The Brilliant Fighting Master
979 Divine Heaven Soldier
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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979 Divine Heaven Soldier

"Who is striking the drum?" Ning Haotian's eyes were blazing with anger. He glanced over the crowd. The crowd quieted down immediately.

"Junior Human King, Guan Fei." Guan Fei answered Ning Haotian, citing his title in a loud voice.

Then people started to gossip immediately, discussing the situation. Judging from the titles, those two were actually on the same level. This would be an interesting fight.

Soon, Tang Shiya walked out. The sadness was already gone from her face, but she was not beaming as she usually would be. "Let's follow the rules," she said calmly.

Ning Haotian and Guan Fei were fine with that. The two flew into the air together.

At the same time, a group of people also walked out of the Treasure Pavilion. Surprisingly, they were going to start betting on the fight.

Jiang Chen was astonished. He also realized what kind of rules Tang Shiya was talking about. This woman was as pretty as always, but deep in her eyes there were anger and sorrow. He supposed she had found out about the elimination of the Tangs in the Realm of True Force.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, not feeling a slight bit of guilt. The grudges between them had not been settled yet.

Before long, Jiang Chen discovered through the betting that Ning Haotian was very popular. Since the end of the Title Battle, the title winners had been a backbone force of the younger generation. Among them, Ning Haotian was especially a leading figure.

A quarrel started before the two who were in the air could start to fight.

"Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen. Why are you always talking about a dead man?"

"Only those who are alive are the real winners. Jiang Chen was the Invincible God of War, but he is dead!"

To Jiang Chen's surprise, the quarrel was not about the two men in the air, but about him. It turned out someone had mentioned Jiang Chen.

Since Ning Haotian was from the Realm of Nine Heavens too, it was inevitable for people to think of Jiang Chen. In the current Three Middle Realms, many people still regarded Jiang Chen as their example, talking about his achievements everywhere. However, they did not realize that sometimes they went too far. Over time, their speeches caused others' aversion and doubts.

After all, this was already an era of Star Venerables. Some people claimed Jiang Chen would have been defeated if he were still alive, since he would not have been able to break the curse of the divine body. Besides, after being possessed by the demon, his strength was not in a normal status. For this reason, he could not be evaluated by normal standards.

Certainly, Jiang Chen also had many supporters.

"If Jiang Chen hadn't killed so many people in the Title Battle, there would have been seven or eight leading figures, and all of them would be stronger than Ning Haotian."

This was the common comment used to attack Ning Haotian's current achievements. Jiang Chen was regarded as the person who had opened the way for him. That was how he had managed to be where he was now.

Ning Haotian's supporters were certainly unhappy with such views. According to them, the progress Ning Haotian had made after the Title Battle was huge. Even if those Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Ladies were still alive, they would not be a rival for him.

"It has started again." Jiang Chen heard someone beside him say in a helpless tone. "Ning Haotian's supporters and Jiang Chen's supporters quarrel with each other every time."

"Unfortunately, Jiang Chen is already dead. It doesn't make any sense for them to quarrel this way."

"Ning Haotian's supporters insist Jiang Chen could not break the curse, and he was useless. Jiang Chen's supporters insist that if he were alive, he would absolutely be able to break the curse and win out over the world."

People who had nothing to do with them stood at a distance, watching them quarreling. In the air, the fight between Ning Haotian and Guan Fei had started.

"Eh?" The strength Ning Haotian showed was beyond Jiang Chen's expectations. He was absolutely at an advantage. However, Guan Fei, titled Junior Human King, was not bad either.

Seeing himself being pushed into a desperate situation, he exerted an invincible power to turn the tide. Holding an iron stick in his hand, he brought drastic changes to the world, as if he had got a body of steel.

Ning Haotian was pretty surprised. His spear methods, as natural and smooth as floating clouds and flowing water, were restricted in every sense. Whenever the stick was struck, the darksteel spear would bend to some extent.

The people down there stopped quarreling. They were all nervous. Both Ning Haotian's supporters and Jiang Chen's supporters were holding their breaths, watching.

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Some people soon discovered how Junior Human King had made the change. It was the Doctrine Method corresponding to Xuan Kong Qi that he had exerted. Even Ning Haotian, who had the blood of dragon and roc, was totally at a disadvantage.

No wonder he had the nerve to strike the drum. That was the thought on many people's minds.

Since Ning Haotian had gained fame, average people would not have the nerve to challenge him. Jiang Chen assumed this Guan Fei must have just mastered the Doctrine Method. He involuntarily was piqued with interest. Ning Haotian had not exerted his true strength yet in the fight, so Jiang Chen could not see how strong he was.

However, by then, facing Guan Fei exerting a Doctrine Method, he could not hold back anymore. Soon, Ning Haotian seemed to start to accumulate forces. Visions arose around him. A dragon and a roc rose behind him. He lost the grasp of the darksteel spear. The Natural Law War Case showed up.

However, Guan Fei went mad. His iron stick was being wildly brandished. When one stick was thrown, thousands of stick shadows appeared and overlapped.

The Natural Law War Case was sent flying.

"You asked for this!" Ning Haotian was not in a good mood this day. This stick attack drove him crazy. His body boomed and rivers and seas were overturned. The world changed again drastically. Soon, he created heaven thunders and hell fire by himself. The whistling wind sounded like whining. He was illuminated by a golden light, which soon changed into a golden armor that he put on.

"Divine Heaven Soldier!"

"The Martial Arts Divine School's best inheritance! We've finally seen it!"

While the change was happening, Guan Fei's stick came again. Ning Haotian did not parry, letting the iron stick hit his shoulder. The stick was strong enough to smash a mountain. The sound generated by it made people cover their mouths with their hands spontaneously.

However, Ning Haotian was totally fine. He barely moved. Holding the iron stick in one hand, he punched with the other hand. When the punch reached Guan Fei, his Doctrine Method status disappeared immediately. He screamed in pain. This was not enough. Ning Haotian dashed over with his iron stick to give him some more hard strikes. After this, his Divine Heaven Soldier image also disappeared.

Heavily injured, Guan Fei could not continue the fight. People who had come with him caught him in the air and took him back to the ground.

"Neither swords nor spears can hurt Divine Heaven Soldier. Divine Heaven Soldier has infinite strength. Struck by thunder or burned by fire, he just won't be hurt."

"That's not something commonly seen. In fact, this Guan Fei wasn't bad."

"This isn't even a Doctrine Method. If Ning Haotian masters a Doctrine Method, he will be invincible."

Ning Haotian's supporters shouted emotionally.

Divine Heaven Soldier was a great power Ning Haotian exerted to resist strong rivals in the era of Star Venerables in the Three Middle Realms. Numerous people had been amazed by him. They had thought it was a wonderful Doctrine Method. Not until later did they learn that it was an inheritance that belonged to the Martial Arts Divine School. Only people like him, who had a body of dragon and roc, could inherit it. Ning Haotian would normally defeat his enemy in five seconds after exerting the Divine Heaven Soldier.

Jiang Chen's supporters were not so confident any more. They were shaking their heads and sighing.

"Guys, I'll be busy for a while. The challenges by striking the drum will be cancelled for some time. If anyone wants to fight with me, please come ahead now." Ning Haotian said to the whole city, standing in the air.

He could not stay calm anymore after learning Jiang Chen was still alive. He had to make good preparations for that.

People in the city looked at each other. After witnessing how strong the Divine Heaven Soldier was, who would have the nerve to challenge him now?

"You are strong indeed, but unfortunately, you will die today."

Jiang Chen walked toward the drum.


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