The Brilliant Fighting Master
966 Sea of Demons!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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966 Sea of Demons!

The big event that should have made a great flutter ended in farce. The folks of the Realm of True Force had just been informed of the arrival of the Realm Ship. Then they got news that the Realm Ship was leaving. Everyone felt they had been tricked.

When more details about the incident had come to light, the whole world was struck dumb. Jiang Qingyu was still alive! And he was dozens times stronger than before. He was able to kill Martial Emperors without effort!

In this way, it was easy to explain the disturbances Jiang Chen had lately created in the Realm of True Force.

Jiang Chen fought to his death in the Three Middle Realms, but his father, together with his younger brother, showed up again in the Realm of True Force to satisfy his wishes. By then, a few forces that had had grudges with Jiang Chen were freaking out.

People also anticipated the rise of the Flying Dragon Dynasty. Jiang Chen was their Marquis Champion. With this relation, who in the Realm of True Force had the nerve to provoke them? In addition, the thing with the Martial Divinity Herb that Jiang Qingyu had mentioned also drew lots of attention. People wondered which Ancient Race tribes were involved.

What would the Sacred Lords of the Realm of True Force do to deal with all this? Soon, more news came.

The emperor of the Holy Wings challenged Jiang Qingyu. The location would be in the Three Middle Realms.

"Their emperor?" Jiang Chen was shocked by the news. The emperors of the Ancient Race were stronger than Martial Emperors. This was especially true for Ancient Race tribes like the Holy Wings, who were at the top of the pyramid. Their emperor could be as strong as a Martial Saint.

Jiang Chen was going to talk his father out of taking this risk, but before doing that, he suddenly understood how his family and friends used to feel. He used to do crazy things that could not be understood and make others worry about him. However, he still chose to make a try at all costs.

He supposed his father would do the same thing. Besides, his father had kind of asked the enemy to challenge him. This fight was inevitable.

"Don't worry." That was all Jiang Qingyu said.

Jiang Chen was certainly worried. The last thing he wanted was for his father to get into such a big fight.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Once Jiang Qingyu went beyond the limits, and all of his vitality had been spent, he might still be able to move around and have a clear head, but he would start to decay until he became a skeleton.

Jiang Chen was going to the Desolate Forbidden Land to collect Desolate Spirits when his father went to the Three Middle Realms. There was no more time left for him to illuminate the First Constellation Palace.

The next day, Jiang Qingyu left for the Three Middle Realms. When he was leaving, he told Jiang Chen not to go to the Three Middle Realms before becoming a strong man of the Second Constellation Palace. However, not long after he had left, Jiang Chen headed for the planes' channel secretly too. The planes' channel was above the sky. It was almost in the Milky Way.

Any practitioner would have a strong sense of danger when he got here. Once they stepped into the Milky Way, they could vanish immediately. When Jiang Chen was about to hit the road, he perceived an odd disturbance in the channel connecting the Alien Battlefield. He hesitated, but in the end decided to take a look.

There, a giant warship was stuck in a desperate battle. Their enemy was neither other humans nor the Ancient Race, but were demons from the Alien Battlefield!

"How is it possible that those celestial demons left the planes' channel? It's impossible!"

"Darn it. Thousands of races have reappeared. Even these demons want to get a share?"

"Break the siege as soon as possible. There are more and more demons."

"These demons are intelligent. They damaged our power system."

The people on the ship were all in iron armor. They were all experienced soldiers. Facing so many celestial demons, although they were complaining, they still managed to move quickly and keep the celestial demons out of the warship.

"It's still not fixed?" On the deck, the general of this strong army asked the lieutenant next to him, frowning.

"General, some celestial demons bumped against the engine. Their bodies obstructed and polluted the kernel. The military counselor said they would need at least one hour to fix the power system." Someone answered immediately.

"Even ten minutes is too much." The general said coldly, pulling a long face.

Once their tactical formation was cracked, maybe they would not all be killed, but they would definitely suffer a great many casualties.

How did these bastards leave there?! he cursed secretly.

"Father, bad news! Look there!"

More bad news arrived at this moment. His daughter was pointing at a place in the sea of demons. The general looked over, taking a deep breath. Endless demons were accumulating like dark clouds. And in these clouds, endless scarlet eyes were staring at them.

"Celestial demons? There are so many celestial demons?" There were at 50 celestial demons.

"It's impossible."

Even if the sea of demons were in the Alien Battlefield, they would at most see one or two celestial demons controlling a group of demons. So many celestial demons gathered together. This had never happened before. It meant two bloody facts: The first was the amount of demons on the warship could be compared to a legion; and the second was that since so many celestial demons had gathered, there must be something more horrifying behind them.

"Get ready. Break the siege!" The general ordered decisively.

The lieutenants around him were all very surprised. It was unwise in every sense to choose to break the siege and give up the warship at this moment.

"Father, if we lose the dragon ship, are we still the Iron Dragon Army?" His daughter said, also reluctant to give up. This woman was wearing a tight armor, holding a long whip. She looked brave and pretty.

"More people will survive if we try to break the siege now, when we can still fight," the general said seriously. This was the vision and courage a general should have. It was exactly because of this general that this troop was called an ace troop. They were the ace troops of the Flying Dragon Dynasty, the Iron Dragon Army.

This general was General Mu Xuan, who took Jiang Chen to the Flying Dragon Dynasty. It was through his help that Jiang Chen started his military life. As soon as he gave his order, the situation in the sea of demons changed again. The demons stopped the crazy attack. They started to fly in a figure-eight pattern. Soon, a swirl was formed in the sea of demons, making the whole ship whirl.

The soldiers on the ship could not stand steadily. They kept reeling right and left. The celestial demons lurking in the dark attacked, taking many soldiers' lives.

"The demons' amount must be more than a legion to form such strong wind power." General Mu Xuan gnashed his teeth. He knew by then it was even impossible to break the siege.

"Get ready to fight until death! Kill however many demons we can!" Mu Xuan ordered.

"Hoot!" The soldiers of the Iron Dragon Army were fearless. They shouted loudly, raising their arms after their general had given the order.


At the same time, the warship could not hold on any longer. Both the hulk and the formation were cracking. The demons outside were shrieking eagerly. Their scarlet eyes were full of greed and madness. All of the soldiers knew a desperate battle was waiting for them.

At this moment, the hurricane weakened. Numerous demons gave a tragic screech. In the meanwhile, a brilliant golden beam came down. It was so bright that the soldiers of the Iron Dragon Army could not even open their eyes.

Those demons had shaded the sky for a few days. The Iron Dragon Army had been living in darkness, using pale fire to illuminate. All of a sudden, the golden light that could be compared to the burning sun appeared.


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