The Brilliant Fighting Master
971 Doctrine Embryo
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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971 Doctrine Embryo

After the All Beginnings Holy Land members came back to their senses, they immediately went over to support their fellow member.

The young woman looked at the horse-faced man's injuries and said angrily, "You attacked him too viciously. Did you want to destroy an outstanding swordsman?"

"I'm not surprised by such words. But why don't you ask your saint?" Jiang Chen said. His unspoken implication was that it was the horse-faced man who had first harbored vile designs, and Jiang Chen had just retaliated in the same way. It was a pity that the young woman didn't notice it. But the elders and the saint were aware of it.

"Senior brother Ma was just impulsive for a moment. So why weren't you willing to forgive him?" The saint asked.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything and just rushed toward her. He almost ended up bumping into her. The saint thrust her sword at him by instinct. However, Jiang Chen had already expected it and just held her waist, turned her around, and hid behind her.

Everything had occurred very quickly, and she still hadn't managed to respond. But now the saint's calm expression changed, and she looked at Jiang Chen angrily with her face flushed.

"I was just impulsive for a moment. Saint, you are so pretty. So why weren't you willing to forgive me?" Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen didn't want to argue with her and just let her experience it personally. Jiang Chen looked at the saint's chest, which heaved up and down, and coldly sneered. He said, "You aren't willing to accept it, are you? Didn't you just hear similar words?"

"Please have a duel with me!" The saint wore a stern look. She didn't want to waste her breath with him.

"You have said just now that you want to challenge all Three Middle Realms, and it just happens that I can also be considered a part of them. So I will accompany you and duel with you."

Upon hearing what Jiang Chen had said, the other people's imaginations ran wild. He could be considered a person from the Three Middle Realms? They became more curious about his true status and started guessing what he meant by this.

"Is it possible?" Those people suddenly had a spark of insight and came up with an assumption.

"Is he a Sacred Lord's illegitimate child?"

This wasn't an impossible matter because some Sacred Lords were fond of touring all the Plane Realms and play around. Jiang Chen's mother was probably someone from the Three Middle Realms. They all didn't know that what Jiang Chen meant was that since he was from the Nine Heavens Realm, his participation wouldn't violate the rules of the saint who wanted to challenge all the Three Middle Realms' experts.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, Jiang Chen didn't expect that his words would be interpreted in such a way.

"I won't use my whole power, and I will just compete with sword techniques against you," the saint said. If she didn't do this, she would be just bullying him.

"I said several times that I don't want to waste time. Didn't you listen to me?" Jiang Chen spoke in displeasure.

"This isn't up to you to decide," the young woman reminded him.

"Just use your whole power." These words came out of Jiang Chen's mouth at the same moment, and it caused the ambiance to become strange.

"He is too arrogant!" The young woman said. Did he assume that he could rival the saint just because he defeated their junior brother Ma? These two weren't on the same level.

However, Jiang Chen still accepted the fight in the end, and the young woman could only draw back and make way for them.

"What is your name?"

"The Heavenly Fault Sword's Master," Jiang Chen replied.

"A Sword Master? You are really arrogant."

Once a person's expertise in sword arts reached a certain level and he had gotten the sword he wanted, he would start using his sword's name. But this couldn't be done by just anyone because if one wasn't powerful enough and traveled while using a Sword Master's title, he would surely end up challenged by many people.

There wasn't anything wrong for Jiang Chen to call himself a Sword Master in the Three Lower Realms. But it was an unacceptable matter for him to do so in front of a group of people, who could be considered the best in all Nine Realms.

"I'm Yao Xinyue!" The saint just furrowed her brow and didn't say anything else.

After the saint announced her name, she unsheathed the sword in her hand. She didn't unsheathe it slowly nor quickly, and, at that moment, one could clearly feel a mystical connection between her, the sword, and the world.

