The Brilliant Fighting Master
978 The Sky Dominator’s Spirit!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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978 The Sky Dominator’s Spirit!

Before going to look for the inheritance of the Invincible God of War, Jiang Chen still had one thing on his mind. Since he was in the Realm of Spirits, he certainly wanted to go and check out where Tang Shiya was staying.

It was quite a coincidence that Jiang Chen found his destination was exactly the old capital city of the Blood Shadow Dynasty. A new city had been built there. It was called New Heaven City. As a city for business, it did not belong to any force.

The appearance of all kinds of races had influenced the Nine Realms a lot. There were good influences, as well as bad ones. Many things and lots of knowledge that had been lost to the world had started to reappear. Because the Nine Realms had been nourished by a lot of abundant spirits of the universe, many treasures that could be found here were also desirable.

As a result, business was thriving. The Three Middle Realms was in the middle part of the Nine Realms. Its geographical advantage was irresistible. Many people had gotten rich by doing business here, including Tang Shiya and her Treasure Pavilion.

Tang Shiya was an average disciple of the Eastern Sea Dragon Palace. She had been a nobody in the Three Middle Realms. She did not even take part in the Title Battle. However, somehow, she suddenly became one of the most well-known women in the Three Middle Realms. It was partly due to the appearance of the Treasure Pavilion.

It was impossible for her, a woman of no importance, to run a force. Some people said her support came from the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts. Her relationship with the Sky Dominator Ning Haotian was also cited as a reason for her influence.

Since Jiang Chen had been possessed by a demon and then died, Ning Haotian, also from the Realm of Nine Heavens, had been rising rapidly. No one knew what was included in the inheritance of the Sky Dominator's title that he had won. However, he became a Star Venerable and illuminated one constellation palace successfully in only one year.

His strength was fathomless. No one knew how strong he was, because besides the inheritance of the Invincible God of War, he was also informed of the biggest secret of the Martial Arts Divine School. He had been invincible among the youngsters of the Nine Territories and the Ten Prefectures over this one year. Even Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Ladies had been defeated by his spear.

When the saint of the Holy Land of All Beginnings came to the Realm of Spirits, she chose to challenge Ye Xue. Otherwise, it would have been hard to say who, between Ning Haotian and herself, would win.


This day, in New Heaven City, Jiang Qingyu's fight with the five Martial Emperors was still a hot topic among all the races. The staff of the Treasure Pavilion found that Ning Haotian had been absentminded a lot lately. It seemed something was bothering him.

Their proprietress was smashing things in her room, as if she had gone mad. Her maids were trembling with fear outside the door. It was said news had come from the Realm of True Force. Tang Shiya's family had been eradicated. All of her relatives had been killed.

"Haotian! I want you to go to the Realm of Nine Heavens to kill all of his clansmen!"

The news had arrived in the morning. Tang Shiya could hardly believe it at first. Not until the same news came through many different channels did Tang Shiya accept it as fact. Bursting with anger, Tang Shiya almost lost her senses.

Ning Haotian had planned to raze the Hundred Thousand Mountains to the ground when he had heard about Jiang Chen's death. However, he did not dare do anything yet due to the fear of the God of Carnage, the white tiger, of the Monster.

To his surprise, now he had discovered that Jiang Chen was still alive. And he had been avenging himself in the Three Lower Realms.

"Jiang Chen is probably already in the Three Middle Realms now. If I go to the Realm of Nine Heavens, he'll get the chance to attack you here," Ning Haotian said.

"I don't care!" Tang Shiya could not think much at all. Her pretty face was completely twisted by hatred. "Are you afraid of him? You are the Sky Dominator. Didn't you swear you would defeat him?" Tang Shiya became very emotional after reading Ning Haotian's mood.

There was a slight change on Ning Haotian's face. He said right away, "If he appears before me, I will absolutely kill him!"


"Here is the Treasure Pavilion."

However, they had no idea at all that Jiang Chen had actually come to the Treasure Pavilion. When he had learned that Ning Haotian was with Tang Shiya, his assumption was further confirmed. Compared to the revenge he had taken in the Realm of True Force, he was feeling more eagerness for the moment when he could confront Ning Haotian and Tang Shiya.

"You asked for this."

He had been at peace with Ning Haotian and Tang Shiya. However, they had plotted against him instead of keeping their words. As a result, he was more resolute than ever about digging out the roots of these corrupt weeds to prevent future trouble—a strategy he had developed since his rebirth.

Standing at the door of the Treasure Pavilion looking at the pedestrians on the street, he was pondering what to do next. If he really fought with them, the secret he was trying to keep about his death would be exposed. Although he had nothing to hide, it would bring him many unnecessary troubles. For example, troubles from the Holy Lands and the Divine Religious Sects of the Realm of Heaven Martial Arts that were paying attention to any signs that he was still alive.

"Are you here to challenge the Sky Dominator?" At this moment, a voice rang out.

Jiang Chen turned around and saw a face that he seemed to know, but he could not recognize who the person was. He must have seen this person a few times before the Title Battle.

"What makes you think so?" Jiang Chen sized the youngster up. He was of medium build, about 25 years old. It surprised Jiang Chen that he was also a Star Venerable.

All of a sudden, there were so many Star Venerables in the Three Middle Realms that it seemed Star Venerable was a stage that it was easy to achieve. An idea occurred to Jiang Chen all of a sudden. He remembered this person. He had won a golden title too. Jiang Chen assumed he had become a Star Venerable with the aid of the inheritance he had gotten.

"Youngsters who come here only have one goal—to challenge the Sky Dominator." Throwing back his shoulders, the youngster added, "I also want to challenge him."

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. It seemed Ning Haotian was quite influential in the Three Middle Realms. People traveled a long way to challenge him, which proved how important he was. Then he learned that Ning Haotian was second to none in the younger generation. He had even proven himself very tough facing the Ancient Race.

"He and I both won golden titles. And I have also got the strength I should have gotten through the inheritance," the youngster went on. Then Jiang Chen remembered his name was Guan Fei. He had won the title Junior Human King.

He came over to talk to Jiang Chen for a simple reason.

"Can you let me challenge him first?" he asked.

Jiang Chen had arrived earlier than he had. As a result, Jiang Chen was the one who should have been able to fight with Ning Haotian first. No matter who won, if Guan Fei challenged Ning Haotian after that, it would be unfair for the latter.

"It's okay with me. I don't have to challenge him today," Jiang Chen said. He was here this day to kill.

Guan Fei, however, thought it was because Jiang Chen was hesitating. He patted him on the shoulder to show his empathy. Great courage was needed to challenge the Sky Dominator. A desperate loss would make the challenger become a laughingstock. Especially now that Ning Haotian had many supporters in the Three Middle Realms, it was true.

Guan Fei walked to the Treasure Pavilion after talking with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen noticed that there was a drum outside of the Treasure Pavilion. Guan Fei struck the drum with effort. Suddenly, the whole street was crowded with people. New Heaven City came alive when people heard the drumbeat.

"The Sky Dominator has another challenger!"

Multitudes of people swarmed onto the street where the Treasure Pavilion was, exclaiming.

Ning Haotian walked out of the Treasure Pavilion when the street was packed. He was tall and large, masculine and handsome. In a battle suit, he looked mighty and brave. Many people started to exclaim when seeing him walking out. People who had never been in contact with Ning Haotian would be deceived by his look. However, it was fair to say that although Ning Haotian looked good, what he lacked was spirit, which strong people must have. This spirit was destroyed when he robbed the holy pulse of Jiang Chen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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