The Brilliant Fighting Master
974 Going into the Ice Spirit Clan’s Land Once Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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974 Going into the Ice Spirit Clan’s Land Once Again

People who didn't learn Doctrine Methods wouldn't be able to become apex experts, and it was a pity that all Doctrine Methods were monopolized by the holy lands and divine sects and outsiders didn't get a chance to cultivate them.

At this moment, Jiang Chen recalled his Invincible God of War's inheritance. He still remembered clearly that news had spread that a complete ancient scripture was found in a title's inheritance, which meant that a Doctrine Method was recorded on it. It was a pity that shortly after such news spread, the Seventh Realm's people came over and forcefully snatched the ancient scripture.

"My inheritance probably has a Doctrine Method." Jiang Chen was tempted by this greatly. Regardless which Doctrine Method it was, someone like him who cultivated all Four Qi could cultivate any of them. Jiang Chen couldn't help but look toward the direction of the Ice Spirit Clan's land.

"I should consider it after my father's battle has come to an end." Jiang Chen had quickly given up on his plan to go on a journey. He didn't want to go to the Ice Spirit Clan's spiritual land for now, and he also didn't dare to face his senior sister.


After two days had passed, Jiang Chen gave up on all his plans and went to the Wings Prefecture. It was on this day that the great battle would occur, and he wasn't the only one who was paying attention to it. It was at the center of attention. Moreover, since people had gotten news about it in advance, someone set up a mirror image formation in the vicinity of the battlefield, which would allow anyone in the Nine Territories and Ten Prefectures' great cities to watch it in real time.

All the people who went into the city were forced to pay a hefty fee. But despite this, the city was still lively and prosperous.

Jiang Chen was standing among the crowd, and he raised his head to look at the giant crystal at the center of the city. The Spirit Zone's battlefield was broadcast on the smooth crystalline mirror.

When the sun rose, Jiang Chen witnessed his father, and, at that moment, the whole city became bustling with noise and excitement and a clamor rose in it. It was most people first time witnessing Jiang Qingyu, and, after they got a glance at him, they were all attracted by this man's graceful bearing. When many people observed him carefully, they noticed that he resembled Jiang Chen, and they couldn't help but sigh—as expected of this pair of father and son!

"How is the Holy Wings Clan's emperor?" The crowd started looking forward to the arrival of the Holy Wings Clan's emperor.

However, it was at this moment that the scene on the crystal disappeared, and many complaints rose in the city. Many people with fiery tempers started threatening the people in charge in the city and asking them to repair it quickly. However, they quickly got news that it hadn't happened just here in this city, but the scene had disappeared in all Nine Territories and Ten Prefectures' cities.

The issue wasn't from here, but from the Spirit Zone's battlefield. The broadcast formation set there was destroyed by someone. Many people started cursing loudly. They had been filled with expectation, yet now they were all disappointed.

Don't the Holy Wings Men want to show themselves? Some people thought inwardly.

Jiang Qingyu had already shown himself boldly, and he didn't have any reason to destroy it, which meant that it could only have been done by the Holy Wings Men.

The crowd started complaining about the Holy Wings Clan's pettiness. But there were still people who felt that something was amiss in this affair. It was also the case for Jiang Chen. He had an intuition that this matter wasn't as simple as it seemed. However, he couldn't do anything about it because he would need to travel for at least two weeks to reach the Spirit Zone.

It was at this moment that a peerless battle occurred in the Spirit Zone, and Jiang Chen could only wait here for news about it. Every passing minute and second was like torment to him, and he managed only with great difficulty to wait until the afternoon. Then, finally, a scene appeared on the crystal once again.

Everyone including Jiang Chen couldn't help but open their mouths widely, and they all exclaimed in alarm. They had all seen the battlefield in the morning, and it was the sky above a prairie. But now, even the ground had changed beyond recognition, and it wasn't just filled with potholes. It had turned into a great valley, filled with marks left from the fight. However, the fight had already come to an end, and they didn't get to see Jiang Qingyu or the Holy Wings Emperor.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He knew that an accident had occurred.

