The Brilliant Fighting Master
968 Reformation
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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968 Reformation

Mu Xuan stayed, along with a squadron of soldiers resolved to fight to the death, and they planned to use warfare weapons to assist Jiang Chen. But Jiang Chen just drove them away. Warfare weapons on such a level wouldn't be of any help in this kind of fight.


The true demon thrust his fist at Jiang Chen ferociously, and, as his punch struck the sword, the sound of a metallic collision echoed out. Jiang Chen's fingers tingled with pain, and the Heavenly Fault Sword nearly flew out of his hand.

"Let me see how ferocious you are." Jiang Chen's body was different than ordinary people's bodies, and he planned to compete against the true demon. The human and demon's fight was reaching its climax, and it was fortunate that the Iron Dragon Army had already left. If they hadn't left, they would have gotten involved and harmed.

After a short while passed, both Jiang Chen and the demon ended up sustaining injuries.

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Jiang Chen's power wasn't any less than a demon, especially when he bared his fangs.

As their fists collided and they exchanged blows, Jiang Chen ended up being sent flying, and a crisp sound echoed from his shoulder blades as if they had been dislocated. However, Jiang Chen noticed immediately that the true demon's state was graver than his. One of his arms was hanging limp, while many demonic symbols on his body were being erased.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Jiang Chen laughed heartily. He had almost forgotten that lightning power was the greatest nemesis of all evil beings. It was better than Buddhist Light.

"It's a pity!" Jiang Chen still had a lightning sword that contained divine lightning power, but he had left it in the Ice Spirit Clan's land.

"Azure Demon, let's give it a try. I want to reform him," Jiang Chen said.

"Okay!" The Azure Demon understood his aims, and he fused with Jiang Chen along with the Black Dragon. Jiang Chen seemed then like the incarnation of the Buddha in this world. His whole body emanated Buddhist Fire, and a halo appeared behind his head.

Upon witnessing such a sight, the infuriated true demon hesitated for a moment. This was a rare occurrence.

Then Jiang Chen used the Buddhist Heart and Doctrine Bones power to fuse all of his forces together. Jiang Chen's body transformed once again. He didn't have just boundless Buddhist power, he still had the Great Doctrine's special power, which was revealed clearly in the lightning flickering on his body. Jiang Chen used his lightning techniques and cast the Teleportation Technique to teleport behind the true demon. He then held the demon with both hands.

The true demon started struggling with his whole might, and it was then that Jiang Chen's lightning power erupted. The true demon screamed in pain, while Jiang Chen started reading aloud from the eight groups of spiritual beings scripture that appeared before him. Jiang Chen wanted to reform the true demon and turn him into one of his spiritual beings. This wasn't an easy matter because the true demon was extremely ferocious, and, even if Buddha was here, he still might not necessarily manage to subdue him successfully.

The true demon was now screaming miserably due to Jiang Chen's powerful lightning power, and all his demonic symbols were disappearing quickly, while the Buddhist Light was still shining upon his face. The ferocious true demon's expression started changing gradually, but he still struggled from time to time. Then his struggles quickly came to an end as he was kept under control by the Buddhist Light.

Meanwhile, the celestial demons brought the sea of demons along with them and tried to save the true demon. But before they managed to close in on Jiang Chen, the Alien Flame in his body erupted. The sea of demons were all near each other, and the flames spread among them quickly. If one looked at them from afar, they would seem like a hot cloud of volcanic ash.

"He is really as powerful as the rumors say."

" expected of that guy's little brother."

"I really feel sorry for the Champion Marquis. If he was still alive, he would have been this amazing."

After the Iron Dragon Army ran away a safe distance from the fight, they turned their heads around and observed the fight, while all sorts of feeling welled up in their hearts. If it was them there, they would have already died.

"I wonder whether he can escape unscathed?" People were worried about Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had almost reached his upper limit, and he felt like his whole body's power was exhausted.

"Jiang Chen, you shouldn't force yourself. Reforming a true demon isn't an easy matter," the Azure Demon suggested.

