger brother. I guess that's normal."

"Well, it makes sense."

At first, people were startled. Then they decided it was kind of normal.

The city was full of exclamations again. When the onlookers' attention was drawn back to Ning Haotian, they found he had put on the war case! He had assembled the parts that could be assembled into ten weapons into an armor. It was certainly not an average armor. Shining with clear luster, it looked transparent. The armor was as if assembled from dragon scales. Especially the right arm, where layers of scales overlapped until the palm of hand. At the end of it, a peculiar sword blade reached out from a roaring dragon's mouth.

When the assembly was finished, there were electric arcs jumping in the armor. In this way, it was possible to see the interior of the semi-transparent armor.

"Kill in Ten Directions!"

Ning Haotian, like a god of war, exerted his killing movement.

The sky became overcast. The disturbed air was tumbling wildly.

Jiang Chen, as the target of all this, had nowhere to escape. Neither could he parry.

"You cracked the Natural Law War Case in our first fight. But today, I'll use it to take away your life!" Ning Haotian manipulated all of the energies in the world, as if the result had been decided.

"I've put in a lot of hard work to achieve what I've got today. It's beyond your imagination. I broke the curse, achieved the Buddhist mind and the Taoist temperament, and worked on the Four Qi. You think you can defeat me by hiding in some place to practice hard?"

"You're wrong. You are destined to be the one to lose."

Jiang Chen was very calm. He started the status of fire of thunders. Iron-chain-thick thunders filled the sky.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation!"

Jiang Chen took the initiative to confront Ning Haotian. He was going to resist it head-on.

"You're courting death!" Ning Haotian stopped holding back. He exerted the strength of the two Qi in his Second Constellation Palace. Although he did not know any Doctrine Method, the improvement it had brought was huge. It was like a lightning on a bright summer day. Kill in Ten Directions became even more dreadful.

The two collided finally. It was as if the sun and the moon had collided and the world had collapsed. The people in New Heaven City were shrouded in darkness. Fortunately, it did not last long. Light came into the world again.

Eager to watch the fight, the onlookers saw an incredible scene. Ning Haotian's armor was falling apart. The parts were going back into the war case. Blood ran down his face. His long hair was a mess. He looked terrible.

Jiang Chen's energy was chaotic, but except for that, he was totally fine.

"Seriously?" Ning Haotian, good at close combat, ended up like this. How strong on earth was Jiang Chen's younger brother?

"I have even killed rivals with six constellation palaces. You think one constellation palace is great?" Jiang Chen said in a mocking tone.

The current Ning Haotian might be good indeed. However, was Jiang Chen, who had broken the curse and survived, simple? After his rebirth, except for the Saint of All Beginnings, with whom he tied, which Star Venerable was a match for him?

"Let's decide the result."

Ning Haotian wiped the blood off his face. He was glittering with a golden luster.

People were exclaiming in loud voices. They knew he was going to enter the status of the Divine Heaven Soldier. As expected, Ning Haotian put on the armor and came back to the fight. Compared to the war case, this energy was even stronger.

Ning Haotian's supporters felt relieved. They thought Ning Haotian had won for sure now.

"This is the Sky Dominator's inheritance? Just this?" Jiang Chen was disappointed. Shaking his head, he said, "This is the best you have?"

"Stop looking down on me!" Ning Haotian snarled in anger. He came up to Jiang Chen as quickly as lightning and punched him with the iron-armored fist. Theoretically, this punch should have made Jiang Chen spit up blood.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


However, when it was about to reach Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen grabbed the fist. To everyone's surprise, it became a competition of pure strength.

"The Divine Heaven Soldier status can only be activated by any two of the Four Qi after one becomes a Star Venerable." Jiang Chen had learned the secret of the Divine Heaven Soldier.

"The strength of the First Constellation Palace could be used as the Divine Heaven Soldier's energy, but if you want to defeat me, it's far less than enough." Jiang Chen gained advantage in the competition. The iron, clasped in the palm of his hand, was deformed.

Ning Haotian looked hideous. He was still reluctant to admit defeat.

"If you master a Doctrine Method, exerting it with the Divine Heaven Soldier will make you invincible. But it's a pity that you can only work on one thing in one year's time. It's really a pity." Looking at him, Jiang Chen kept smiling coldly. He was not only going to destroy Ning Haotian physically, but also mentally. "If it were me, I would have mastered two things in half a year."

Ning Haotian was so irritated that he was going to risk everything. He exerted all of his strength regardless of the consequences. However, no matter which strength he exerted, it was still useless.

Jiang Chen, before him, was like a Buddha or a God. He was not someone Ning Haotian was able to affect.

"Go to hell!" Despite his pain, Ning Haotian punched with the other hand, but it ended up the same. Jiang Chen caught the punch.

Then, he opened Ning Haotian's hands instantly. Ning Haotian involuntarily shrugged his shoulders, exhausted, and not having any more strength left to exert himself at all.

At this moment, it was totally silent in New Heaven City.

"You will never be able to defeat me." Then Jiang Chen burnt all of his energies at all costs. Starting from the fists, Ning Haotian's golden armor fell apart.

What was also disappearing was Ning Haotian's body, which was destroyed by the fire of thunders.


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