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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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977 Ye Xue

The senior sister smiled and the ice sculpture was broken by Jiang Chen. It was then that she recalled that Jiang Chen was already a Star Venerable.

She spoke in delight and surprise, "Did you break the curse?"

"Yes, I did," Jiang Chen replied. Then he recounted what he had been through since he was reborn among the flames. "By the way, senior sister, what is your real name?" Jiang Chen still didn't know what it was, but actually only a few people knew it.

"It is Ye Xue, don't forget it," she said. Since they had gotten rid of all the misgivings between them, the ambiance in their relationship was different than before. Even though Jiang Chen still bore the responsibility for saving his father and Xue'er, at this moment, he forgot everything and laughed heartily. He had finally managed to fulfill his wish, which he had had for many years.

"It's better like this." The Azure Demon felt quite gratified as he observed the two people who had formerly exchanged blows on the ice mountain.

"You are really meddlesome," the Black Dragon said.

"A dragon like you is really... Have you ever seen Jiang Chen this happy since he was reborn?" The Azure Demon grumbled and pulled over their new companion, "Asura, don't you agree?"

"Excellent, excellent." It was a pity that the reformed true demon could only state a few words, and, regardless of what one asked him, this would be his only reply. When the Azure Demon witnessed that a true demon resembled an enlightened Buddhist monk, he couldn't help but hold his belly and laugh out loud.

After they had competed for a while, Ye Xue was shocked by Jiang Chen's fighting prowess.

"As expected of a divine body."

They didn't fight to a conclusion, because, if they used their whole power, the disturbance caused by them would expose this location.

"I have run into the All Beginnings Holy Land's saint, and I heard that you fought against her to a draw. Is that true?" Jiang Chen said.

"We both held back a part of our power. So, it is difficult to say that that was the case. What about you? Did you defeat her?"

"No, I still haven't learned a Doctrine Method," Jiang Chen shook his head.

"So it's like that." Unlike the Human Clan, other clans didn't need a Doctrine Method, and it was the case for the Spirit Clan.

Jiang Chen took out an Immortal Elixir and handed it over to his senior sister.

"It turns out that the Immortal Elixirs were really made by you."

"Well?" Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was quite bewildered. Did the Elixir Association expose the fact that it was him who had made the Immortal Elixirs?

Upon noticing that he wasn't aware of this, Ye Xue informed him of what happened when the members of the Holy Lands and Divine Sects came here. Jiang Chen understood then what had happened. Since he started his trip from the Nine Heavens Realm, he had never dared to reveal much of his skills because he was afraid that it would make him a target.

As they started talking about the Holy Lands and Divine Sects, Ye Xue suddenly recalled something. She said, "Are you aware that the Wizard Clan will hold a banquet?"

"I heard about it." Jiang Chen had already heard the Three Middle Realms people mention it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Will you participate in it?"

"Well?" Jiang Chen hadn't considered this matter because he didn't have any free time, nor was he in the mood for it.

"Go! All the myriad clans will gather there, and you can get news related to the Ice Soul Stone there." Upon hearing what his senior sister had just said, Jiang Chen changed his plans.

"This could really be the case." Jiang Chen inquired about its time and location.

Ye Xue took out the invitation and let him have a look at it while she said, "If you go to the Seventh Realm and defeat any genius you can find, the Wizard Clan's members will look for you. Moreover, they already want to send you an invitation because of your battle against the saint. Oh, by the way, I still have this." Ye Xue took out a map, and said, "Don't you want to raise your power? The Invincible God of War's inheritance is suitable to you."

"You still haven't taken it?" Jiang Chen spoke in surprise.

"Some mystical restrictions were set on your map, and the location described on it would change every day countless times." It was only then that Jiang Chen recalled what he had done to guard against the Ice Spirit Clan. He didn't really need the map because he still possessed the inheritance's guidance in his mind. 


As they spoke about inheritances, Jiang Chen recalled the Divine Fire Ring. He wore it around his finger and summoned the Flame Emperor. He was just giving it a try and didn't expect that he would really manage to summon the Flame Emperor.

"Lad, who are you?" Those were the Flame Emperor's first words, and his next words were, "Lad, you didn't die even after turning to ashes?"