Even though the true demon was really changing, such a process was quite slow, and Jiang Chen would shortly exhaust all the lightning power in his body. Then the process would become slower. Moreover, if he failed in the end, the fate of Jiang Chen who would be left powerless would be too horrible to contemplate. However, Jiang Chen still didn't give up. He used his whole power, while shouting angrily.

It was at this moment that the Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi in his Constellation Palace fused together, and, at that moment, the power of the lightning, which had already weakened, rose drastically. The true demon was in pain, and it screamed miserably. It was at this moment that the Buddhist Will of the eight groups of spiritual beings scripture was implanted in his heart, and his reformation speed became quicker.

After a short while, Jiang Chen let go of him and moved back. The true demon didn't budge by even an inch and just stood there calmly.

"It is a success," the Azure Demon spoke in delight.

Like the previous celestial demon, the true demon's heart aspired wholly to the Buddhist Path now and his demonic nature was erased. Jiang Chen would receive him and turn him into one of his spiritual beings, the Asura. It wasn't just the eight groups of spiritual beings' power that would rise greatly—Jiang Chen''s Buddhist Will would also rise in power. He had gotten many insights while reforming a true demon.

If I continue like this, I may end up becoming an enlightened Buddhist monk, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

The reason why he managed to succeed was obviously the two Qi in his Constellation Palace. Even though he didn't know how to use them offensively, they were still useful if he used them on his body. Since the Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi could go through such a transformation, then even the Xuan Ming Qi could fuse with his divine body. If he fought then, he wouldn't need to consume Spirit Elixirs and he could depend on the Qi to heal his body.

"Help them transcend!" When Jiang Chen noticed that the sea of demons and celestial demons were fleeing, he immediately ordered the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon to help them. Translation and reformation were two matters that Jiang Chen understood after his Buddhist Will was sublimated. All people who were killed while being transcended would help him raise the might of the eight groups of spiritual beings, if they had done any evil and had any wickedness in their hearts.

As for reformation, it was like what had occurred to the true demon—it was erasing one's demonic nature. However, if a demon lost his demonic nature, he wouldn't be any different than a walking corpse because all of this clan's beings didn't possess any good nature.

"Come here!" Jiang Chen called over the true demon and inquired about what had happened on the Alien Battlefield.

Since a true demon had appeared, it was obvious that the Alien Battlefield had lost its control over the Demon Clan. Such a matter was extremely dangerous. The current Alien Battlefield was connected to the Three Lower Realms. Once all the demons escaped from it, they would devour everything in the Three Lower Realms and more than 1,000 or even 10,000 true demons would appear.

"How did you manage to come here?" Jiang Chen really wanted to know. This true demon was born among the corpses left from the past war of the Flying Dragon Dynasty and Dragon Rebel Army. The Demon Clans were all fond of flesh, and, in every war, the casualties could reach several tens of thousands.

"Jiang Chen, what do you plan to do?" The Azure Demon, who had already gotten rid of the sea of demons, asked.

"This affair is extremely grave and significant, and I can't resolve it by depending upon my power alone. I must pass down this news to the Seventh and Eighth Realms and let the Sacred Lords come up with a way of dealing with it," Jiang Chen said.

In the past, the Three Upper Realms relocated the Alien Battlefield's planes channel to the Three Middle Realms, and the latter had done the same and relocated it to the Three Lower Realms. This was why the people in the higher realms must bear responsibility for this matter.

Jiang Chen inquired once again about the Alien Battlefield situation, and he learned that this battlefield was incapable of restricting true demons. If the demon army was led by a true demon, a large number of ordinary demons and celestial demons would also come out. Jiang Chen really wanted to go to the Alien Battlefield and eliminate all the true demons left there. But there were now 1 billion demons on the battlefield.

Jiang Chen was forced to give up on his former plan. He mustn't go to the Three Middle Realms for now.

"He came back safe and sound. He won!" The Iron Dragon Army's soldiers were all excited, their eyes were filled with reverence.

"General, please come over to discuss an affair in private." Jiang Chen called over Mu Xuan. Jiang Chen didn't inform him of his true identity, but just told him of the Alien Battlefield matter.

"What? They can come out as long as they are led by a true demon? Doesn't this mean that the Three Lower Realms are in danger?"


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