The strong point of a Holy Wings Man was his speed, while his father was an expert of the Sword Doctrine. Their fight would be a competition of speed, and it shouldn't have caused such great destruction. Moreover, if one observed the marks left there, one could discern that it wasn't from a single type of Original Method.

Sure enough! They got news that night that the Holy Wings Clan's emperor didn't respect the rules and had come with four other emperors and jointly attacked Jiang Qingyu.

The Fire God Clan was among those four clans and they stated their outstanding disciples' miserable death in the True Force Realm was related to Jiang Qingyu.

Jiang Chen was startled by this, and he recalled the four Ancient Race's experts he had killed in the Holy Martial Arts City. He had expected that the Ancient Race would take revenge, but he didn't expect that it would be in such a way.

"Hateful!" Jiang Chen was anxious and couldn't sit still. He proceeded toward the Spirit Zone. The outcome of the battle spread out very late at night. Even when five Ancient Race emperors attacked Jiang Qingyu together, they still couldn't get the upper hand.

According to what the observers present there had said, Jiang Qingyu had worn snow-white clothes. Moreover, he still used just a single hand and depended upon his sword art to overwhelm the five emperors. He still managed to kill two emperors with his sword. But Jiang Qingyu also paid a grave price for it, and his right arm was cut off from his shoulder.

The surviving three emperors attacked Jiang Qingyu ferociously, but they still didn't manage to take him down quickly. As for Jiang Qingyu, since he knew that he couldn't survive, he wanted to take them down with him. At that time, Jiang Qingyu used the 13th sword move, and, even though the three emperors fled in advance, they were still injured heavily and only managed to make a narrow escape.

Jiang Qingyu's whereabouts after this were unknown, while the three emperors had fled into the Seventh Realm. Much news started spreading about this matter. Someone said that Jiang Qingyu turned into a golden fire under the sun and disappeared, while other people said that he flew away 10,000 miles, before he fell on an ice mountain. There were still some people who said that he was captured by the Ancient Race and was brought to the Seventh Realm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Much news spread about this matter, and it was difficult to discern whether it was genuine. Most people took it for just rumors.


Jiang Chen went all out and managed to reach the Spirit Zone in less than ten days, and he rushed onto the battlefield. This place was quite lively because countless people had come over to see the place where such a peerless battle had occurred. Jian lingering here. However, even after he searched the whole place, he didn't manage to get any clues.

At this time, Jiang Chen recalled that the Ice Spirit Clan was the overlord of the Spirit Zone, and it should know more about what had happened here. Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all and proceeded toward the Ice Spirit Clan's land.

When he learned that his senior sister used the "Ten Thousand Miles Ice Seal" to turn the Wind, Fire, Wood, and Earth Spirit Clans' territory into an ice field, he understood why the Ice Spirit Clan valued such a spell. But this matter wasn't significant to him any longer.

He went to the ice field and proceeded toward the Ice Palace. This place's icy weather hadn't changed, and one couldn't feel any life force in this ice field that stretched for 10,000 miles. Even if the Ice Spirit Clan's disciples flew by here, they would only make this land colder.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, what did you come here for?" After a group of youngsters saw Jiang Chen, they came over to him and stopped him.

"I'm looking for someone," Jiang Chen cast them a single glance and said several words, before he continued flying on.

However, even though he cast them but a single glance, it was enough to stun those people and they didn't dare to make a rash move.

"He seems like that guy..."

It was really a coincidence, and it just happened that this group of people was the same group Jiang Chen had run into when he came for a marriage proposal. When they sighted Jiang Chen a moment ago, they felt like they had seen him before, and they were all stunned as if they got an electric shock and didn't dare to move. As they looked at Jiang Chen's back, many emotions welled up in their hearts, and it was unknown what they were thinking about.

The Guard General was still the leader of the Ice Palace's imperial guards, but his character had gone through a great transformation. The overbearing and arrogant Guard General had dropped his bad habits, and started treating everyone politely.

Everyone in the Ice Spirit Clan was astounded by his transformation.


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