The Brilliant Fighting Master
972 Doctrine Method
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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972 Doctrine Method

The white cape draped over Yao Xinyue fell to the ground and her graceful body was revealed. She seemed like a fairy that had descended from the legendary Moon Palace. She was elegant, beautiful, and had fair, flawless skin. The sword in her hands was made specifically for her, and, as its Sword Light emanated, it became in resonance with the world. The All Beginnings Sword Doctrine released boundless power as she used it with her sword.

Jiang Chen felt then that she was more amazing than the genius from 500 years ago who had challenged the Four Great Sword Doctrines' inheritors.

Her eyes shone brightly, while her sword techniques reached the pinnacle. Jiang Chen was overwhelmed by her as the spectators expected. However, it still didn't seem like Jiang Chen would be defeated, and he persisted strenuously.

"He's just stalling for time," the young woman spoke with displeasure. The others nodded, and they all felt like the outcome of the battle was obvious. It was just a question of time. The elders also had such assumptions. But after a short while passed, they noticed that something was amiss

Every time Jiang Chen was about to be defeated, the power of his Doctrine Sword would raise up. After this happened several times, his power rose drastically while the saint was already near her limit.

"He is a battle genius." They all couldn't help but have such a thought.

"D*mn! He's using our senior sister to practice with his sword."

The All Beginnings Holy Land's disciples reacted slowly, but they still realized it in the end. They were all dissatisfied, and they felt like he was taking advantage of them. The reason behind this was that even though the saint had activated her Doctrine Embryo power, she still hadn't used her Realm Level's superiority.

They all assumed that Jiang Chen drew help from a certain power to manage to persist, and it was only because of it that he could use such an opportunity to temper his Sword Doctrine.

"Senior sister! This guy is despicable and contemptible. You mustn't continue competing with him with Sword Doctrine power," the young woman said.

However, Yao Xinyue was clearly aware that the reason why Jiang Chen wasn't defeated was that his Sword Doctrine power was boundless, and it seemed like it would never be exhausted.

If she wanted to put an end to this deadlock, she must use an attack, which was above Jiang Chen's upper bearing limit, and if she wanted to achieve it, she could only use that sword move. The saint took a decision without giving this matter long consideration. At first, she repelled Jiang Chen with a sword attack, before she started building up power.

"Oh my God! It's the Indiscernible Sword Move!" The Holy Land's disciples realized what was going on, and they all became excited.

She should have used this move long ago! They all thought inwardly and looked at Jiang Chen with a gleeful gaze. They all rejoiced in his misfortune, and they felt like they had already witnessed his miserable fate.

Jiang Chen didn't give regard to their thoughts and just kept his calm and stared at his opponent.

The aura of the saint, who was using her ultimate technique, became even more outstanding, and fog appeared around her and her sword, and she seemed like an ethereal being who came out of a painting. Jiang Chen was aware that it would be difficult for him to block such a move by depending just on the two swords in his hands, but if he used another power, it would mean that he had lost the Sword Doctrine's power competition. Jiang Chen was obviously not willing to do this, and no swordsmen would be willing to do it.

"I will just give it my all." Jiang Chen started trying to make a breakthrough. Last time, he came to a halt in the eighth sword move because the ninth one was a great move with peerless might, and he would need to fuse the previous eight moves to learn it. He didn't have then enough experience in using the first eight moves, and it was normal that he wouldn't manage to learn it. But on this day, he would try to learn the ninth sword move. Jiang Chen gave up on his two swords and started using the sword scripture with both hands.

The Holy Land's disciples were bewildered by Jiang Chen's actions. The Doctrine Swords were the main reason why Jiang Chen had managed to persist until now, and if he gave up on them and lost their assistance, he would surely be defeated.

"He just abandoned himself to despair." The young woman sneered coldly.

It was at this moment that the saint's sword move finished building up enough power, and sonorous and ceaseless sword cries echoed out, and they could be heard even from 100 miles away. The cries were loud and clear, but they weren't ear-piercing or irritating, and they would just stun people.

