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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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973 A Draw

Ancient Race members possessed Original Methods, while average Human Clan Star Venerables didn't possess the Four Qis' offensive techniques like Jiang Chen. This wasn't a strange matter because they were people who had reached the Ninth Constellation Palace but still hadn't learned a Doctrine Method suitable for their Four Qi. However, just the Constellation Palace alone provided them with enough power and let them possess outstanding strength.

However, Star Venerables who possessed a Doctrine Method could instantly kill them as long as they were still at the same Realm Level. Since it was only a few people who had a Doctrine Method, they wouldn't easily pass it to others.

It was only the Four Qis' cultivation methods that had spread.

"Indiscernible Movement Technique!" The saint didn't waste her breath and just used her Constellation Palaces' power. At such a moment, she seemed like an elegant ice fairy, who was above all mortals. As the saint's sword's aura rose in intensity, Jiang Chen discovered that he couldn't follow her with his eyes.

This wasn't a matter achieved through great speed as the Holy Wings King had done; it was due to her Doctrine Method. This was a type of movement technique that would let her body be untouchable by all kinds of techniques. It was similar to the penetrative sword strike able to break all myriad techniques.

The untouchable body was the greatest state pursued by most people good at movement techniques. At such a stage, regardless of how ferocious were the enemies' attacks, they could still walk around among them with ease.

Jiang Chen would have been able to use his penetrative sword strike able to break all techniques to defend against it, but his opponent possessed a Doctrine Embryo, which was why he wouldn't be able to break her technique because he wasn't powerful enough. The state of the battle changed, and he could now just suffer a beating because he couldn't touch the saintess.

"Did you witness it clearly? This is the disparity between you and our saint." The young woman let out a breath. She had really assumed a moment ago that the battle would end up as a draw. However, she noticed that the people next to her weren't as pleased as she was, and, after she gave it some thought, she realized the reason behind it. Even if the saint won, she still couldn't brag about such a fight because Jiang Chen hadn't even lit a single Constellation Palace.

Their saint was already at the Sixth Constellation Palace, and winning such a battle wasn't a praiseworthy matter. Moreover, the fact that Jiang Chen could persist until now was stunning.

"It's still not enough to defeat me." Jiang Chen still wouldn't admit defeat, and he just took a deep breath. His body transformed, and he seemed then like a Buddhist Deity, yet he also seemed like a Thunder God.

When the saint attacked him with her sword move, she discovered that she was unexpectedly unable to penetrate his defenses.

"What great defensive power!" The All Beginnings Holy Land members were startled by such a sight.

Jiang Chen wasn't able to break his opponent's Doctrine Method, but he was still skilled enough to persist. Every sword move of Yao Xinyue was fiercer than the last. But, she was still just shaken when she attacked him.

Jiang Chen raised his right hand and held many lightning chains and controlled easily the berserk lightning. The lightning was quickly turned by him into a long spear, and, as he waved it around, a terrifying Alien Flame started spreading in the region.

The ten-mile-radius around him became a dangerous land, which one couldn't step into. After just a short while, it spread to the 100-mile-radius around him. Such a region was moving along with him, and the untouchable saint started avoiding him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Indiscernible Sword Move!" While the crowd was shocked by Jiang Chen's performance, the saint didn't give up, and she used the same sword move as before. But this time, she used her Doctrine Method along with it, and even the lightning and fire couldn't block it.

Her sword seemed like a bright moon rising among raging flames, and it quickly reached Jiang Chen and penetrated his chest.


Many people were scared by such a sight, as was also the case for the saint. Such a sword strike shouldn't have been able to injure him this easily, unless Jiang Chen let it reach him on purpose. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had really done it on purpose, and he curled his mouth and revealed a complacent smile.


Then other people noticed something and became worried and anxious. The lightning power on Jiang Chen's body rose in intensity as they expected. If the saint could be described as a bright moon, then the current Jiang Chen was like a scorching sun. The sun's radiance overshadowed the moonlight and engulfed the saint.

She was sent flying in front of the crowd's worried gazes.

Jiang Chen had finally managed to vent his anger, and he felt refreshed all over after he went through this fight. Such an opponent was rarely found, and he really hoped that she would grow stronger quickly because if she couldn't do it, his power would quickly surpass her.

Yao Xinyue stood firmly, while wearing a complex expression on her face. Jiang Chen had managed to break her Doctrine Method. He was obviously a person who possessed an outrageous defensive power.

Several questions couldn't help but emerge in her mind and they were: What was this guy? Where did he come from?

"I was defeated!" After a long while, Yao Xinyue spoke.

"It's a draw." Jiang Chen stroked the injury on his chest. Blood was still flowing from it. "It's a draw because you have hesitated a moment ago."

Those words were true because Jiang Chen had allowed his opponent to penetrate his body. If he hadn't repelled her in time, then once the sword started wreaking havoc on his body, he wouldn't be just defeated, he would have died.

With the level of the saint's sword techniques, she could have let her peerless sword strike's might erupt the instant she struck him successfully. However, she didn't want to kill him, and that was why she hesitated for less than a second. But such a short time was enough for Jiang Chen to release his terrifying power.

"Since you dared to let me stab you, it's obvious that even if I allowed my power to erupt, you were confident that you would end up with just severe injuries. At that time, you also wouldn't be able to control its power, and I would also be heavily injured," the saint said.

"It's really refreshing to talk with smart people." As Jiang Chen spoke, he cast a glance at the young woman. The young woman was infuriated, but she found herself at a loss for words.

"I'm still occupied with something else. If you have time next time, let's compete once again," Jiang Chen said.

"Don't you want us to compensate you for the ship?"

"Didn't you also lose your ship?" Jiang Chen chuckled. He didn't really care about the ship and just wanted to give vent to his anger. Since he had already given vent to it, he didn't need to care about it any longer.

He's really a strange person, the All Beginnings Holy Land members thought inwardly.

Since he's this young, he will obviously manage to light many Constellation Palaces, and once he learns a Doctrine Method, won't he be...

"There are always people more talented than oneself in this vast world," an All Beginnings Holy Land disciple muttered.

"Why are you speaking for an outsider and praising him," the young woman spoke in displeasure. "Even if he can light a Doctrine Palace, he won't necessarily manage to get a Doctrine Method, and there will still be a great disparity between him and our senior sister."

Since she was this prejudiced, the other people didn't bother with arguing with her. They were all clearly aware that it would be easy for such an outstanding person to get a Doctrine Method.


It was unknown how news about this battle spread, but it still gave rise to a great commotion in the Three Middle Realms. However, since they didn't get comprehensive info about this matter, they only knew that the All Beginnings Holy Land's saintess had run into a powerful opponent in the Great Desolate Land, and when they ended up locked in a battle, she admitted defeat. But in the end, it was still considered a draw.

It was a pity that people didn't manage to learn more about the course of the battle. If they had managed to learn more, the dual swords would have able let them recall a certain person. However, they still knew that the guy represented the Three Middle Realms and fought for their honor. Even though they didn't know who it was, and they could only make guesses about him.

Jiang Chen didn't get in contact with anyone and just collected Desolate Spirits in silence. The Three Middle Realms were vast and boundless, and if he didn't expose himself on purpose, no one would learn of his presence.

Moreover, a lot of people already assumed that he had died.

"A Doctrine Method..." Jiang Chen muttered. As he thought back to the saint's untouchable body's graceful bearing, he couldn't help but aspire to get one.

In the martial path, it was the martial techniques first before the Doctrine Method. One must first learn martial arts, before the Great Doctrine. As for what was after it, it was fusing martial and Doctrine's techniques, and aspiring to the apex.


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