The Brilliant Fighting Master
965 The Wizard Race’s Banque
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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965 The Wizard Race’s Banque

"Yes. So what?" Jiang Chen repeated again his answer to Yang Shuzi.

Tian Sheng got angry, flicking his sleeve with the effort to hold in his temper.

People perceived the change too. They were curious about what had happened and how Jiang Chen had pissed this man off. Tian Sheng and Yang Shuzi flew back to the Realm Ship right away. They only said one sentence before that.

"Don't let him go."

The younger generation on the square felt relieved. They were surprised that Jiang Chen had refused such a great opportunity.

"Moron. Do you really think we don't dare do anything to you?"

"Arrogant. You don't know what you missed."

"Are people from the Three Lower Realms all so short-sighted?"

From the conversation they had heard, they knew Jiang Chen was too arrogant to be controlled. It was even more difficult to send him to fight with the Wizard Race. As a result, Jiang Chen had lost his value for them. What they were going to settle next was the thing with the Holy Wings.

Soon, Tian Sheng and Yang Shuzi were back in the square, pulling long faces.

"You killed the Holy Wings King and harmed the relation between the human race and the Ancient Race. It's an unforgivable crime. We're here to catch you so that the Holy Wings can punish you for what you did."

As to the Golden Eyes and the Martial Divinity Herb, they did not mention a word, because they did not want extra trouble.

"Go with us." Tian Sheng, who had been quite nice, said coldly.

"Why do you think I will go with you?" Jiang Chen said, thinking it funny.

"What else can you do? Are you gonna kill all of us today?" Tian Sheng said in anger.

"Maybe that's my plan?"

Shaking his head, Yang Shuzi said, "You see? This is why I want to fight with him directly. This guy is ungrateful."

"What a pity. You're too stubborn. Even if you are right, so what?!" Tian Sheng said in fury.

"Even if I die and my soul vanishes, I won't allow my heart to be covered by dust."

The atmosphere on the square appeared to be embarrassing. Those from the Seventh Realm were shocked by what Jiang Chen had said. What they felt at this moment was beyond expression. However, soon this shock was gone when they recalled Jiang Chen's age and state.

"You are too young." Yang Shuzi showed a cunning smile. He pointed at Jiang Chen again. In others' eyes, he would not fail again this time. However, a blade swept over again. It did not only crack the radiance of the finger attack, but also dashed toward Yang Shuzi.

Yang Shuzi was shocked. He was sent flying by the sword before he could react. Bumping against the Realm Ship hard, he ended up the same as Zhao Peng.

"What happened?!"

Tian Sheng was shocked, as if he was confronting a strong enemy.

At the same time, five or six energy beams of Martial Emperors came from the Realm Ship.


The crowd suddenly exclaimed. They saw a white-clothed man suddenly appear in the air, overlooking everyone.

"Who are you?!"

Tian Sheng and Yang Shuzi, who had gotten to his feet, went back to the Realm Ship. They and the other Martial Emperors were staring at this person in anger.

"Jiang Qingyu."

"Why did you attack us?!" Tian Sheng said in fury.

"You were going to kill my son. Should I have stood there doing nothing and applauding for you?" Jiang Qingyu said in a cold tone.

"His son?"

The square and the Realm Ship went into an uproar.

"It's true! It's true!"

"He is Jiang Qingyu. That year he was in the Holy Martial Arts City too!"

"Did he really defeat the Golden Eyes alone? And the Golden Eyes decided to live in seclusion after that?"

"So this man is really Jiang Chen's younger brother."

"This family are all freaks."

People were all talking about it. At the thought of the manner that Jiang Qingyu had spoken, they thought he and Jiang Chen were really alike. They must be father and son indeed. The younger generation of the Seventh Realm around Jiang Chen were all struck dumb. So Jiang Chen was not as simple as they had thought. He actually had an amazing father. This is why he refused Tian Sheng's good intentions.

"Mister, your son killed the Holy Wings King!" Tian Sheng said.

"So what? And I killed the emperor of the Golden Eyes," Jiang Qingyu said.

"What?!" The Martial Emperors were all petrified. The emperor of the Golden Eyes was not the same as their emperor. He was much stronger and much more powerful.

However, when they tried to estimate Jiang Qingyu's state, they found nothing, as if this person was empty. It was because Jiang Qingyu's body was almost dead.

He had smelted the Golden Wheel of the Sun during the past few days so that no secret about him would be disclosed. That was why those people had detected nothing.

"You and your son are the same. You are both so arrogant."

Yang Shuzi jumped up, intending to take his revenge. He thought he had suffered defeat because he had underestimated his enemy. Even if he was worse, at least he still could exchange some blows. Besides, he had so many helpers there.

"I am going to kill you. That's exactly my plan."

Jiang Qingyu started his sword formula again. The shocking scene that had happened in the past immediately occurred to people. Just like those Star Venerables of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, Yang Shuzi was also killed by one sword attack. He turned to ashes immediately. The process was quite plain. It was like striking a stone with egg. The result was not surprising at all.

However, those on the Realm Ship were all dumbfounded. They were totally petrified.

"The Three Lower Realms isn't your wasteyard. You shouldn't have looked down on my son. If you are not convinced, send your best men to fight with me," Jiang Qingyu went on.

If Jiang Chen had committed a severe crime that his position could not afford to commit by killing the Holy Wings King, then this sword attack of Jiang Qingyu's warned these people from the Three Upper Realms so that they would not dare fling caution to the winds.

"You are not from the Three Lower Realms. And the Three Lower Realms doesn't belong to you either. You don't give a sh*t that the Holy Wings and the Golden Eyes were killing for fun in the Three Lower Realms. Instead, you think your enemy is the one who dealt with them. Don't you think that is absurd?"

"This is only one side of the story," Tian Sheng said. He looked like he was very scared.

Taking out a box, Jiang Qingyu said, "This is evidence I collected from the Golden Eyes, including the information about the Ancient Race and the Alien related to the Martial Divinity Herb in the Realm of True Force. You'll have three days to react. Otherwise I'll handle it for you."

"As to the death of the Holy Wings King, does it have anything to do with you? If the Holy Wings are unhappy, they'll send their men to deal with it. Or I'll go to confront them."

Then he stopped speaking, throwing the box onto the Realm Ship.

"Scram, now." Looking at the shocked Martial Emperors, Jiang Qingyu said.


This word made Tian Sheng and the others puzzled. With their positions and their identities, they had not been humiliated like this for years. They thought of Yang Shuzi's end when they were about to react. Shivering, they went to start the Realm Ship as Jiang Qingyu had told them to.

The young disciples of the Seventh Realm on the square went back to the ship one after another.

However, among them there was one person not in a hurry. He came up to Jiang Chen.

"I hope I'll see you again at the banquet of the Wizard Race. I'll defeat you by then." Those out on the square recognized him. He was the same person who had announced at the prow that they would go for Jiang Chen.

"You are not great enough to challenge me. Jiang Chen said, "But the banquet does seem interesting."

Chu Xuan snorted. He would have liked to exchange some blows with Jiang Chen if the Realm Ship were not leaving. "I hope you are as strong as you think you are."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Then the group that had come to punish Jiang Chen left in an ungraceful manner. They claimed they would give Jiang Chen three days until they came back. By then he would have three days to deal with the affair of the Martial Divinity Herb.


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