"I heard from the Azure Demon that you have said that if I managed to survive, you would let me become your true disciple and inheritor, didn't you?" Jiang Chen asked.

This was a matter he heard from the Azure Demon shortly after he got reborn.

"This... In any case, with how exceptional you are, you are surely the most outstanding person among my followers, and, in the end, the Flame Emperor's inheritance will surely belong to you," the Flame Emperor said weakly.

Jiang Chen didn't argue with him, but he was aware that it wouldn't be this simple.

"Are the objects in your hand Realm Rings? Do you want to make something?" The Flame Emperor was surprised when he noticed the two Realm Rings in Jiang Chen's hand.

"Do you have the Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method?" Jiang Chen didn't respond and instead asked about a different matter.

"No," the Flame Emperor replied firmly.

"Is it true?" Jiang Chen felt like he just didn't want to divulge it to him.

"It's really true. Moreover, even if I possessed it, I still couldn't pass it down to you directly. According to the rules set for my followers, I can only give you the Fire God Scripture."


Jiang Chen was left then without a choice. He could only go to look for the Invincible God of War's inheritance. However, even if he didn't need to get the Xuan Ling Qi's cultivation method, he still would have gone to look for the Invincible God of War because it was worth taking a simple trip. Jiang Chen wanted to go there with his senior sister. But it was a pity that she couldn't easily leave the Ice Spirit Clan's land.

"Jiang Chen, you should be careful," Ye Xue spoke in a worried tone.

Then Jiang Chen inspected the Mysterious Ice to check that there were no issues, and what was left was just bidding farewell to his senior sister, who didn't want to separate from him.

"You know..." When he was about to depart, Ye Xue's mind wandered aimlessly and she seemed preoccupied with something.

"What?" Jiang Chen noticed that something was amiss with his senior sister and asked anxiously.

"Nothing, it's nothing." Ye Xue shook her head. She was just considering how they should bid farewell to each other.

Ye Xue and Jiang Chen had expressed everything clearly and ascertained their relationship. When it came to bidding farewell to each other, would they hug each other, or even...kiss each other?

All of a sudden, Ye Xue recalled how Jiang Chen had pushed her on the ground forcefully in the past.


Ye Xue attacked Jiang Chen with both hands, and a crisp sound echoed out. Jiang Chen was caught off guard and was sealed in Mysterious Ice. This wasn't a seal that he could break easily.

"Senior sister..."

While Jiang Chen was unable to move, Ye Xue walked over, summoned her courage, and pecked Jiang Chen on his lips.

Such an ice-cold sensation made Jiang Chen felt comfortable all over. However, it was a pity that it only lasted for just an instant because Ye Xue, who was ashamed of her actions, ran away.

"Senior sister...you forgot to lift the seal!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly.


In the outside world, more people believed the news that Jiang Qingyu had turned into golden flames, and they all sighed ceaselessly. With Jiang Qingyu's current power, he could even be a Human Emperor. But it was a pity that he had had a short life like his own son.

"However, I heard that he has another son—Jiang Chen's little brother."

The Three Middle Realms people had finally made inquires about what had happened in the True Force Realm.

"How the hell does he have a little brother?!"

Upon hearing such news, a person who came from the Nine Heavens Realm became anxious and restless. In the past, he had concocted a plot along with a woman, and they had ended up causing Jiang Chen to turn into a demon. As he recalled Jiang Chen's ferocious fame as he slaughtered people everywhere, fright welled up in his heart. This person was Ning Haotian!

"What are you afraid of? Even if he didn't die, he still won't be in his demonic state. He's just a Celestial Venerable who can't break through the curse." Upon learning of his worries, Tang Shiya disapproved of them.

Upon witnessing her current look, Ning Haotian recalled what she had said in the past. "Since he turned into a demon for a slut, he deserved it fully!" Her expression was filled with jealousy, resentment, and hatred.

"He will come to look for us, but it won't be now. However, he will come, he will surely come," Ning Haotian said.

"Since this is the case, Haotian, I will have to depend on you then," Tang Shiya looked at him with her charming eyes.

A sweet fragrance filled Ning Haotian's nostrils and made his fright disappear. His fright was replaced by zealotry!


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