"A fusion with the Greatest Doctrine?" Jiang Chen was startled, and he felt like the sain in front of him was even more mysterious than he had thought. He felt like her whole body was engulfed by fog, and she seemed dreamy. Jiang Chen realized through observing this unusual phenomenon that she would be a pretty good opponent. But this was still limited to just sword techniques alone.

"Sword Aspiration Move!" The saint used the same move as the horse-faced disciple.

If one didn't have the former to compare it to, one wouldn't have realized anything. But, once compared, he knew how great the disparity between the two was. It was like the disparity between a child and a master. Even the horse-faced disciple himself felt like he could never surpass her in his whole life.

"Doctrine Embryo?"

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and he finally realized what was amazing about the saint. She had a special constitution which rivaled Holy Pulses, while her Sword Doctrine's power was already above a master's level.

Jiang Chen couldn't block such a sword move regardless of what he did. But he still didn't cower. Instead, he became more excited and he started using the Sword Scripture to face her. Jiang Chen didn't manage to successfully block the Sword Aspiration Move, but he still wasn't overwhelmed by such a sword strike.


Unlike during his confrontation with the horse-faced disciple, now even the other people realized what was extraordinary about Jiang Chen. They were all amazed by this. If Jiang Chen hadn't been so arrogant, they might even revere him for achieving such a feat at such a young age.

"He will be shortly defeated." The young woman was the person who couldn't accept this the most, and the status of the saint in her heart couldn't be exceeded by a little brat.

At first, the saint held back some of her power while using the sword moves, but this gradually changed, and it was also the case for Jiang Chen. Regardless of how the saint changed her sword moves, she still couldn't get the upper hand and defeat Jiang Chen.

"It's enough!" Jiang Chen shouted and drew back. He spoke before the crowd's confused gazes. "I already said that you don't need to hold back anything, and you should come at me with your full power. If you continue like this, you will surely end up defeated."

The saint didn't just suppress her Realm Level. She didn't even use her greatest powers and abilities, and she just competed with him with Sword Doctrine's power. It was tantamount to Jiang Chen fighting without using the Wind and Fire Swords Realm and just with dual swords moves alone.

"If you want to win, you should use your Doctrine Embryo as you like." 

The saint didn't reply and just furrowed his brows. It was obvious that she didn't want to accept this. The next time she attacked with her sword, her whole being's aura changed. She seemed as dazzling as the moon and the sun, and it seemed like she fused with the world.

"Our senior sister got into that state once again."

"This is the first time she used it since she came to the Three Middle Realms. This guy is amazing!"

"It's also time to put an end to this."

The All Beginnings Holy Land's members discussed this matter spiritedly.

They should have all rejoiced because they could feast their eyes on the saint in her special state. But, as they thought back to the fact that someone as young as Jiang Chen had forced her to use it, they felt like this matter didn't seem real at all.

It is time to put an end to it, the youthful woman thought to herself.

What hope was left for Jiang Chen while he was facing the saint in such a state?

However, it was then that Jiang Chen pulled out the Red Cloud Sword and began to use the Wind and Fire Swords Realm. If someone from the Three Middle Realms had been here, he might have been able to recognize it.

"Oh my God! Two Lore Swords Realm?"

"How can his Sword Doctrine's power support such a matter?"

"What is his Sword Doctrine? This is surely a mighty Sword Doctrine's power."

The people, who assumed that this battle was about to come to an end, were all dumbfounded, and they realized that it had just begun.

The saint was also astounded. But she just got rid of all distracting thoughts and immersed herself wholly in her Sword Doctrine.

The people in the immediate vicinity witnessed a spectacular fight the likes of which most people wouldn't witness in their whole lives. Regardless if it was the saint or Jiang Chen, their expertise with swords reached perfection, and every time they crossed swords, it would seem like this was a performance done by the most outstanding dancers.

"I..." As the horse-faced man thought of what he had done, he felt ashamed, and he realized that it was him who didn't deserve to use a sword.


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