The Indiscernible Sword Move was released before a single second passed since she started building up power, and it seemed then like the saint disappeared from this world, yet it also seemed like she was everywhere. The whole sky became a Sword Domain under her control.

It would be difficult even for old experts to reach such a high level in the Sword Realm's cultivation, and this was one of the Doctrine Embryo's strong points.

The Sword Domain was a Martial Domain, which could be created by swordsmen, and inside it, the swordsman would be like a great ruler, and the power of all enemies within the domain would be lowered by half. Although, it was obvious that the saint hadn't mastered a Sword Domain's creation fully, it was still a shocking feat for a youngster. The saint still remembered that the last time she used the Sword Domain was when she faced the Ice Spirit Clan's woman. The Spiritual Lady managed to break the Sword Domain through using the Ten Thousand Miles Ice Seal, and the battle ended in a draw.

Those people obviously didn't believe that Jiang Chen was able to break the Sword Domain, but when it descended upon Jiang Chen, he was still unmoved, and he didn't even try to evade it. Even the All Beginnings Holy Land's elder started worrying how would he deal with this matter if Jiang Chen died.

"The Ninth Sword Move: Slaughter!" At the last juncture, Jiang Chen finally managed to masterthis ultimate technique, and he just pointed at the void calmly like his father before him. Countless swords started revolving around him and tearing everything in the vicinity. The Sword Domain couldn't bear such an attack and started cracking open. The saint's expression changed several times, but she still decided to use the sword move at such a crucial juncture, and their sword moves ended up colliding.

At such a moment, it seemed like the whole realm turned into a world of swords, and the swords' radiance overshadowed even the bright moon's radiance, and sword energy filled every nook of the region.

The crowd was forced to draw back, and it was then that they managed to have a clear look at what had happened. Jiang Chen and the saint had both sustained injuries, but neither of them had fallen down.

Is it a draw? The crowd thought inwardly. It was difficult for them to accept it.

They could at most accept just a single draw in the Three Middle Realms. A second one would surely tarnish their Holy Land's reputation.

"You won." However, Jiang Chen stated what they wanted to hear. "A Doctrine Embryo is really extraordinary, and the Sword Domain doesn't have an unwarranted reputation."

This was a legendary feat for swordsmen, and even 500 years ago, Jiang Chen didn't get to see a Sword Domain. Even though there were then people capable of creating a Sword Domain, those were people at the level of Sword Gods, and they wouldn't easily use it.

"Your Sword Doctrine power isn't any weaker than mine," Yao Xinyue said.

An exchange of blows might lead to friendship, and they both managed to get well acquainted with each other.

"However, it will be difficult for people to accept such an outcome. So please, let's continue the duel." The saint still wanted to fight, and she seemed obsessed with victory.

"Your Sword Doctrine- power is greater than mine," Jiang Chen said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You are speaking like our senior sister is worse than you in other aspects. A moment ago, our senior sister didn't use her true power." The young woman, who wasn't far from them, started shouting, "You don't have even a single Constellation Palace. So you are probably unaware of their effects, as well as the Four Qi's offensive techniques."

"What? The Four Qi's offensive techniques? Is it a Doctrine Method?" Jiang Chen was startled by this. That was what he wanted the most. However, as he thought about his opponent's status, he felt that it wasn't strange for her to possess a Doctrine Method.

When the saint noticed that Jiang Chen was looking at her, she nodded at him, and stated that she wouldn't compete with just Sword Doctrine power alone from now on.

The reason why she this obsessed with the victory was because Jiang Chen admitted defeat on his own accord. She didn't really have any issues with ending the fight as a draw, but she didn't come to the Three Middle Realms just for this matter alone.

Jiang Chen became solemn because he was facing a great opponent. He clearly knew that a Star Venerable's strong points were his Constellation Palaces. The Four Qi in the Constellation Palaces could use peerless techniques, and those were techniques greater than all martial techniques. They were Doctrine Techniques!

Since Jiang Chen had just become a Star Venerable, all his enemies up until now were just Ancient Race's Star Venerables.


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